Are you able to Increase Eyebrow Hair?

Thick, full eyebrows add definition to the eyes and upper portion of the face; but when you have gotten tweezer-happy or your eyebrows are naturally thin, you may be in need of a boost. While you should use an eyebrow pencil so as to add some faux brow hairs, you could find it would not look as natural as you want. With just a little bit of effort and a few beauty tricks, you may also help your eyebrows grow in thicker.

Step 1
Avoid the temptation to pluck. Brush stray hairs into place with a brow brush. For those who just can’t stand the messy look, use a brow razor to shape your brows to look more tidy. The brow razor is specifically designed to shave the eyebrow area, and this technique can actually help the hair grow in thicker.

Step 2
Exfoliate the eyebrow area daily to assist stimulate hair growth. Rub a dry soft toothbrush back and forth over the eyebrows for a few minutes to assist eliminate the dry dead skin and promote new hair growth.

Step 3
Moisten a clean mascara want with castor oil. Brush the oil gently onto your eyebrows every night before going to bed. Rub a cotton swab over the eyebrows to remove the excess oil. Castor oil is high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and a wide range of other nutrients that increase hair growth and stimulate proper circulation.

Step 4
Give your eyebrows a massage day-after-day. Put a drop of olive oil onto your fingertips and rub your eyebrows and the surrounding area gently for about 5 minutes. This helps stimulate proper circulation, which in turn can increase hair growth.

Step 5
Eat a healthy diet. Load up on foods high in vitamins A, C and E , and ensure to drink plenty of water day-after-day.

Step 6
Moisten a cotton ball with cold milk. Rub the milk over each eyebrow at night before going to bed. The milk will add nourishment to the hair follicles, which might increase growth.

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Step 7
Try an eyebrow serum to hurry up hair growth. There are quite a lot of products to select from, but all of them work basically the identical. The serums contain peptides, which promote hair growth from the follicle. Follow the instructions for using the brow serum as this may occasionally vary among brands.

Brow brush

Brow razor

Soft toothbrush

Clean mascara wand

Castor oil

Cotton swab

Cotton balls


Eyebrow serum

Don’t use a disposable razor to shave your eyebrows. A brow razor is the only type that should be used for this purpose. Some other type of razor is too large, and you’ll likely end up shaving off more hair than intended.
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