Accomplish that Achieve this Many African-American Women Wear Weaves, Wigs, Perms, Or Dyed Hair?

Accomplish that accomplish that many African-American women wear weaves, wigs, perms, or dyed hair?

  • Because of the many centuries of degradation of Black people resulting from the fact that they did not appear to be white people
  • Because of the 1000s of advertisements that went out of their way to point out White features as something of beauty and Black features as something to be ashamed of
  • Because white people would not hire blacks unless they conformed to white hair styles
  • Because trying to make your hair look White Monday through Friday – just to goto work – is very damaging to the hair

Natural Hair vs. Corporate America:
Why Are We Still Fighting This Battle?

Ethnic hairstyles could cause uneasiness in the workplace

If white women can wear an afro, can black people wear them at work?

Peruvian Skin Weft Human Virgin Hair ExtensionsImagine the stress you’d experience should you needed to make yourself look Black, just to get and maintain a job. Or should you felt compelled to do it because the world didn’t think your White hair was adequate.

Can you envision a scenario where you would be happy to do it? Well let me offer you one…

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