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Peruvian Virgin Human Hair PU Straight Hair Extensions

After taking your wig out of the package, give it a shake to loosen up the fibers. Be certain to wear a wig cap so that your wig will stay in place. This can also be helps to forestall breakage from wear.
– For curly and ringlet styles, finger comb the hair so as to add volume and bounce. Separate the curls together with your fingers and start to bring them to the front. This will help the wig look more natural and can frame your face as well.
– For wavier styles with loose curls, brush lightly with a wig styling brush or finger comb. For straight styles, gently brush with a wig styling from the crown to the ends for a sleek look. After each wearing, besure to finger comb or brush out any tangles.
– Place your wig on a wig stand/manneguin. Never expose your wig to heat unless clearly stated on packaging.

Weaving Care Guide

– Human Hair – Carefully wash lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Finger comb while washing whithout ribbing or twisting the hair. rinse thoroughly. To dry, gently squeeze excess water and towel blot. So not roll or rub the hair within the towel. Heat styling can be utilized to straight pattern for desired styles. Electric curling iron is recommended.(280f-320f)
– Synthetic Hair – Gently detangle hair by running fingers through. Using mild shampoo, wash hair in lukewarm water. Squeeze out excess water and pat dry on towel. Let air dry in shade or use low-heat dryer.

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