Best Affiliate Products, Where To seek out Them And Choose The best Ones

The massive QUESTION on everyone’s mind is…

Human Virgin Indian Curly Hair Bundles Weave 3pcs/pack Natural ColorAre you able to generate income on-line through affiliate programs?

The answer is YES and YES and YES!

It is totally possible to earn a living on-line, there are all sorts of articles and stories about people who have been successful getting cash through affiliate programs. A great example is Affiliate Super Star Rosalind Gardner who makes over $ 400,000 a year. You can read a review of Rosalind’s successes at []

There are also a number of “little guys” doing well selling affiliate products.

It has nothing to do with getting in on the ground floor in a particular program. It has nothing to do with having loads of money to market your program. Yes, you do have to need to have a marketing budget, but that’s just the cost of doing business.

What it boils right down to is knowing what to search for in an Associates program.

More specifically, you have a look at programs which provide:

1. Products/Services which might be in demand. That is pretty obvious, right? If you do not have a market for your products/services then you aren’t going to make any money. Now, you probably did your research already and located that your niche idea does have a demand…so what you might be doing is in search of products/services to weave into your niche site.

The best services or products to weave in, after all, is one that you’ve got used personally. Nothing works better than giving a personal recommendation. If you’ll be able to, weave in testimonials from others who’ve used the same services or products. That way, there is multiple voice and that goes an extended strategy to helping a customer make a well informed buying decision.

2. Look at the Commission Structure. One of the best commission structure is one which pays you on a recurring basis. Monthly income is the most effective technique to go but, depending in your niche, won’t always be an option for you. If that’s the case then perform a little investigative work and check out competitor commission structures, after which, go for the one which pays you the most for a one time sale.

3. Promote a couple of product/service. Now this could get just a little dicey for you because you don’t wish to confuse your customer but, you also want to have a few options available for making a sale. Let me explain this a little better for you, by explaining what I’d do using the Golf example I referred to earlier in this course.

The niche site that I suggested I’d build across the “golf” niche was ‘used golf equipment’. I said that I’d have had some kind of a membership board where people could post their buy/sell items. That membership site would, in fact, be my very own product, so meaning I might get 100% of the money generated by it.

I also said I could incorporate some form of comparison chart for purchasing used versus new golf equipment. That way if, say a particular club was selling at $150 used and maybe $185 new, then the client would have the ability to decide… new versus old. I might still make the commission on the new item. See where I am going with that???

Ok, now…in addition to the golf products, I’d also want to have posted some good content on my web site, as to what to look for when buying used equipment etc. I’d post articles that related specifically to my niche. I’d then go and apply to the Google AdSense Program and would post little ads on the article pages. If a customer came and decided to clickoff into another site, then at the very least I would see a commission from the press. I may then even decide to hitch or another online book club and pick a number of good golf books to recommend.

So…one niche site and I’ve created 4 income streams for myself. That is what I mean by promoting more than one services or products. Essentially what you are doing is giving yourself a good well-rounded product mix.

You can specialize if you want to. For instance, I do know of someone who is going to construct a distinct segment site around a specific coffee machine that they feel is going to take off. The machine is made from one specific company, which is ok. So they build a site around that machine, then they go a step further and weave within the coffee that you simply need to buy so as to use the machine. No other company’s product/service is involved, just the one specific one.

See where I’m going with this? and just how powerful affiliate programs could be…IF you understand how to use them in the proper manner.

Ok, so let’s recap what we need to search for when deciding to take part in Affiliate Programs.

1. YOU WANT programs with products/services which are IN DEMAND.

2. YOU WANT programs that pay you MONTHLY COMMISSIONS if you can have the right affiliate product. Or, on the very least, you want to buy around and find the products with the most effective commission rate on the market.

3. YOU WANT an arsenal of programs that link or tie into one another to provide you with MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS.

That is what to look for in an Affiliate program. Now, let’s cover how to search out an associates program for your niche.

The more obvious technique to do that is to go directly to the net site of the merchant who you want to work with, and see if they offer an associates program. If they do not … don’t worry, we’ve just a few other places to take a look at. We’ll find an associates program for you.

There are three main sites that you should use, and it just so happened we covered them yesterday in “Tools of the Niche Trade.” To save you having to return over your notes, here they’re again:

1. Commission Junction

CJ is THE associates program directory for both physical and downloadable products. They’ve hundreds of merchants listed within their directory. They’ve also joined forces with BeFree, another affiliate directory. You’ll be able to join the CJ site, after which on the CJ home page you will see BFAST.

Sign up for both after which, once you might be in your account, you may link them both so you get the Better of both sites. ALL affiliates are listed, as well as their commission structures. In addition they provide you with banners, ads and links which you could weave into your site.

2. Clix Galore

clixGalore has about 3500 affiliate merchants listed within their directory. From Mickey Mouse watches to Health and Nutritional Products, and everything in between.

It also is a no cost directory to hitch, and like CJ, they too provide you with marketing materials to include into your web site.

3. ClickBank

ClickBank is yet one more affiliate directory. It’s the most well-liked affiliate directory for downloadable products. Actually they only handle downloadable affiliate products.

Here you can make anywhere from 10% – 75% commissions on services or products you sell. Acceptable affiliate commissions today range from 25% to 55%.

The neat thing about ClickBank is that their products are listed by popularity. So, it makes your job just a little easier. You can go right for the related product/service that is making the nice sales.

Of course these directories will help you find the fitting merchant program to weave into your site to be able to make cash, BUT…do your homework! Find the one which goes to pay you top commissions.

Use the knowledge you just read and apply it to All your niche sites and also you cannot go wrong!

This article is an excerpt from my 7-Day Niche Madness eCourse. It costs you nothing to enroll in it at Best Affiliate Products.

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