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Bet You Could be Surprised To Know The Natural Eye Colors

Indian  Straight I Tip Human Virgin Extensions Hair Remy Real Hair ExtensionsSimilar to skin color shades are fair, dark, or wheat-colored, there best treatment of dandruff are different natural eye colors too. Skin color or hair color might be of a light or dark shade, as a consequence of the amount of pigment called melanin. The more the quantity of melanin is present, the darker the skin and hair color will probably be. Similarly, the amount of this pigment defines the color of the iris. If the amount of the pigment melanin is less, then the iris or eye color will likely be of a lighter shade like blue or gray eyes.

If the quantity of pigment is high, then the eye color will be dark like black eyes or brown eyes. Darker eyes are also less sensitive to the Sun, compared to lighter eyes and need less eye care. Eye color is definitely a polygenic trait of a person. Three elements are considered while coping with the attention color of a person – the melanin content of the iris pigment epithelium, the melanin content inside the iris stroma, and the cellular density of iris stroma.

best treatment of dandruff

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