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7 Causes To Be Involved About!

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Since a few of the causes of guinea pig hair loss are regular and should not a cause for concern, we’ll handle the other situations that point out a possible well being downside from an infection, parasite or wound which will require you to contact a veterinarian for the correct remedy or care needed.

The 7 Causes to be involved about:
Parasites – Small parasites equivalent to lice and mites trigger skin irritation and requires treatment from a Veterinarian.
Fungal Infection – Fungus infection normally from ringworm starts on the face and will require shampoos and anti-fungal creams to kill the fungus and cease the hair loss.
Bacterial Infection – Their are two common types of dermatitis lesions (Staphylococcal and Cryptococcosis) that will trigger hair loss on the guinea pigs trunk and requires antibiotics to treat.
Vitamin C Deficiency – In case your pet is deficient on vitamin C, hair loss could also be simply one buy wigs of many symptoms of this problem. The more necessary downside could be scurvy and that Should be handled.
Low Protein Eating regimen – Your pets hair loss may be attributed to the weight-reduction plan you feed them. You must maintain a balanced between proteins and vegetables to keep your pets coat comfortable, full and shiny.
Abrasions – Many causes for abrasions could be narrowed right down to your pets cage, toys, tunnels and numerous items in their surrounds. Look and feel for clues of their cage. Correct them before they do extra hurt to your pet.

Battle Wounds – Cause by other guinea pigs. Some, not many – guinea pigs are fighters and will have to have their own space or cage. This can be common with pets from completely different litters. It can also occur with the very younger pulling out the hair on older pigs. In all these situations, make certain the areas where hair is lacking from an abrasion or battle wound doesn’t get contaminated. Keep the realm clean and call your veterinarian to see what over the counter medications you should use. FYI – Some over the counter remedy can hurt and possibly kill your guinea pig.

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