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Easy methods to Straighten Naturally Kinky Hair

4 Bundles Brazilian Ombre Body Wave Human Hair Three Tone Brazilian Ombre Hair WeaveKinky hair is gorgeous and natural, but sometimes those with naturally kinky hair long for the graceful, sleek styles they see on celebrities and models. While you can use chemical relaxers to straighten your kinky hair, they will also be harsh and damage the hair, causing it to become both frizzy and kinky. Use products made especially for curly hair to protect it while to attempt to straighten it. You will be able to acquire a style that will last all day, or at the very least until you’re ready to go back to your naturally kinky hairstyle once more.

Step 1
Wash your hair carefully. Instead of scrubbing the shampoo into your hair, comb it through so you do not cause unnecessary frizziness and cause your hair to curl more. Use a rich and heavy conditioner to complete, and leave it on the hair for 2 minutes before rinsing it off. Kinky hair is often dry, so making sure it is well moisturized will make it easier to straighten.

Step 2
Dry your hair by patting it with a towel after stepping out of the shower. Do not rub the hair or twist it; this may just cause more curling. Pat it dry to soak up excess moisture, and you may blow dry the rest.

Step 3
Clip your hair into four sections; one above your ear, one on the highest left side of your head, one on the top right side and then above your other ear in a separate section. You will be blow drying these sections separately to ensure they come out smooth and shiny. Let down one section at a time, and blow dry it while pulling it taut on a paddle brush.

Step 4
Comb a heat-protecting spray through your hair once it has dried. Heat your hair straightener up to a high level, but not so high that you just note steam or smoke coming from the hair when you utilize it. Clip your hair back into the sections, and take them down one at a time to straighten them.

Step 5
Clamp the straightener down on a 1- to 1 1/2-inch section of the hair, as near the scalp as possible. Move the straightener slowly down the section of hair, taking care not to create creases by leaving it in a single section for too long. When you reach the ends, flip your wrist in or out to create a layering end.

Step 6
Complete your entire head of hair, finishing with a high-hold hairspray. If you live in a humid climate, keep a small bottle of hairspray with you to tame frizzy pieces that might pop up throughout the day.

Hair straightener
Heat protector spray

Shine spray wash
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artificial ponytail

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