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3pcs Virgin Human Curly Hair Weaves With Best Lace Frontal Closure 13x4Ever wondered how celebrities like Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan manage to get short hair in one video while having long stunning hair in the following, just weeks after the primary? The term referred to this strategy of artificially lengthening or increasing the amount of hair known as Artificial Hair Integrations, much commonly generally known as hair extensions.

Hair extensions have quite just a few advantages over other methods of lengthening hair, one in all the largest being that it is not a surgical process. These extensions could be removed just as easily as they’re added by simply braiding in, gluing, woven, or — for those who only need a follicular boost for a special event — clipped in quiet easily at most beauty salons in most neighborhoods around the planet.

However, on the dark side, artificial hair integrations don’t come cheap with prices ranging from product to product starting from hundreds of dollars to far above a thousand with probably the most expensive being ‘virgin hair,’ the hair that aren’t synthetic or altered in any way. Other, cheaper, extensions are made from synthetic material or horse hair. The expenditure would not end there; maintenance every six to eight weeks has its own effect on the pocket.

This process is for everybody regardless of age, gender, hair color or type. There is only one requirement though – hair already on the scalp needs to be not less than three inches in length with considerable strength. Furthermore time also needs to be allotted for the initial setup, usually four to six hours.

“I’ve always wanted super-long and shiny hair,” said Jacqueline Knights for whom hair extension was the best strategy to get long hair she always craved for at parties in the course of the evenings and decent cut hair at work during the days. “Most of my life I’ve had thinning, limp hair and transplant for me was not something possible. Hair extensions, a bit less expensive, suited both my pocket and health,” she added.

Another advice one should always keep in mind is to wisely choose hair stylist as hair stylist Cesare Safieh says “A hairtyle could make or break your look.” It is always advised to guantee that the designer needs to be experienced for the job and will need to have photographs to prove it. Also it must be clear on how the extensions are to be removed as if not properly removed, the method can often get painful and, even worse, can leave bald spots later.

One particular method of hair extension is Thermo Plastique, which involves a relatively gentle process for both adding and removing hair without damaging any live hair. Also an important thing to be considered are some great benefits of human hair extensions over their synthetic counterparts as they are sometimes more viable. Furthermore synthetic hair cannot typically be heated, so styling options are limited — meaning forget the blow dryer and curling iron.

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