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Mad, Bad Or Indifferent

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s recent remark that the dire impact of the current economic crisis on the lives of so many people is “just the birth-pains of a new global order” or some such irresponsible claptrap prompted some sections of the British press to wonder if the Prime Minister had lost his marbles.

Maybe he has: certainly it is alarming to witness such puerile and irresponsible drivel being uttered by the man on the helm of a complete nation. I’ve just lost my job, my company has shut down and I am unable to pay my mortgage or my grocery bill but my suffering is “merely” the birth-pains of a “new global order.” Oh well that is all right then. I am delighted top know my sacrifice shouldn’t be in vain, that someone somewhere is doing all this for my own good.

But what “good” exactly What economic text book is this from What is this new global order and why has no-one seen fit either to explain it to me and even ask me if I want it Whom will it benefit When it’s in place, who can be running the show What can be the nature of this Promised Land and will I even like it

The mere indisputable fact that this vague “global order” has not been defined and the majority of the human race haven’t been let in on the key even while they are paying for it with their lives and livelihoods means that they’re not gonna like it when it finally materializes – if it ever does – like a coherent thought out of the bewildered concussion of out kicked-in-the-head civilization.

After all it would just be Mr Bown and his cohorts try to look smart, mysteriously wise because the economy spirals out of their control, the “I did that on purpose” syndrome. In any case, George Bush senior made similar allusions when justifying the beginning of the primary Gulf War. He hinted then at a brand new Global Order just across the corner and we have had nothing but global disorder ever since: merely endless war, lies, inflation, Smirking Chimps in cowboy hats and income tax and finally Recession. Brilliant! I’m glad it’s all under control!

But I don’t think so. Mr Brown has hinted at something more sinister. We are able to conclude that in his perception not less than someone somewhere has a plan. Someone somewhere is doing something or other to bring about a specific objective but they’re not sharing with us the secret of what it’s. The recession isn’t an accident. It is engineered, the inevitable consequence of some unspecified tinkering with the worldwide economy. The wheels aren’t just falling off of their very own accord. They are falling off because someone has loosened the nuts. And it is perfectly can you wash synthetic curly hair alright should you and that i are hurt in the method.

Well, either Mr Brown has lost his grip on reality as much as he has on the economy or he knows something we don’t. He is in on some scheme, some agendum he has not bothered to share with the remainder of us, a scheme so important in some undefined way that economic havoc is the worth you and I must pay for it. Well if I pay for something I’d like to know what I am paying for. If I should make sacrifices and my kids must make sacrifices I would wish to be consulted. Would not you

I think he has some explaining to do.
It’s time all of us woke as much as the fact, before it’s too late, that Recessions are usually not natural disasters that just type of happen. Money does not drain out of the economy of its own accord. Recessions are created. Deliberately.

My blogs at explain how. Please go study them.

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can you wash synthetic curly hair

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