Best Salons For Hair Extensions In Los Angeles

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Vered Valensi, owner of Vered Salon, is Hollywood’s go-to stylist in terms of hair extensions. Valensi’s charismatic energy trickles into her salon and will make your afternoon appointment feel like a date with your girlfriends. Vered Salon uses several hair-extension techniques, so talk to your stylist about the most effective options on your hair type and length. The methods range from permanent (three to five months) to temporary (clip-in, clip-out) and include fusion, bonding, micro, heat seal, string, tape, man-made skin, clip-in and do-it-yourself.

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Mark Slicker Salon
1107 Gayley Ave.
Westwood, CA 90024
(310) 443-8018

With beauty salon experience at Sally Hershberger, a John Frieda Salon, it isn’t any wonder Mark Slicker is styling premier actresses including Penelope Cruz, Diane Keaton, Mary-Kate Olsen and Mariah Carey. Located in Westwood Village, Slicker’s namesake salon, Mark Slicker Salon, specializes in providing full-service treatments, haircuts, styling and, of course, hair extensions. Using keratin bond extensions in addition to clip-in extensions, Slicker works with each client, presenting all of the options, to provide her thicker, fuller, longer hair in a single visit.

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