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Party Hairstyles For short Hair

Cheap Virgin Body Wave Peruvian Hair Lace Closure With 4pcs Hair Bundles

Short hairstyles grow in popularity each year whether you might be on the lookout for that chic businesswoman look, the sexy party girl, or the sweet girl next door, there’s a. Hairstyle for masquerade party – your hairstyles and hair cuts main home life party ideas hair styles hairstyle pictures long hairstyles short hairstyles wedding guide prom night sponsored. Wedding hairstyles for short hair 2012 trendy women and men search results. Short wedding hair – wedding hairstyles it s right that short hair does limit a choice of hair styles that you could possibly try, nevertheless it s still offer beautiful wedding hair styles for brief hair. Bing: party hairstyles for short hair hair short hairstyles lookbook main short hairstyles shoulder length hairstyles long hairstyles updos 1 of 1260 julia stiles seen at the today show in new.

Short hairstyles for thick hair short hairstyles for women hens party invitations jewellery lingerie cute or glamorous short wedding hairstyles out there, the most well liked short hair look for this season is the pixie. Short hairstyles looks – stylebistro hairstyle for masquerade party katy perry s new choppy bob hairstyle the latest pop star that recently got a stylish makeover is katy perry together with her pink blonde. Short hair styles for prom – lovetoknow: advice women can trust party photos celebrity fashion feature articles a fashionable life short hair styles 2013 hair trends hairstyle gallery hair chalking makeup tips virtual. Party hairstyles for short hair formal hairstyles for brief hair by cassandra morris, guide 4 of 5 previous next sarah burke s front side braid a side braid is perfect for homecoming.

Ideas for short hair styles for women the commonest and popular party hairstyle among women are curls, long hair vs short hair mens long hair – a fun guide to growing healthy long hair. Short hair styles photos – squidoo : welcome to squidoo belle hairstyle – for short hair what fantastic timing my two girls are going to a princess party this evening where they are to be in full costume. Choosing the hairstyle on your evening party includes: why short hair what short hair can t do creative short hair styles for prom making a short style into a protracted style your best prom look. Formal hairstyles for short hair – all about prom 2013 – dresses 5 playful party styles for long hair october 10, 2012 short hair styles short hair could be easy to take care of and look attractive. Hairstyles-short haircuts 2012 women who wear short hair styles often are attracted by idea that they are very easy to manage and end up staying with the shorter length due to the look.

Best Salons For Hair Extensions In Los Angeles

Virgin Natural Hair Weaving Cheap Human Hair 3 Bundles

Vered Valensi, owner of Vered Salon, is Hollywood’s go-to stylist in terms of hair extensions. Valensi’s charismatic energy trickles into her salon and will make your afternoon appointment feel like a date with your girlfriends. Vered Salon uses several hair-extension techniques, so talk to your stylist about the most effective options on your hair type and length. The methods range from permanent (three to five months) to temporary (clip-in, clip-out) and include fusion, bonding, micro, heat seal, string, tape, man-made skin, clip-in and do-it-yourself.

Related: Navigating L.A.’s Best Hair Salons
Mark Slicker Salon
1107 Gayley Ave.
Westwood, CA 90024
(310) 443-8018

With beauty salon experience at Sally Hershberger, a John Frieda Salon, it isn’t any wonder Mark Slicker is styling premier actresses including Penelope Cruz, Diane Keaton, Mary-Kate Olsen and Mariah Carey. Located in Westwood Village, Slicker’s namesake salon, Mark Slicker Salon, specializes in providing full-service treatments, haircuts, styling and, of course, hair extensions. Using keratin bond extensions in addition to clip-in extensions, Slicker works with each client, presenting all of the options, to provide her thicker, fuller, longer hair in a single visit.

To chop To cut Layers In Your personal Hair (4 Things You have to)

Are you one in every of the numerous women who wish to understand how to cut layers in your individual hair? It may be done affordability, easily, and quickly by following some simple rules and techniques. To start, you should have the proper and proper tools before beginning any haircut. You will want:

Malaysain High Quality Natural Wavy wigs Black Color Real Human Hair Wigs For Sale Thick Ends

1. A great pair of Hair Cutting Scissors – be sure they are sharp and the proper kind of scissors for cutting hair. They don’t need to be expensive, but they are a wise investment.

2. A set of hair clips – you will have 2-6 depending on how you want to chop your hair.

3. A ponytail holder

4. A well lit mirror

1. Decide on a TRIM or CUTNow that you’ve the right tools, it’s worthwhile to decide if you’re just giving yourself a trim or if you are going for a more drastic length cut. Knowing how to chop layers in your individual hair gives you some options for lengthening time between your regular haircuts or really taking matters into your personal hands to alter your style. Let’s start with how to cut layers for a trim.

Trim 2.Begin by washing and conditioning your hair There’s a reason they do that within the salon. Product can weigh down your hair and make it lay a way that it might not lay naturally. You will have to keep your hair slightly damp throughout the cut.

3.Shake out your hair To see where the present layers fall. Use the clips the clip up the layers which are the shortest, starting with the highest (or crown) of your head. Clip up all your hair until just the layer closest to your face is left. Follow the direction of the previous cut and trip hair about ¼ inches. Let down the following layer and repeat the cut. Do this until you’ve got cut all your hair. Finish by cutting the ends throughout with a small angled snip just on the very tips. Pull sections in a zigzag pattern to do that and take your time. For each 2 inch section you pull, snip about 3-4 of these small angled cuts. Shake out your hair if you find yourself done and style as usual. In case you wish to know the way to cut layers in your personal hair for a more dramatic look then the next steps are for you!


Again, start by washing and conditioning your hair. When you desire a more subtle layer, with shorter ends on the top and sides of your hair graduating back, then you will need to assemble your hair back right into a ponytail on the middle back of your head. If you would like a more dramatic layering all around, then you will have to assemble your hair right into a ponytail more on the highest of your head. You could want to flip your head forward or bend over to assemble the hair evenly for this. Next, twist the hair in the ponytail to the correct. Cut off the length of hair you desire. We suggest ½ or 1 inch increments until you reach the desired length. Let go of hair and then twist the ponytail to the left. Cut off any hair that doesn’t seem even or is sticking out of the ponytail end. Take down the ponytail and shake out your hair. You now have your layered look! Finish by cutting the ends all over with the small angled snips at the top as described above and you might be done.

Are you able to Increase Eyebrow Hair?

Thick, full eyebrows add definition to the eyes and upper portion of the face; but when you have gotten tweezer-happy or your eyebrows are naturally thin, you may be in need of a boost. While you should use an eyebrow pencil so as to add some faux brow hairs, you could find it would not look as natural as you want. With just a little bit of effort and a few beauty tricks, you may also help your eyebrows grow in thicker.

Step 1
Avoid the temptation to pluck. Brush stray hairs into place with a brow brush. For those who just can’t stand the messy look, use a brow razor to shape your brows to look more tidy. The brow razor is specifically designed to shave the eyebrow area, and this technique can actually help the hair grow in thicker.

Step 2
Exfoliate the eyebrow area daily to assist stimulate hair growth. Rub a dry soft toothbrush back and forth over the eyebrows for a few minutes to assist eliminate the dry dead skin and promote new hair growth.

Step 3
Moisten a clean mascara want with castor oil. Brush the oil gently onto your eyebrows every night before going to bed. Rub a cotton swab over the eyebrows to remove the excess oil. Castor oil is high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and a wide range of other nutrients that increase hair growth and stimulate proper circulation.

Step 4
Give your eyebrows a massage day-after-day. Put a drop of olive oil onto your fingertips and rub your eyebrows and the surrounding area gently for about 5 minutes. This helps stimulate proper circulation, which in turn can increase hair growth.

Step 5
Eat a healthy diet. Load up on foods high in vitamins A, C and E , and ensure to drink plenty of water day-after-day.

Step 6
Moisten a cotton ball with cold milk. Rub the milk over each eyebrow at night before going to bed. The milk will add nourishment to the hair follicles, which might increase growth.

Indian Human Virgin Hair Short Hair Full Lace Wigs

Step 7
Try an eyebrow serum to hurry up hair growth. There are quite a lot of products to select from, but all of them work basically the identical. The serums contain peptides, which promote hair growth from the follicle. Follow the instructions for using the brow serum as this may occasionally vary among brands.

Brow brush

Brow razor

Soft toothbrush

Clean mascara wand

Castor oil

Cotton swab

Cotton balls


Eyebrow serum

Don’t use a disposable razor to shave your eyebrows. A brow razor is the only type that should be used for this purpose. Some other type of razor is too large, and you’ll likely end up shaving off more hair than intended.
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What To Do If Guys Dont Such as you

Hair Products Ombre Body Wave Virgin Hair 3 Bundles Best Ombre Human Hair BundlesYou are a you are a woman who is having a tough time with trying to find men then the percentages are excellent you might be doing something that is clearly turning them off from you. It’s a must to think in regards to the the explanation why guys won’t like you. This is required so that you might need a greater chance with actually improving yourself so guys can be more inquisitive about you after some time.

First, you’ve gotten to start by being a little less conscious about your appearance. Many men who dont such as you often say this because they feel you could be taking too long with preparing for going places. Women who spend too much time preparing themselves for events are ones that just suck out the time from a mans life.You must deal with conserving your time and focusing more on being with a man while avoiding the necessity to get yourself prepared with too many extracurricular activities. It is a necessity so you may need an easier time with keeping your body running right.

Also, you need to focus on the way you look when you smile. You might want to smile together with your eyes crinkling a bit. Men often dont like women who look too serious when they are trying to look happy. A woman whose eyes crinkle a bit might be more more likely to be someone who is less complicated to trust in.

You might also want to check out how your waist is arranged. You might want to focus on losing fat and weight around the waist so you may get your hips to become a bit of more defined. Guys often dont like women who dont have their hips defined because these women are likely to have unappealing shapes. Also, a woman who has a very good hourglass figure might be more fertile. That is something that may work to your needs for attracting men.

You also need to consider whats fake around your body. Sometimes guys dont like women who’ve too many fake things around their bodies. These include fake hair extensions, lashes and other stuff. Guys wont such as you in case you have too many fake things because it suggests to them that you’re a high-maintenance person. This is among the last things that a man goes to want out of a woman particularly.

Finally, you need to think about how men won’t like you if your eyes look unusual. Men just dont prefer to be distracted by eyes that look too unappealing. You should use a more controlled approach to eye makeup to maintain this from being a hassle so a man wont be more likely to feel bothered by your eyes.

It is best to ensure you do all these ideas in order for you guys to like you. It is perhaps easier for you to maintain yourself going strong in relationships with other men in case you are aware of what you might be doing to get yourself in touch with all of these people.

Are Remy And Virgin Hair The same?

Remy (Remi) and virgin hair are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but they rarely, if ever, signify the same. Remy can be either virgin or non-virgin, but virgin is always Remy. What Remy and virgin hair have in common is that both are in the premium segment.

3 Bundles Loose Wave Indian Human Virgin Hair ExtensionsRemy is that kind of hair where all of its cuticles are intact and face in the identical direction: roots are on one side and tips about the opposite, identical to when the hair is growing naturally. This characteristic permits you to brush and treat your Remy extensions identical to you would your real hair. There is no tangling and matting like with non-Remy hair. The term Remy itself does not discuss with any brand name, but to the technique of collecting the hair that leaves the cuticles intact. Remy hair may be chemically treated to achieve some rarer colors, and textured for more availability.

There is an efficient reason why is the virgin hair considered as premium quality and why it comes at the premium prices as well. This hair is actually virgin and in its most natural state. To be classified as virgin, the hair must meet very meticulous standards: it mustn’t be permed, dyed, colored, bleached, relaxed, or otherwise chemically processed in any way. To qualify as real virgin hair, that hair mustn’t be even blow-dried or exposed to harsh agents equivalent to cigarette smoke or drugs. All virgin hair must come from a single donor, which ensures consistency in texture. The texture may be straight, wavy or curly. Sometimes, virgin hair texture might be altered using a high pressure and heat method, but since no chemical processing is involved, this hair continues to be considered as virgin.

All of the cuticles must be intact and running in the identical direction. For that reason, it is commonly often known as cuticle hair. The cuticle protects the hair from damage, resulting in a shinier, smoother, softer and more durable hair that styles more naturally. This also signifies that more work is required to maintain the feel and appear of the hair.

The controversy of when to make use of the term Remy, and when is virgin a more suitable name will likely continue. There are some who consider the entire thing a non-issue because all the hair is in a way chemically treated, even if it was not colored or permed, because the chemicals in our hair products contain enough chemicals to change any hair over time.

How to Create

In order for you “crunchy” waves, mix somewhat hair gel with the water for a slight crunch. If you would like a powerful hold you can prep each section of hair after spritzing with water with mousse, gel and even paste. Experiment to achieve different results.

Unprocessed Best  Human Virgin True Indian  Hair Wholesale  Straight  Weave

For extra control across the face, crown and sides, apply a firm holding hair cream or sculpting gel. One to try: Ken Paves Healthy Hair Curl Balm.

Note: Damp tresses are required to help the waves set better. Creating braid on bone dry hair won’t create the identical results. It is also true hair with natural texture will generally have a more uniform results then stick straight strands unless numerous styling products are applied to the damp strands.

2. Plan Your Braid Pattern Before You Start

If you do not really care about the result of your waves and are fine with random results, just grab individual chunks of hair and start braiding.

Keep in mind the smaller the braid, the tighter the waves and the larger the braid, the looser. Also, for those who do three strand braids you should have a looser wave pattern than should you do six or eight strands or more.

3. Start With Your required Part – Or Not

It is always best to plan your wave design before you begin braiding.

Take into consideration where or if you’d like a component. The part might be center or to either side unless you prefer no part. If you braid all the way from the tip of the foundation to the very end of the hair you’ll have a much bigger texture than if you start a few inches from the roots with the braid.

Adrienne Bilon
“Meet The Robinson” World Premiere

You may want to think about separating your entire head into four, six or eight sections and creating the same sized braid pattern all around your head. It will create uniform waves. If you want an irregular pattern you’ll be able to alternate thick and thin braids or three strand with six or more strands for an unusual wave result.

4. Whether you start with newly washed or dry hair keep a water spritzer handy.

It’s possible you’ll find that as you braid from one side to the other your hair may dry out in some sections. Be sure that the entire braids have an equal dampness. This may guarantee uniform results. It’s usually best to begin at the front of the hairlines and work around your head in a circular pattern.

Have a friend assist you with the back if you’re creating braid waves for a special event and need them to have a uniform look and flow.

5. Use a “hair friendly” hair tie to secure each braid.

Remember hair is most fragile when wet so be gentle with your hair and you braid. It’s always best to use a light leave-in conditioner to your fingers to assist glide through your tresses easier.

Also, if there are any snags on your fingernails or fingers make sure you remove them before using to finger pick or braid delicate tresses.

You might wish to use Blax bands and then simply cut them off the ends when you undo the braids which eliminates and pulling or wear and tear on the ends. Or you could wish to use “hair friendly” elastic bands that may be easily faraway from the ends.

AJ Michalka
Wearing Braid Style Waves

Note: Never, ever use rubber bands in any manner on either wet, dry or damp tresses.

6. Let braids air dry overnight or sit under a hood dryer. After you’ve got created the braids to your satisfaction the longer you keep them in your hair, the deeper and more defined the waves can be if you remove the braids.

You may either sleep on the braids overnight or sit under a hood dryer if you want instant results. A blow dryer can work in a pinch however the waves is not going to be as deeply set and should not hold as long or consistently. By far the very best method is to apply the braids to damp hair and let the hair air-dry for at the very least 12 hours or more.

For those who sleep on the braids overnight you may either want to cover with a satin night cap or sleep on a satin pillow case to stop hair from frizzing or being disturbed from the braids.

Note: If hair naturally gets frizzy you might to apply a light coating of defrisant cream to damp strands before braiding.

If you probably did sleep within the braids overnight and they didn’t dry on their very own you’ll be able to finish them off within the morning with a fast blast of a blow dryer set on low/cool speed/temperature.

7. Once braids are 100% dry remove to unveil new waves. It’s important To not remove the braids until hair is completely dry. When you remove the braids too early you’ll likely see wimpy results and not the deeply patterned waves which are possible with braid waves.

8. Finger pick waves into position. After you remove the braids it’s possible you’ll first wish to spritz your entire head with a fast or firm holding hairspray for extra hold like PhytoPro Strong Finishing Spray or Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shaping Finishing Spray. Let the hairspray dry and then use your fingers to carefully pick through the brand new waves.

Beyonce Knowles
2009 BET Awards
All rights reserved

If your hair is naturally curly you’ll be able to play with gently twisting a number of the newly formed waves into ringlets instead of allowing them to stay as waves. Don’t use a brush or comb or else there may be danger of deconstructing the natural waves.

After you have got the waves to your liking finish with another blast of shine enhancing hairspray or finish with a swipe of Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shine Serum. Apply one drop of the Shine Serum to the palms of your hands, rub together and then lightly brush excessive of your gorgeous new soft waves.

Other Braid Wave Notes

Braid waves looks fantastic with a ravishing hair flower affixed to 1 side over the ear allowing the waves to softly cascade down the back of your neck.

Headbands also work fantastically with braid waves. Experiment with various hair accessories to determine which looks best together with your waves.

Braid waves are a straightforward, hair friendly and low maintenance style which works well on hair that’s medium to very long in length in just about any texture and kind of hair. It gives hair a rest from brutal hot blow dryers or hot irons and rollers and looks amazing.

Note: If you’d love to try the Ken Paves Healthy Hair products take a look at his convenient Healthy Hair Try Me Kit which incorporates 2 oz of the daily shampoo, conditioner, shine serum and shaping hair spray. All Ken Paves Healthy Hair products can be found at the Marketplace.

Hair Extensions Sydney, Australia

Ever wanted to look your best but not satisfied together with your hair’s length, volume, style or colour? Need to flaunt the hair style worn by your favorite actress but can’t? No need to fret any more. Whatever it’s, we at Lavadene Hair Extensions Sydney can cast your dreams into reality. We understand how much you admire your hair and the part it plays in your overall look and confidence.

Clip In  Brazilian Straight Human Virgin Hair Extensions

We have now been a provider of original human hair extensions for over 10 years and made a name for ourselves in this industry. Our hair extensions will enable you try the look and styles that you were unable to until now because sometimes you lacked the length or sometimes the volume and even colour. Our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair and mix perfectly together with your natural locks. We are a supplier of Clip in hair extensions, Fusion hair extensions, Micro bead hair extensions, Tape hair extensions and Weft hair extensions in Australia. You can also avail special offers on hair extension tools and Wigs.

Come visit us at considered one of Australia’s finest retail & wholesale hair extensions store, Lavadene Hair Extensions Sydney and experience the quality service offered by our friendly and experienced staff.

Interested? Then call Mb: 0416 17 6662 to make a booking with us or book online on our contact us page.

Cheap Hair Extensions For sale, Brazilian Hair Online

Peruvian Straight Virgin Hair Clip in Hair Extensions

Cynthia Rowland is well often called an expert in all Brazilian Hair natural facial fitness. In reality, you’ll be able to also try buying Indian remy hair online. There are occasions had you been need to attend the occasion inside the right manner and elegance, while using right type of wigs and hair goods shall be very helpful for a needs in reality, you need to choose the perfect brand of product which matches your preferences and budget. 800 for any full-head of real real hair bonded hair extensions, depending on your preferences. You may have anything from normal shade of colors to colors of pizzazz (pink, blue, purple etc. We were recognized by Trip Magazine as “The Best Salon in Queensand was named by Aveda as one with the fastest growing Aveda Concept Salons. Furthermore you have to know that although hair extensions may be worn day and night it really is recommended to adopt them out prior to going to sleep. There are various different types of wigs and clip-in hair extension easily you’ll be able to purchase. If the styling is easy consider performing it yourself and saving the cash. These include providing a remedy for women being affected by alopecia or slow-growing hair, using an alternate look readily available for women who’re always on the go, or planning to experiment which has a brand new hairstyle without having to generate an actual change in your real hair. “Europeanhair’s origin was still misunderstood and have gotten complicated for any lot of distributors, consumers, and consumers. It is loads cheaper than natural splendor and it doesn’t last as long. Both people have for a long time showed increasing concern to attain good-looking hair. They use a team of experienced stylists who contained in the years have helped them create a multicultural client base with their eye for details and commitment to quality. From ages for women who live always been looking to look their wonderful best but inside the current scenario where fashion and style are attending to be too important especially on your women everyone seems to be trying out technique of enhancing their appearances and natural splendor extensions is one in every of them. The natural hair of Caucasians differs from the others from that of Asians or Afro-Caribbeans and likewise it’s best to choose an extension box that will match your personal personal hair. I enjoy and have tried nearly all of the hair products and styles you might be able to think of. Time saving: This method to put in artificial locks are less time consuming as compared to some other procedure. Insert the snap clip on flowing hair not around the raw Cheap Brazilian Hair scalp. Place the wig on a wig stand because it dries to maintain its shape.

Is Your Hairstyle Causing Your Thinning Hair?

Indian Straight  I Tip  Human Hair Extensions Fusion Hair Extensions  For Short  Hair

Thinning hair results from grad­ual, non-genetic hair loss that can be brought on by numerous reasons including hormonal changes within the body as experienced by pregnant women and post menopausal women, to poor nutrition on account of a period of ill health.

Apart from these causes, a quite common and sometimes overlooked cause of thinning hair is continuously wearing the hair in tight hairstyles, placing undue tension and pressure on the hair roots eventually weakening them over time and causing them to fall out prematurely. As hairs reach the end of their normal growth phase, they fall out and ideally after going through the rest phase, should regrow and undergo the whole cycle again. However, constantly pulling, or placing pressure on the hair damages the follicles and may lead to them becoming inflamed. Inflammation inhibits circulation thereby restricting the follicles access to vital nutrients required for healthy hair to grow.

Here’s a list of the most typical hairstyles, that when worn excessively can lead to thinning hair or traction alopecia.

1. Draw­string ponytails

These hair pieces have a comb and draw­string to secure them on top of the pinnacle. Draw­string pony­tails are attached to the hair after the hair has been pulled back into a tight bun. Hair gel is some­times applied to realize a sleek and smooth fin­ish to the nat­ural hair that is held in a bun. The draw­string pony­tail is then attached by pin­ning it in place with the comb and using the draw­string to secure it. Although they are a con­ve­nient way to style your hair, fre­quent and con­stant use could cause thinning hair and bald patches, par­tic­u­larly in the realm where the pony­tail is attached.

2. Tight buns

The hair is twisted, rolled tightly after which fas­tened with pins or ties. The con­tin­u­ous effect of twist­ing and rolling the hair can weaken the strands and dam­age the fol­li­cles, result­ing in thin hair.

3. Weaves

That is a mode very pop­u­lar (but not restricted to) among black women and involves human or syn­thetic hair wefts being attached to nat­ural hair, often sewing it on to corn­rowed tracks. Wefts are some­times also attached through the use of an anti fun­gus adhe­sive called bond­ing glue. Weav­ing is usually used to stop the appear­ance of thin­ning hair, but unfor­tu­nately it can even cause thin­ning and hair loss itself, as the corn­rows the exten­sions are attached to are very tight to make the weave last longer. Bond­ing glue also can cause hair loss when a correct remover is not used to interrupt the glue’s bond com­pletely before removal.

4. Braids

Hair is braided into thin, tight braids, some­times with the addi­tion of dec­o­ra­tive items or with hair exten­sions braided into the hair (remem­ber Brandy’s sig­na­ture braids?). Apart from the pulling action caused by the tight braid, the hair line suf­fers because the hairs the exten­sions are attached to are usu­ally weak and never able to cope with the load of the addi­tional hair.

5. Corn­rows

These are a type of braids where the hair is braided close to the scalp. This style is favoured for being a low main­te­nance, aes­thetic hair­style, but can lead to trac­tion alope­cia if the corn­rows are too tight as they place undue pres­sure on the hair, espe­cially around the hairline.

6. Clip on hair extensions

These hair exten­sions are made by cut­ting machine made hair wefts into dif­fer­ent lengths and attach­ing clips to each piece. They can be clipped onto the nat­ural hair in var­i­ous places, includ­ing the back, the sides of the face, etc.. They’re com­monly used to add colour to the hair or to give the appear­ance of fuller hair. Improper appli­ca­tion by clip­ping the exten­sions too tightly or allow­ing the clips to dig into your scalp con­stantly when applied can lead to trac­tion alopecia.

Beauty Of Medium Hairstyles

Lately, time constraints to take care of long hair have led many females to opt for medium-length hair that gives them an ideal look. Medium hair takes lesser time to wash and can be set with just a few strokes of any hair brush. It’s mainly apt for working women and college-going young girls who find it difficult to manage long hair. Many others who like to experiment with different hair styles also prefer medium-cuts to get a brand new look.

Peruvian Human Virgin Hair Middle-Long BOBO Wigs With Bangs

It’s also suitable for people who have thin hair. They get a bounce that makes their hair look heavier and better. People with natural long curls can equally enjoy a medium style. A jagged layer is a popular hairstyle for women because it does not require frequent trimming thereby reducing the need to go to salons frequently. Razor-cut is another option that adds a glam factor to both straight and curly hair.

People with straight hair can prefer side-parting to make hair look fluffy. Normal long layers on the sides and a bang at the center is often liked by people who have straight and thin hair.

Medium hairstyles might be tied in a pony tail or with a clutch for the purpose of comfort. They don’t require many setting procedures and maintenance products. Another advantage is that both center and side-parting looks apt in medium styles. Highlighting medium styles add some extra detail within the look. It makes the layers look more prominent and defined.

Medium hairstyles are also divided into two categories, formal medium hairstyle and casual medium hairstyle. Formal styles are neat, structured, and require styling procedures. They are normally carried for a short span of time i.e. while attending a formal occasion like wedding, awards function, farewell party, etc. The style is kept intact using hair sprays, rollers, clips, pins, and bands.

Casual styles are slightly unkempt, free-flowing, and simply manageable. They require a styling time of maximum 10 minutes and need a trimming once in a month to retain the style. The styles can also be carried in semi-formal occasions.

Nowadays, the technology has advanced to such a level that one can create their computer images in different hairstyles to know which style will suit them the most effective. This reduces the chance involved in experimenting a brand new look. Moreover, plenty of hairstyling websites show number of latest hair styles and the list of hairdressers for one’s convenience and exposure.

Non-Surgical Options For Women With Female Hair Loss

Romantic Wavy Wigs Indian  Full Lace Front Human Virgin HairA versatile thermal protection system for naturally curly hair that detangles and helps straighten hair for easy manageability.

Featuring fresh homemade botanical extracts and natural non-GMO moisturizers, the system ends in damage-free hair, natural shine, softness and humidity protection for longer-lasting straightness. It’s free of straightening chemicals and won’t change your natural curl pattern, so you’ve the flexibleness and freedom of wearing a straight style one week and a curly style the following week after shampooing. The simple 3-step system features a pre-poo to moisturize & detangle hair, a gentle shampoo to cleanse & condition hair and a thermal protector to seal, protect and help straighten hair.

Hair Damage From Extensions

Peruvian Straight Virgin Hair Clip in Hair ExtensionsMovie and music celebrities, resembling Cameron Diaz and Madonna, have worn hair extensions to create new hairstyles, in line with the Hair Boutique website. The primary advantage of hair extensions is that they will create a brand new look almost instantly without the hassles of wigs and hair pieces. However, wearing hair extensions may cause both temporary and long-term damage to your hair.

Alluring Extensions
Hair extensions are individual hair strands that are created from real human hair, synthetic materials, animal hair or a combination of the three, in line with the Hair Boutique website. Temporary, or clip-on, hair extensions are made up of hundreds of hairs woven right into a holder that is clipped near the scalp. Long-term hair extensions should not woven into a clip; instead, they are designed to be attached to individual hair strands. Depending on the materials used, hair extensions may be dyed, permed or otherwise manipulated to match existing hair.

Prep Work
Temporary hair extensions simply clip onto the prevailing hair strands on the roots and can be attached and removed as desired. Long-term hair extensions are either braided into existing hair at the roots or attached to the ends of individual hair strands. Long-term hair extensions are painted with a chemical bonding solution at the point of attachment. The bonding solution is then melted with a heat clamp, sealing the extensions to the existing hair, in accordance with the Hair Boutique website.

Make a Smooth Transition
In most cases, hair extensions should be removed by a hairstyling expert. In case you decide to remove them at home, you can accomplish that by unweaving the extension from your natural hair and bending the hair at the attachment point to snap the seal.

Temporary Strand Damage
The heat and chemical bonding solutions used to attach hair extensions can weaken the hair at the attachment point. This can cause split ends and dry, frizzy hair. If you have individual strand hair extensions, you should have the ends of your hair cut to remove split ends and damaged sections after the hair extensions are removed. You probably have weave extensions that are braided into the hair on the roots, you may not be able to correct the damage.

Are likely to Your Scalp
The burden of hair extensions may end in traction alopecia, which is hair loss brought on by pulling on the hair on the roots. Some people who wear hair extensions may experience atrophy of the hair follicles, which may cause the follicles to supply thin, brittle hair. In some cases, the follicles may stop producing hair altogether. The follicles may not recover, depending on the duration and severity of the stress placed on them by the hair extensions.

Eyelash Extension Ideas

Short Wavy Wigs Peruvian Human Virgin HairWhat’s the what is the Fuss All About?
Soon after reading a journal short article a few days up to now, learnt that certainly one of several hottest pet hates girls have about on their very own is their eyelashes. (I’d by no means have guessed this!) It appears that the longer your eyelashes are-the much more exciting and admirable you happen to be. (Looks mad correct?) Well about 60% of individuals never feel to feel so! They voted that extended eyelashes are a should in the current local climate.

Famous people have because of this made a call to spend ample amount of money to amass great prolonged lashed and it appears to have caught the Medias eye! The moment an individual superstar gets noticed for something- the rest follow-after which this extends into the basic public but a less expensive edition. (And with cheapness-comes incidents and accidents!)

The complete purpose of eyelash extensions (if you can’t guess) can be to prolong the eyelashes and make them appear fuller and rather more distinguished. These extensions from the lash implies no mascara is required which could clump the eyelashes alongside each other which looks unsightly, I have to include! These lashes final for approximately 6-7 weeks relying to the excellent and volume of care you give them. With these extensions, the eyes appear more defined and seemingly broader. So celebs say they not simply search superior (if done appropriately) but which all of them feel great!

Would you believe this tends to be very risky?
…Mainly because it could!

When studying more details on eyelash extensions, I came throughout a horrific story that actually opened my eyes into the actual potential risks of this beauty remedy procedure! A lady had compensated a considerable sum of money to someone that claimed to generally be an educated professional- Nonetheless they’d no knowledge in any respect and no skills with this discipline! The woman’s eyelash extensions had been glued right onto her eyelash devoid of tests if she was allergic on the glue compound utilized. Later exactly the same day her eyelashes started to all drop out because of TRACTION ALOPECIA (which ends up in hair to drop out because of too significantly tension). Sadly her eyelashes have never developed back!

Should the beautician is just not an informed professional, or has not 1 this beauty method quite a couple of occasions, then they mustn’t make this happen beauty treatment! You will discover very several perils concerned. To call but a few;

  • The eyelashes about the leading and bottom of the eye could possibly get glued with each other, developing wonderful distress and momentary blindness until eventually the glue is usually securely eliminated.
  • The nice pressure up over the organic eyelashes can become to in excess of bearing as well as normal lashes will start off to fall out, and possibly couldn’t return.
  • The eyelashes might get glued collectively to kind ugly clumping throughout the eyes.
  • An allergic reaction to the glue might manifest, producing the eyes very irritated, sore and swollen.
  • Within the event the beautician is not going to notify the consumer to maintain their eyes closed at time, the likelihood is that the glue will go in the eyes, resulting in extreme burning and discomfort.

To seem like among all those superstars, could it’s genuinely worth the money? Hassel? Or Soreness?

The alternative nevertheless to obtaining great hunting fuller eyelashes could be to merely utilize an excellent mascara, or use bogus eyelashes, as they’re considerably considerably less dangerous, since the lash is glued to the attention lid, rather than directly onto your lashes.

Hair Extensions Put In An excellent New Search

Hair Products 1 Bundle Of Virgin Natural Weave Hair Best Weave For Natural HairHair extension are receiving very popular with people in all ages. They can be carried out very cheaply together with easily. Hair extensions are actually becoming a lot more fashionable and will also be practical in everyday life. Do not color your individual private hair extensions in your home but you can how so as to add human hair extensions, and create your individual personal unique look.

Hair extension feature instant volume as a way to hair for sagging tresses hair SOS or emergency rid of a disastrous haircut. Wild hair extensions, weaves, wigs, braiding and weaving human hair alongside many ethnic hair maintenance systems are available. Hair extensions and wigs comprised of human hair have come the gap in recent numerous years. Hair extensions are literally great additions for women to change the style their hair style and likewise get that hairstyle they’ve been wanting for precious time. They allow women to extend their short curly hair to any varying length or maybe even for well designed up-dos.

These extension braids can last as much three months so long as they are cared pertaining to correctly, they is usually washed and shampooed if ever you want, One question that always is usually asked is can it damage your tresses. The next step is sort of always to take good care of your respective hair extensions and likewise visit your frizzy hair specialist for questing the extensions simply because your natural hair grows out. Likewise, make sure you scrub and care for that weave hair identical to you’ll your individual. I do by no means recommend hair extensions to a ‘wash and go clientthey’re time consuming and take quite a lot of care. In the event you decide to do have the time and energy to care for them Anways, i do highly recommend individuals.

Weave is a type of hair extension which is braided in hair and might find yourself inexpensive. Weave is commonly fake or person’s hair. They consist of various textures and so aren’t only for straight hair. The clips are quite a lot of easier and they add exactly the identical volume to hair as you were wearing a complete weave. Probably the most affordable, simplest way to be able to wear a weave is nearly always to bond it in. The top result is usually a protracted luscious hair that is certainly comfortable to be dressed in and virtually hopeless to detect. Nobody will know you’re wearing an extension because there is no telltale signs. Glue is never the healthiest with the hair, but it is perfectly for a smoother clean look.

The clips are much easier and so they add precisely the identical volume to my hair like I were wearing the entire weave. The important things about clip in, they’re all to easy to take care of, very bargain, look fantastic. I really like how easy it may be to place all of them in and take them out.

Hair extensions, locks weaving, hair braiding, clip-on or maybe clip-in extensions, tresses pieces, hair accessories, hair replacement, just about all hair textures, high quality, human hair are some great techniques for finding the look you want. Go for all of it.

Londons Luxury Hair Blog

3pcs Virgin Human Curly Hair Weaves With Best Lace Frontal Closure 13x4The company’s mission is “to provide the best hair extensions available on the planet to the discerning customer, specializing in the utmost in care and repair possible, all while claiming Royalty as a birthright!With African Americans having a spending power expected to succeed in $1.1 Trillion dollars, it’s rather distressing that only 6 cents of every dollar is spent on other black owned businesses. The company also offers distributorship opportunities to business-minded women who would like to venture into this industry but who do not need the capital or the know-how to go source these products overseas by themselves. This manner, we will all support each other and financially build up ourselves and our own community.

Hair Extensions In Miami

It’s no secret that long, voluptuous hair is beautiful and a really desirable quality for many men women. Not everyone is born with flowing, growing hair! If you’ve ever wanted to lengthen, replace, volumize, or color your hair, then hair extensions are for you. At Gilberto Hair Center, you’ll be serviced by an expert with over 35 years of experience who has a reputation as being an innovator in the sector of hair extensions.

Types of Extensions

1 Piece Deep Wave Virgin Hair Weave Cheap Deep Wave Hair BundleGilberto Hair Center offers many different hair extension options for various sorts of hair:

Weaving Hair Extensions: Gilberto has developed his own weave-in design. Thin braids are made with the client’s hair, and the extensions are woven into the braids. These last for 6-8 weeks before requiring a tightening service. Gilberto can also use the cylinder weaving technique, which is perfect for hair damaged by chemicals.
Great Lengths: Regular fusion or ultrasonic cold fusion is used on each strand of hair to fuse a keratin polymer tip. Our extensions consist of Indonesian 100 percent human hair. Cold fusion uses the identical process as regular fusion without the heat.
Hair Dreams: A fusion technique using European 100 percent human hair. These extensions are perfect if you happen to suffer from migraines or have difficulty maintaining upkeep appointments.
African-American Technique: Gilberto uses micro weft point integration, bonding or crimp tube systems using the client’s own hair. We also carry custom lace front units for a lot of different types and textures of hair.

Benefits to Extensions

Extensions are relatively easy to take care of, especially when they’re placed by skilled hands. They usually take the brunt of day-to-day damage, protecting your natural hair. As well as, they supply a way for you to achieve beautiful and natural looking locks for weeks and will be styled like real hair. Our hair center only uses quality human hair pieces for an authentic look.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you’re considering hair extensions, it’s a good idea to hunt professional help from someone who’s revered all over the world within the hair extensions art. For beautiful hair extensions in Miami from the hands of a stylist even celebrities trust, call Gilberto Hair Center at 305-631-0360.

Great Advice For Aging With Grace And Dignity

Best Deep Wave Human Hair 3 Bundles Of Human Virgin Hair

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What Color Was Jesus’ Hair?

This question has been causing confusion for centuries with religious and biblical scholars. You yourself have probably thought about this perplexing question and discuss it regularly with your friends at Bible study.

Indian Nail Tip Human Virgin Colored Hair Extensions Keratin Fusion Hair ExtensionsWell, this might not be what really happens, but there may be something that I want to point out to anyone that is interested in the color of Jesus’ hair. Nobody really knows what color his hair was and if they do, they are not telling us are providing us with any evidence to support their claims.

What color was Jesus’ hair? I know that the majority Christians will say, it was brown or light brown, but in reality, there’s a very good chance that his hair would’ve been black or dark brown. Think about this for a moment, he was born in the country of Arabs and try to remember if you may, what color most Arabs hair are.

Now we regularly see Jesus portrayed as a good looking man with long hair, standing, sitting or walking in a way of peace and tranquility. Most individuals do not take the time to understand that this picture of Jesus is simply a portrait of a man who most Christians assume to be Jesus.

Do not beat yourself up over this question, because it’s probably not that important. However, I wish to point something out here and I’d such as you to remember it if possible. Nobody really knows what Jesus looks like, so if you happen to ever see him, there is an efficient chance that you just may not recognize him.

Why Do Many Women Pick Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian Natural Wave Weave Hair Unprocessed Brazilian Natural Wavy Human Hair Extensions 3 Pcs/packThe many the many types of virgin hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions are arguably the preferred, even with their relatively higher price tags. Actually, it’s not unusual to listen to about Brazilian hair extensions selling out in a short time because of the high demand. In any case, these hair pieces are known to be soft, durable, and simple to manage.
The durability of Brazilian hair, specifically, deserves special mention, as this is likely one of the qualities that almost all stylists and hairdressers search for in hair extensions. Brazilian extensions may be dyed with two or more colors without shedding or drying out prematurely. They can be styled in quite a lot of alternative ways, akin to braiding and curling, without getting damaged or losing their texture. There are a lot of women, however, who prefer to leave their Brazilian hair extensions untouched, as they usually come already in an exotic, dark brown color with natural waves and curls.
The natural body and fullness of Brazilian hair is another reason for its popularity. It might retain styling for days, and even weeks. Its full body also makes it bouncy, giving off an impression of liveliness and energy. Moreover, despite its strength and fullness, Brazilian hair can be very soft to touch, making it a really appealing choice for women.

How To Sell Human Hair Extension

There is so many ways for anyone who would like to start out a hair business .Selling virgin hair at home is one of ways to do hair

Color 1B And 2# Malaysian Real Hair Wigs For Women Short Fashions Human Virgin WigsThere is so some ways for anyone who would like to begin a hair business .Selling virgin hair at home is one of ways to do hair business.Who can be the most effective at home seller?Normal home maker, person unemployed, anybody can start a telecommute business offering virgin hair on the web or from their home, offering to relatives, families, companions, neighbors and even aggregate strangers. The virgin hair industry is the top in beauty industry.
Guangzhou,China sells very reasonably priced virgin human hair, one with prices starting as low as $17.00 for 100grams 3.5 ounces each pack, You do not need worry about receiving your order or the quality of product you’ll receive, don’t worry if you receive not so suitable hair.
The supplier have comprehensive guarantee.So Guangzhou,China is an efficient choice for you once you choose hair supplier.
As a virgin hair seller you might want to know wonderful benefits and tips to maintain human hair extension: One can use all hair products on real hair but happily the product goes well with human hair extension too. As the extension do not get natural scalp oil so it need to moisture after every wash.If an individual do not wash them, then it would become brittle and can start breaking easily with split ends. You shouldn’t use hard hairspray on the extension otherwise it can make your hair look dull and stiff. Moreover it is always better to make use of specially formulated shampoo and conditioners that are easily available within the beauty stores.When these hair extensions are dried out incorrectly, they produce an unpleasant smell so the user should give proper attention and care while drying it out. One of the best method to have long lasting human hair extension is to maintain it as much as possible away from sunlight. This will hold the color of the hair. The very best quality of human hair extension is that they’re practically faint or mix well with human natural hair. So, walk-out in ultimate fashion by wearing human hair extension.
Besides selling virgin hair at home,you also can try open a boutique shop.
Hair salon have a very good chance to recommed virgin hair to customers.
When customer come to do the hair style,if you have good quality virgin hair and good service,that can be an incredible help to get customers come back again.Anyway hair business is simpler to begin than other business.Just do it,you’ll get benefit soon.

Best Winter Hairstyles

If you want to look hot and sexy throughout the winter season, you have to be conversant in the most effective winter hairstyles for women. Expect hairstyles to alter as the temperature drops. Get to know what is fashionable and what’s not to maintain your hair stylish and chic all winter long.

Peruvian Clip In Human Hair Extensions

No matter what your hair length is, you possibly can choose from a wide range of glamorous hairstyle options. You possibly can add more volume to your hair, keep long and luscious locks and take a look at hairstyles with bangs.

When adding volume to your hair, use effective volumizing shampoos and root boot sprays. You can even add textural volume to your hair by wearing layered hairstyles or vintage beehive hairdos. A hair full of volume creates more drama and appears well on layers of bulky winter clothing.

Keeping your straight, wavy or curly hair long can also be included within the list of fashionable winter hairstyles. Long hair will look good on bulky clothes and winter hats while adding an air of elegance to any hairdo. In case you have short hair, you’ll be able to go for hair extensions for fresh and fast hairstyle change.

Hairstyles with bangs are also popular in the course of the winter. Bangs can frame the face and draw more attention to the wearer’s eyes. They also can minimize skin paleness throughout the chilling winter months. Try full-cut bangs for a classic look or side swept bangs that look sassy and fun.

Bobs, razors, and shags

In order for you to maintain your short hair, you may try some of the popular bob hairstyles. Contemporary bobs are characterized with tapered tips of striking hair, while messy bobs exhibit an alluring and carefree look.

Razor haircuts are popular through the winter because they effortlessly add drama to all winter hairstyles. The messy texture of a razor haircut reflects the confident, bold and enthusiastic personality of the wearer.

Shag hairstyles with shorter lengths also look good through the winter. Some people even add lowlights to their shag to be able to create more depth to their sense of style.

Maintaining winter hair

In order for you to keep your hair shiny and smooth during winter, you must properly take care of it. Keeping your hair healthy and soft during freezing winter seasons is easy if you’re familiar with effective hair care tips.

The cold winter will make your hair look drier and frizzier. Ensure that to make use of an appropriate conditioner that may leave your hair soft and moisturized. You can also spare some of your money for hot oil treatments if you wish to do away with brittle hair.

Start eating a healthy diet and drinking more water to keep your hair moisturized and revitalized from within. Refrain from washing your hair an excessive amount of. A lot washing will strip away your hair’s natural oil and make it look frizzier during winter.

Real Mink Brazilian Hair,Alibaba Cheap Brazilian Hair Weave

Indian Straight  I Tip  Human Hair Extensions Fusion Hair Extensions  For Short  Hair

Ideal Hair Arts was founded in Guangzhou since 2005.Our company covers an area of 1,000 square meters,and the factory is in the 5000 square meters area,with 350 employees.

Our factory has over 11 years experience with professional skill in hair product, specialized in Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Cambodian hair and Mongolian hair ect, that are popular in America, Africa and Europe.

Our company also focused on research and development, production and sales Combined. “Customer first” and committed to helping customers expand their business,to achieve win-win !

Q1. How many pieces hair do I need?

A: For hair wefts,2pcs for 10-14in,3pcs for 16-22inch, 4pcs for 24-40inch. If you wish to get a very full look, you might need another pack. If you are getting fusion or micro then you might want to consult your stylist.

Q2. How long does it last?

A: This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your individual hair and take very good care of it for it to last longer. If you are taking good care of the hair, it last for over one year.

Q3: Can they be straightened, curled ?

A:Yes you possibly can use hair straightener or hair curler to style the virgin human hair .

However, do not do it too frequently, or the heat will make the hair easily get dry and tangled.

Q4.Can I go swimming?

Chances are you’ll go in swimming pools and hot tubs. It’s best to clean hair right after swimming. Avoid getting hair in salt water because the salt can take all of the moisture out of the hair and it will result in tangling of the hair. Never braid your hair and go in salt water. It’s best to wear it down. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming.

Q5. What type of hair care products should I use?

A: Treat this hair just as if it was your individual hair.

1. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products.

2. Conditioning your hair is very important to maintain it soft and manageable, so use leave in conditioners.

3. You can use gel or hair spray to keep the curls in place, but be sure to clean your hair and never leave in these products in for a very long time.

4. Olive oil will be a superb choice to maintain the hair healthy.

Brown Hair Extensions

3 Bundles Virgin Curly Peruvian Hair Weave Human Hair Bundle Deals

Have you noticed how men are unfailingly drawn to women with brown hair? Well, there are reasons connected with men’s psyche which could probably explain this fixation with Brown. This color symbolizes much of what a man looks for in a woman, especially someone he’s seeking a permanent relationship with.

Brown stands for dependability, friendliness and simplicity and, to a man, a woman with brunette hair embodies some or all these characteristics. Such being the case, why do not you try to boost your personal appeal by having Brunette Hair Extensions carried out by yourself hair?

A Brown Hair Extension will be good to your overall appearance not only because it will give you a head filled with brunette hair, but in addition because it’ll enhance the fullness of your mane, providing you with the look of a diva. You can choose the precise color of the extension and the type of hair you want. If you have already got a dark shade of hair that you think suits you, you may have to acquire the extra hair in that color.

But when you would not have dark hair or in case your Brown hair is just not of the shade that appeals to you, you will have to dye your own hair first after which obtain the Brown Hair Extensions that match this new color. Whichever way you do it, rest assured that your Brown Hair Extension is going to change your life, and for the better. With new extensions come confidence in addition to attention that you simply definitely deserve.

First Time Hair Extension Wearer?

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity sporting an extended bob one week and rocking waist-length tresses just a few weeks later, you’ve witnessed the magic of hair extensions. You too, can channel your inner Rapunzel and add inches and volume to your locks without the hassle (and heaps of patience) that come with growing it out. To help you decide which kind of hair extension is right for you, we spoke with Riqua Hailes, owner and founding father of Just Extensions salon in Los Angeles. She gave us the total lowdown on extensions and breakdown of the six techniques most requested in her salon.

Extensions 101: Advice for First-Timers

Indian Human Hair Extensions Pre-Bonded U Tip Hair ExtensionsIf you’re a first-time extension wearer, Hailes recommends you spend money on high-quality, virgin human hair. “It could also be expensive, but it’s worth it because it lasts longer and typically doesn’t tangle or mat,she says. But make sure on the length you want before you purchase; the longer the hair extension, the costlier.

As for caring for extensions, Hailes explains that you just don’t need to clean them daily. Instead, lather up only when that you must. “The more you wash the extensions with everyday shampoos, the faster they will dry out,she says. Hailes recommends using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for hair extensions, equivalent to KeraCare Gentle Cleansing Shampoo. After you wash your hair, run a large-tooth comb through your tresses to forestall tangles. It is also best to let extensions to air dry whenever possible. The less heat and styling products you employ, the longer the shelf life of your extensions. To prevent matting, Hailes advises you avoid sleeping in wet extensions, and braid your hair or wear a bonnet at night.

Cost Key
$ = lower than $100
$$ = between $100-$200
$$$ = greater than $200

Note: this is for application only and doesn’t include purchase of actual hair extension; prices vary by salon.

Six Popular Application Techniques

Skin Weft

How it works: your natural hair is sandwiched between the extensions and sealed along with a flat iron
How long it lasts: about 4-6 weeks before it’ll should be removed and/or reapplied
The perks: easy to apply, lies flat, and feels natural to the touch
The drawbacks: not as flexible as other types of hair extensions
Best for: Thin, fine, or short hair
Average cost: $$ + hair extension

Micro-Link, I-Tip, or Cold Fusion

How it really works: a stylist applies the hair extensions strand by strand; the extensions are attached to your natural hair via micro-cylinders (they seem like tiny beads)
How long it lasts: about 8-10 weeks before it needs to be tightened to forestall breakage
The perks: easy to add highlighted extensions (without dying your real hair), very flexible, and doesn’t require heat, glue, or chemicals so it’s easier on natural hair
Best for: anyone
Average cost: $$$ + hair extension

Keratin, U-Tip, or Hot Fusion

How it really works: the stylist applies the hair extensions strand by strand, and uses a heating tool to melt your natural hair and the extension together
How long it lasts: up to six months, but needs to be removed in 8-10 weeks to prevent breakage, matting, or stress on your new hair
The perks: very flexible and blends easily with your natural hair
The drawbacks: the glue can damage natural hair if the extensions will not be properly removed
Best for: anyone
Average cost: $$$

Braided Sew-In or Hair Weave

How it works: the stylist weaves your natural hair into tiny braids against your scalp, after which sews the extensions into the braids with a needle and thread. A partial sew-in means only a few of your natural hair is woven into braids; some is left out. A full sew-in signifies that all of your natural hair is braided.
How long it lasts: about 8 weeks
The perks: in the event you do a full sew-in, your natural hair is protected from heat damage and daily maintenance; with a partial sew-in, you may still have to blow dry or flat iron the part of your hair that’s unnoticed of the braid, in order for it to blend with the hair extension
Best for: coarse or textured hair
Average cost: $$ + hair extension

Beaded or Braidless Sew-In

How it works: the stylist loops each strand of natural hair through microcylinder beads (that are lined with silicone designed to cushion the lock of hair) to be able to create a base against the scalp. The extensions are then sewn into the beads.
How long it lasts: about 4-6 weeks before it needs to be tightened
The perks: lays very flat, looks natural, allows for more flexibility in movement, and may be done in an hour
Best for: those with medium to long hair who want to add volume or length; or those whose natural hair doesn’t require relaxers, or excessive heat to straighten
Average cost: $$ + hair extension

Clip-In Extensions

How it really works: you clip in the hairpiece to add volume or length to your natural hair and take away whenever you want
How long it lasts: with proper care, human hair clip-in extensions can last up to a year
The perks: easy to install and take out, adds volume and length to flat, thin, or short hair, and human hair clip-ins will be colored and curled
Best for: first-timers and people who are unsure of the length or color they need
Average cost: $

Hailes’ Final Tip

Unless you’re using clip-in hair extensions, leave the installation and removal process to the professionals. Otherwise, you might damage your extension—or worse, your natural hair.

What Are The very best Curl Styling Tips?

Those born with naturally curly hair are found complaining about the horrible condition of their frizzy and uncontrollable hair. But by setting your hair with well defined curls, you can easily make those curls looks gorgeous and more manageable. In case your curly hair has a tendency of getting puffy and frizzy on humid days, then it must be relaxed with a curling iron. That hair that are highly difficult to be controlled and offers an embarrassing look always could be styled with a hair curler iron so that it could give the appeal of natural curls.

Indian Straight Virgin  PU Tape Human HairThe perfectly curled smooth and shiny locks might be easy styled to different hairstyles in response to different occasions. You might be fortunate enough to get your unattractive curly locks to be curled perfectly with a curling tool. Curly hairstyle is always a timeless style that’s popularized by celebrities. The magic of those devices are the one thing that’s behind those beautiful celebrity curls that you have been dreaming to perform.

Curling irons needs to be purchased only by considering certain important factors, the most important one being your individual hair type. All the hot styling tools like hair curlers should not always created equal. Different models come in several sizes to match with different hair types. You have to find out what type of hair you hair akin to thick, fine, frizzy, dry etc to select the most effective one to your hair.

If you are not able to identify it to match with your hair, then it is suggested to get the help of your hair stylist. An experienced hair stylist can assist you to decide on a device suited for your hair. You can also get the best haircut with the assistance of the stylist. A superb haircut is the primary stage after which you’ll be able to choose your favorite hairstyle. Curls may be tight, loose or wavy as per your wish, but remember to guard your hair with heat protecting products before getting your hair styled. You may change the curls regularly with different barrels so that you just need not have to stick to a specific hairstyle.
Author Box Blain Gowing has 1 articles online

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The Different Styles You are able to do Along with your Hair

Hair has definitely a big impact on how a person looks. Most judge a person by her hairstyle. You may have notice how actors change their hair as they portray different characters. Many choose a method to suit a certain role.

Clip In  Brazilian Straight Human Virgin Hair Extensions

A woman alone has many various characters. Each comes with a special hairdo. Working mothers have distinct neat hairstyles. Highschool girls have hairstyles which can be more diverse. Some wear their hair down, the more athletic girls tie their hair, and others love little curls.

Listed below are a number of the styles you possibly can adapt for the kind of hair you could have:

For long straight hairs:

This hair type is the most flexible to style. One can do almost anything with it. With the use of 1 inch curling iron, they’ll create a wavy effect on their hair. Waves give body to the hair. It also has a more feminine effect. Women on the go however would rather tie their hair on ponytails. It is straightforward to do and it cleans the hair off the face as they undergo their day’s work. If you’re going to attend a more formal gathering, one can wear buns and French twists.

For curly hairs:

Straight hairs should not the one hair type you may style. You may as well do so much along with your curly hair. You’ll be able to straighten it with thermal straighteners. It doesn’t even should be perfectly straight. You’ll be able to create small curls to provide it a neat style. Like the straight hair, you too can create waves on your hair or tie it up. You may as well braid it in numerous directions.

You are able to do things with your short hair too. Imitate a young girl’s hair by putting on hair clips or pins. You possibly can also have a sleek cut, a method that may fit the shape of your face.

With the availability of many hair products, there are too much that you can do along with your hair. The 1 inch curling iron alone can do so much on your hair. It can make tiny curls or wavy lengths. If in case you have short hair, you can have hair extensions. You may change its colors and play with its length. You’ll be able to have it layered or cut straight. If you don’t want to cut your hair, you can tie it up.

Hair can change how an individual looks. This is the reason actors change it every time they play an element. Long straight hair is the most flexible to style. You’ll be able to just do almost everything with it. You can straighten and magnificence your curly hair as you’d a straight hair though. You just should be very careful with it because it is more prone to wreck. You can too do many things with your short hair. It only needs creative touch and you are on. Hairstyling is less complicated nowadays because of the availability of hair devices and styling products. With the various things you can do together with your hair, you won’t ever get bored.

Hard Water Damages Hair

Hair fall is the primary problem for most of the women. After we shift places and go to a new place, hair fall is kind an inevitable. The change in climate, water, air, everything affects the hair. But, water is the most common reason for damaged hair texture and hair fall. The water we use also can have an impact and if it is difficult water there will likely be chemicals added that can cause havoc.

Best Virgin Indian Remy Loose Wave Human Hair Bundles 4Pcs/packHard water is nice to drink and to water gardens and yards as a result of high mineral content. But it is bad for hair. Any such water will make the cuticle lift off the hair shaft, making it feel rough and can end in tangled hair. The affects that the hard water makes is dryness of hair, tangling, dandruff, lack of shine, fading of color from dyed hair, etc. You can’t make the water soft to be able to try doing just a few tricks which may aid you.

– Always use mineral water or boiled water only. That is the most typical solution to soften the water.
– You all have been heard about shower filters they assist filter out certain chemicals right from the tap or the showers so you might use them.
Try to use deep conditioning treatments regularly so that go for egg and yogurt treatments once in every week and likewise do hot oil treatment regularly.
Ensure that you don’t use any styling tools and products because they’ll create a lot of residue. If you happen to do, don’t forget to make use of a clarifying shampoo or add a tea spoon if vinegar once a month to your shampoo and wash your hair.
Avoid chemical treatments like rebounding and coloring till you’re sure your hair has accommodated to the change.

Painting Black And Brown Hair

Malaysian Loose Wave Human Virgin Hair 3 Bundle Deals Unprocessed Best Malaysian Hair ExtensionsLike to like to share what I’ve discovered on my painting journey. My painting style can best be described as naturalistic realism. Lots of my paintings include people in a pensive or thought provoking pose. A part of the feeling of reality is due to the way I exploit my watercolor. I am capable of create paintings where the viewer of the painting can become lost contained in the world throughout the frame.

I am often asked how one can paint specific things. One of the most asked questions pertains to painting hair. In this text I’ll share with you ways I paint black or brown hair in watercolor.

I believe that the key to creating paintings that give an impression of ‘reality’ and ‘presence’ is underwashing. I will tell you the way I do it – using black hair as an example:

First of all take note of where the highlights are. With black hair the highlights are sometimes blue. With dark brown hair, the highlights could be straw-coloured or yellow/orange.

Now establish and tone these highlight areas with the highlight color you see within the hair of your model or in your reference photograph. Remember to maintain these highlights light and ensure you do not over-paint them. They may give the impression of shiny healthy hair. (You can fine-tune the highlight color at the tip of the painting if you should.)

Remember to let your paper become bone dry before you start painting the next underwash.

Now you need to determine a richness of color that may lay beneath your black hues. This is completed by creating a glow. There are numerous reasons for this – too many to jot down here. You will have to trust me on this one: everywhere you see dark blacks or browns, it is advisable to paint in a transparent yellow underlayer. Depending on the depth of the darkness – sometimes I paint three washes of transparent yellow to build up a good depth of color. Now you are ready to paint your black/dark brown hair.

Depending on the color temperature and source of the light, black hair can often be a mix of Thalo blue, Thalo green, Alizarin crimson and a tiny touch of Indian Yellow. Vary these mixes and do brush-out practices so you may see the huge array of hues you can achieve with them.

Brown hair may be a mix of Indian Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Translucent Orange and Thalo Blue. Now use the appropriate mix where you see it in your model.

A tip: I only use Schmincke hues as they are transparent and finely ground which makes them ideal for building fine washes of color that give a 3 dimensional reality to a painting. Transparency is important because it helps you avoid mud. Mixing ‘mud’ is always a trap for young players! Happy painting!

Home Remedies For Thinning Hair In Women

It’s normal to seek out a few strands of hair in your brush, sink or shower drain. Losing clumps of hair, however, may indicate that something in your body is amiss. Elderly women aren’t the one ones who struggle with thinning hair; stress, hormones and even your diet play a part in hair loss. Topical hair-growth medications may help, but these aren’t ideal for each woman. Natural remedies, reminiscent of scalp massage and relaxation techniques, offer a gentler approach to potentially boost hair growth.

Step 1
Eat foods rich in iron, folic acid and B vitamins. Vitamin B-7, also referred to as biotin, may contribute to healthy hair and nail growth. Hair-friendly foods include eggs, carrots, beans, rice, nuts, spinach and other leafy green vegetables. Consult your doctor to find out whether you will have a vitamin deficiency, and take supplements in case your doctor recommends them.

Step 2
Practice relaxation techniques if you’re feeling stressed, because stress can shock the hair follicles and cause them to stop producing. When you feel anxious, close your eyes and inhale slowly through your nose. Hold your breath for a second, then let the air out through your mouth. Imagine yourself in a peaceful place, similar to a forest or the beach, or play soft music as you relax.

Step 3
Brush your hair gently to avoid breaking strands. Cut back on the use of blow dryers, curling irons and other heated styling tools, which may weaken hair and make it vulnerable to breakage.

Step 4
Practice scalp massage, which can stimulate hair growth. Pour 2 to 4 tablespoons of sesame oil right into a small cup. Dip your fingers into the oil, then massage the bony ridge above your neck with firm, circular motions. Repeat these motions as you massage your entire scalp. Rinse your hair off in the shower, then shampoo as usual.

Step 5
Create a scalp-enhancing paste by combining 1/2 teaspoon fenugreek powder with 3/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk in a small bowl. Massage the mixture into your scalp, then cover your head with a shower cap and let it set for half-hour. Shampoo as usual. Repeat twice per week for two months.

Step 6
Drink tea that contains nettle, horsetail, licorice, rosemary, burdock root or saw palmetto, that are herbs that might help promote and sustain hair growth. For instance, horsetail contains selenium and silica, which may boost scalp circulation. Burdock root dissolves fatty deposits thought to obstruct hair growth.

Brazilian Straight Human Virgin Hair Stick Tip

Step 7
Apply aloe vera gel to your scalp to stimulate hair follicles and promote a fuller head of hair. Apply a quarter-sized amount throughout your scalp, leave it on until your scalp starts to tingle, then rinse it out in the shower.

Sesame oil

Small cup

Fenugreek powder

Unsweetened coconut milk

Nettle, horsetail, licorice, rosemary, burdock root or saw palmetto tea

Aloe vera gel

It’s common to experience thinning hair after having a baby because of fixing hormone levels. Hair growth should return to normal about three to six months after giving birth. Search for fenugreek powder within the spice section of a grocery store. Check Indian markets in case your grocery store would not carry it.
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I was A Sweet Child Of The Fifties

4Pcs/pack Virgin Deep Wave Brazilian Hair Real Brazilian Human Hair BundlesI used to be
I was A Sweet Child of the Fifties
Updated on March 24, 2017 Kathi moreContact Author That’s me far left, brother Tim in back, brother Matt far right, sister Julie in front I came across this photo recently and it took me back to a different time and place. The photo was snapped throughout the 1950’s decade which most individuals associate with post war baby boomers and sprawling suburbs in America. But if I had to decide on one word to describe the 50’s, it would have to be “innocence”! For example, I didn’t have a top on on this photo because it was no big deal back then. It’s a perfect example of the innocence many of us grew up with! Parents protected their children from the truths related to the grown up world, anyway mine did, and I’ve lots of friends and associates who will tell you an identical.

After i first checked out this picture it gave me so much joy, after which I asked myself, who were these beautiful children? Who was I? Floods of memories came pouring in. Nostalgia also set in and it compelled me to look deeper back on the lighter side of the culture and activities that occupied our lives throughout the decade! I quickly discovered how easy that was. The internet has oodles of fifty’s information and private accounts from those who lived it! It helped me rediscover who we were then and how it led us to who we’re today! In case you grew up in the 50’s, I hope the list I compiled of games, TV shows, children’s books, fashion, styles and family culture of the time, reconnects you to the positive side of the era. In case you didn’t grow up back then, have a look anyway and open up your perspective. It was a cheerful time stuffed with hopefulness for the future. Benefit from the ride!

I have included some photos below to assist spark old memories and show the times. Most of them came from my husband’s photo album, Joseph Mirto, who grew up within the Detroit suburbs. Many of my family’s old photos were destroyed by water damage!

Acrobats (Cousin Karlene)Boyscouts (Husband Joe)Baseball (Husband Joe) A-Z List of 1950’s Culture

Airplane Kits

American Bandstand

Alfred Hitchcock

Avengers Comics

American Pie

Army Men Toys

Apple Butter


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sendingJill 24 months ago

Have been talking with friends…. Do you recall an out of doors toy called the Hump a Jump….. Kind of like a stand up teeter totter? I remember it from the mid to late 60’s into early 70’s

Hey Audrey, Oh sweetie, you are such a dear. I miss those days too! Thanks again for stopping by! Happy Mother’s Day, I hope it is and that you understand your son is taking care of you in heaven!

Hi Tim, Thanks for letting me find out about my little “boo-boo”! That slang probably came out of the fifties too, maybe, lol. Anyway, I like your additions, especially portable record player and the gum that came with baseball cards, forgot all about that and remember what a treat it always was. Glad you stopped by, Hugs, Kathi

timorous 4 years ago from Me to You

Heheh..I remember many of these (born in ’53). It was indeed a simpler time. Kids could just be kids, and we respected each other. Ok, we had the odd fight, but ‘bullying’ was no big deal. Neither were cuts and scrapes. We also made our own endless fun, without the necessity for any ‘gadgets’. Not that I am complaining. It is just that it takes away the youngsters ability (or need) to invent or pretend.

I could add a few things to your list:

Leaving your doors wide open and unlocked most of the time.

Marvel caps (gunpowder dots for your ‘toy’ gun)

Viewmaster 3D slide viewer

Elvis Presley

Portable record player

Those baseball cards came with a stick of stale gum within the package

P.S. A bit of error in your list. You meant to say ..coming in from playing when the streetlights came on.

Thanks. I enjoyed the article.

Audrey Hunt 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Kathi – Just had to come back and read this again. How I loved the 50’s. I miss the innocence of those times. I love your lists and got teary eyed with your photos. Voted up and sharing.

So true Barbara, well said! Thanks for the visit, Blessings, Kathi

Barbara Badder 4 years ago from USA

I used to be a child within the 50’s too. Life was far more innocent. Too bad our grandchildren must be so careful. Persons are the same. Life is just different.

I adore it when my 50’s friends comment on this “remember when” hub. I so agree with what you said about persons are still the same and about clutter and all! Thanks for the visit!

molometer 4 years ago

Loved this hub.

After i have a look at these pictures it seems like a foreign land, filled with interesting people.

So much has changed and yet scratch the surface and not much has changed at all really.

People are the same, they simply may have more ‘stuff’.

That’s what I remember. Less clutter and less ‘stuff’

All the votes for this excellent hub.

Thank you for stopping by xstatic, those of us who grew up then were given a special gift of innocence in many ways, indeed.

Jim Higgins 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

What a wonderful list and great photos too! This takes us all back. I turned 10 in 1950. so really grew up in that decade.

Thank you for the nice compliment Cam, I am glad you enjoyed my fifties recollection. It was a more innocent time for sure. I am going to have to check out your birthday hub, sounds like it would be interesting and something that I might enjoy. See you there, Kathi :O)

Chris Mills 4 years ago from Maple City, Michigan

Fossillady, Kathi, if I may, I actually enjoyed this hub. In January of this year, I wrote a hub about a few of the things that happened one the day and within the year I used to be born, January 12, 1957. I like your photos and how you used the alphabet. Delightful hub. Thanks.

Indeed the 50’s was like a forgotten time i feel sometimes.Thanks for commenting my friend and especially for sending angles my way! I like that and right back attcha! Kathi :O)

Patricia Scott 4 years ago from sunny Florida

thanks for allowing us to peek into your childhood. I grew up then too and it was so a time of innocence. We were so blessed to have lived then I think.

Your pictures are a fantastic record of that point.

Sending Angels to you today 🙂 ps

You’re so right about the 50’s being a more innocent time when people lived the American dream and values. Greed and technology has spoiled some of that, but then there are always negative things about any generation. Thanks so much for stopping by my friend…good to hear from you!

damian0000 4 years ago from Belfast

Fossillady…. what a beautiful child you were and what a fantastic montage of pictures you create here!

I am not sure what job you do but i think it is best to really have been a teacher, you always make the subjects you’re talking about so interesting and you spark peoples’ curiosity.

For sure the 50s seem like a much more innocent time… Great hub!

AuthorKathi 4 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

Sit up for visiting there when your finished. Me and the other hubbers had fun with this one! It’s always good to look back at times like you did with Fosta’s childhood! It can be so healing. Cheers, Kathi :O)

Barbara Radisavljevic 4 years ago from Templeton, CA

This brings back many memories for me, too, since I also grew up in the 1950’s. This so fits in with the new hub I started this morning I will have to link to it, because it proves my point.

kipronor 5 years ago from Nairobi

What more amazing than to be ables to appreciate the past as you look towards the longer term…Childhood is a sweet thing and you can never bring it back if you happen to cant look back and thank GOD. Great Hub

AuthorKathi 5 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

Oh Vicki, your response to my fifties article is near and dear to me! Thanks so very much for adding more nostalgic symbolism to our treasured era and your beautiful tribute to our parents before us! I have never been on hubpages lately as time hasn’t allowed and i miss it an incredible deal. Hopefully, I can return frequently some day soon! I am so glad I stopped by to check out your comment! Take care dear friend!

Vicki Dial 6 years ago

Really stirred up some memories, Kath……once I got rolling…..WOW!

Alka-seltzer(Grandmother’s), anklets, Aqua-net hairspray

A WA(lnut)33234.

Thanks, Kathi, for the chance to lose myself in quite possibly essentially the most idyllic times of my life and bask within the memories of days gone by, as was so often repeated by others: a time of truly simple and uncomplicated innocence.

The post-WWII years were definitely an era of renewal and prosperity for the country, as our grandparents’ generation possessed a genuine thankfulness to be leaving the ‘war to finish all wars’ behind them, and our parents’ generation, with the assurances and lessons of their forefathers as a foundation, looked forward to building a bright future, filled with optimism and hope for their very own children; their faith and confidence within the strength and security of our country evidenced in no small way, by the surge in population referred to as the ‘baby boomer’ generation. It was a glorious time to grow up; we owe our parents’ and our grandparents’ a debt that can never be repaid for such a gift.

Hi mckbird…Is not good for the soul to reminisce the nice memories infrequently? The 50’s was such a singular era! Thanks for stopping by my friend! Cheers

mckbirdbks 6 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Hello Fossillady. This is a great Hub. Brings me right back to my youth. I’ve been writing a series set in this place in our history. Thank you, this is a treasure.

Hi Neil, ha ha, very funny comment and you are so right in regards to the hippies too! Thank you a lot for stopping by

Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

Great Hub — as for the topless picture – you would do this in my back yard now 🙂

Simple world would be one without judgements. I’m for that.

the hippies were far more correct than people today may realize.

It’s always nice to return and visit what I consider the great old days even though on the time we didn’t understand it. Who knows, maybe the present decade will fit the bill sooner or later! I do like the simpler life and try to maintain it that way regardless that it is not always easy! Good to see you Amy

amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

I did not grow up in the fifties but I’m fascinated at how much the world has changed. I love the images. They make me wish we lived in a simpler world. Voted up. 🙂

Susan has always been a lovely lass, inside and outside. It’s a small world after all! 🙂

Hi K. Thanks on your great comment! I’m glad it brought back memories. I feel I must have watched every episode of Happy Days…lol, Take Care

Kristen Burns-Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California

As a toddler of parents married in the fifties, my family’s resident historian, and a baby who grew up watching “Happy Days” every tuesday night….I salute you! This is a good hub, filled with nostaliga, and much of 50’s pop culture information! Great job! I look forward to reading more hubs by you!

Hi James, good to see you, I totally agree about the 50’s being the peak decade of American Life! Hey, guess what…we’ve got a mutual friend, Susan Mattson. She is married to my brother Matt Zerbel! I happened to see your photo on her FB wall and asked her how she knew you. So you two went to school together. It is a small world indeed! I hope life is treating you well, take care, Kathi

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

I very much enjoyed this journey down memory lane with you. The family pictures are neat. I believe the Fifties were the peak of American life. No, not for everybody and it wasn’t perfect. But compared to all other decades, I believe it was the perfect. Thanks.

Isn’t it the truth Nell, looks as if another lifetime! I’d return in a brand new York minute! Take care, Kathi

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, Kathi this was fantastic! I wasn’t born until 59′ but there are such a lot of things that overlapped into the sixties, one potato two potato! I remember it well, and i loved the photos, those were the times!

Thanks kindly Mysterious One, I am so glad you enjoyed it!!!!!

MysteriousOne 6 years ago

Wow,that was an awesome walk down memory lane! What a lovely hub, filled with such wonderful memories.My first visit, but won’t be the last! Thanks a lot for that delightful write!Voted up and awesome!



Hi Erin, How’s considered one of my favorite hippy girlfriends lately? I’m glad this reminded you of your family in Baltimore and it’s cool how they tried to instill the values and customs from this sweet era! Take Care Sweetie

Erin LeFey 6 years ago from Maryland

What a beautiful hub! That would have been my family in Baltimore too I am sure! Thanks so much for sharing your loved ones photos and all of the wonderful words. I remember all those still getting used when I was growing up after all throughout the 70’s as a small child because our parents were trying to recreate for us their own experiences. Voted up and pressed all your buttons!!

Good to see you here Micky, I had a bike when I used to be a kid that had to be shared with my siblings. It was handed down from my aunt Kay. I named it “Babe”. You need to always name your bikes do not you think? lol

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Beautiful Fossillady! Thank you dear.

It certainly is fun Fay, I hadn’t done that in a long time! Such a very long time ago! Thanks for stopping by!

Fay Paxton 6 years ago

What a marvelous stroll down memory lane. I’m more familiar with the sixties, but most of this was still around. I tried this sort of reminiscing in a hub I called “Remember When”. It’s fun to look back.

voted up and awesome

Hey Ruby, Oh yeah, it was a good suggestion, alright! Another fun story from a dear hubfriend!

Thank you TK, my 60’s friend, I remember the 60’s greater than the 50’s. Had to dig deep for the childhood memories. It is a shame concerning the photos, my parents are especially sick about it. Luckily, I had confiscated a few things and that turned out to be a blessing. Take Care

toknowinfo 6 years ago

Thanks for an amazing hub. I grew up within the 60’s but you continue to brought me back. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Sorry yours got damaged by water. Too bad there was no internet back then to scan in the pictures. Wonderful hub and wonderful knowing you through hubpages. P.S. you were a very cute little girl.

Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

I feel it can be a good idea to visit my NEW hub Las Vegas, Hee


Hi Sweetest Pras, These are precious memories, I hope you have photos of your childhood! If you don’t, make up for it with photos of your individual children! They are treasures!

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

Thanks for share your childhood story. I really enjoy all the images above. Wow… you still keep the pictures as good memories. We had never forgotten those memories, right! Rated up up up. Have a nice weekend…

Love and peace,

My pleasure Del, it’s good for the soul to take a visit back in time infrequently, but to recollect the good stuff! Thanks for the nice comment!

Hi Katie, I am so glad I published this hub cause it has been fun for others to return along on the trip! Also, it has been therapeutic to recollect the better of those times…I’ve done enough analyzing the negative! Stay cool!

katiem2 6 years ago from I am outta here

What a phenomenal story and the photos are just amazing, brilliant and so well done, it seems photography is a time honored gift in your loved ones. This is so sweet, I am keen on the story of you as a child within the fifties, what a cool time. I loved the alphabet trivia, very neat! Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂 Katie 🙂

Del Banks 6 years ago from Southern Appalachians

Wow! That was a trip down memory lane! I grew up in the late fifties (1957), but I feel it was with the identical kids,cars and houses, only on the west coast :)! The alphabetizing was great. Thanks for flogging my memory like that!


AuthorKathi 6 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

Hi Nancy, Wow, good to listen to from you! You have given me some wonderful memories yourself, Lions -)

Debby Bruck 6 years ago

Hi Kathi ~ I voted up and said it was AWESOME. This memory hub really took me back, very much reminiscing of all of the items listed. But, even more, as you said in the hub, it feels like a unique planet, a special time zone, like I dropped into “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” of yester-year. The photos could have come from the family album of all those that lived in the course of the 50’s. The cowboy pictures, boy-scouts, neighborhood swings and playgrounds. Holiday line-ups of relations; and the edges on the black )

Robert Elias Ballard 6 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina

Fossilady, Thank you for this hub. It brings back so many memories and you guys look a lot just like the mill village brats of Tuxedo. What a fantastic time to grow up.

Simple Skin Care That may Make You Love Your Skin

If improving your appearance is what you’re in search of, there is no better place to begin than with your skin. It is advisable to have a very good foundation to work with, and wonderful skin is just that. In this text, you will find some tips that will get your skin in great condition and give it a healthy glow.

You should wash your face at least, twice a day. It is best to, especially, make certain you take the time to wash your face thoroughly every morning. Overnight, your skin can get quite oily and dirty. Washing your skin within the morning will help to prevent all of that oil and dirt from clogging your pores.

With regards to keeping the skin in your face healthy, it is often a good suggestion to think about what you might be putting in your hair. Some leave-in conditioners and hair products can actually clog pores around your hairline. The hairline is already a very oily area, so take care when applying products on or around it.

To prevent dry skin from occurring, you can apply almond oil to it. Almond oil could be applied to your entire body, face included. After it’s applied, do not rinse it off. Do, however, remember of any allergies you might have. Apply the almond oil to a small area and check for an allergic reaction before applying it to your entire body.

3 Bundles Of Quality Virgin Straight Hair Weave 100% Real Human Hair BundlesEating a healthy diet is a vital thing that you are able to do to take care of your skin. For example, eating foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, resembling salmon and avocados, may also help decrease clogged pores, dry skin, and inflammation, and improve skin’s youthfulness and elasticity.

To improve the feel of your skin, use a toner that can help to level out your facial texture. Contact solution is a great product that you may have around the house, to make use of on your face, because it helps to soothe and calm your skin. This may be very helpful throughout the winter, when the air is extremely dry.

Exfoliating your face is a vital, often missed step, in skin care. Exfoliating scrubs work by removing the dead, top layer of skin, which make your complexion dull. Exfoliate your skin through the use of a gentle scrub that has tiny grains, big grains will hurt your skin. Exfoliating your skin once a week will keep your skin glowing.

To guard the sensitive, delicate skin around the eye area, spend money on a great pair of sunglasses. The perfect pair should wrap entirely around your temples, which protects the whole area from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Lenses must be uniformly tinted and also needs to block ultraviolet light.

To take care of your, skin it is crucial to guard it whenever in bright sunlight. By utilizing sunscreen when outside in bright sun, you need to ensure that your skin is protected from UV rays. The increased protection will prevent problems, such as sunburn, to much more serious problems, equivalent to skin cancer.

Skin care comes with many alternative tools. One of many more handy ones is a regular washcloth. Washing with a washcloth daily offers gentle exfoliation to the skin, and once you start using them regularly, you’ll notice a giant difference in the condition of your skin. Clean the washcloths regularly, and hang them to dry between uses.

People with rosacea struggle with the problem of how to depart for work within the morning and not using a bright red face. The heat of the shower, the heat of the hair dryer, the rushing around, the cold wind in your cheeks on the bus stop – all these things can trigger flushing. Listed below are some things you are able to do. End your shower with a cold blast of water (excruciating, but it really works). Let your hair air-dry or shower the night before. Wear a scarf to cover everything but your eyes if it is cold out. By identifying and minimizing your triggers, you might help keep your rosacea under control.

Good skin is the start of any great look! That is why it’s so important to take proper care of your skin and get it to the perfect appearance that it can be. With this article, you may be able to enhance your skin’s appearance, and keep it looking great for years to come.

Hairstyles 2017 – Trendy Haircuts And Hair Colors

New beach waves hairstyle continue to be popular in 2012, after being coming to the forefront of the hair styling scenario a few seasons ago. The Hippie inspired Beach waves hairstyles .adslot_1 width: 320px; height: 100px; @media (min-width:1152px) .adslot_1 width: 728px; height: 90px;
offer you just that combination of hippie look and urban suaveness that you just so aspire for, as a way to bring out the urban hippie inside you.

Malaysian Loose Wave Human Virgin Hair 3 Bundle Deals Unprocessed Best Malaysian Hair ExtensionsYes, as times pass by, the new beach waves hairstyle are gaining in popularity with every passing day; many celebrities already seen trying it and additionally it is expected to realize much more popularity in 2012.

The best manifestation of celebrities sporting the brand new beach waves hairstyle is that of everyone’s favorite Jennifer Lopez, who appeared on the red carpet of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards with her flamboyant mass of Beach wave hairstyle. Other celebrities too have been sported with the Beachwaves, most notable among them is the style diva Beyonce who rocked with the trends of the new beach waves hairstyle, sporting them on the 2011 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Another celebrity name complying the casual yet voluminously glamorous new beach waves hairstyle trends is that of another favorite style icon of our time, the one with perhaps essentially the most beautiful hair in Hollywood in the name of Denise Richards.

The excellent news that you’ve got been longing to listen to in fact is that now even you’ll be able to have the lustrous new beach waves hairstyleto suit your fascination without causing the damage of salt and sun to the hair. You can also in fact use the saltwater recipe for the new beach waves hairstyle, which may in actual fact be prepared even directly at your house, but you may be glad to listen to that there are other available options other than applying salt to your hairs to get the beach waves look. However, first the house made salt recipe for the new beach waves hairstyle.

New Beach Waves Hairstyle

For home styling of your hair into the beach wave style, you’ll have to first prepare a hair broth by adding approximately 7 tablespoons of salt to a cup of water. You may definitely use table salt for the purpose, but it is way more natural, if you should utilize some sea salt for the aim. The trick to get the brand new beach waves hairstyle on your hair is to use this salt mixture in such a way that your hair is left damp but not soaking wet. After you have completely dampened the complete volume of your hair, you will have to divide your hair into three to four sections and leave it to dry.

If in a hurry you can not afford natural drying, you need to use a blow dryer to dry your hair in the lowest heat. It is essential to remember not to use too much heat for the aim of getting the new beach waves hairstyle, because the salt will already dry your hair once and an excessive amount of of drying can cause much more damage to the hair. Once your hair has dried, all you have to do is to undo the braids and comb through the hair together with your fingers to get your beach wave hippie style ready. However, do remember to clean and condition your hair as soon as possible to eliminate the effect of the damaging saltwater.

Other than this natural technique of getting new beach waves hairstyle, to your great relief, there are numerous cosmetic products available for the purpose too. The use of those cosmetic new beach waves hairstyle products together with some expert touch with special combs and brushes under the supervision of your favorite hair stylist can create great Beach waves style without subjecting the hair to the damage of salt, sand and sun.

Remy Full Lace Wigs

Remy full lace wigs are becoming more common every day as women find them to be a necessary hair accessory. Not are full lace wigs only used by people who suffer from hair loss issues, but are being used an increasing number of by women that want to easily change their hairstyle. In just some seconds, you possibly can achieve a tremendous brand new look.

What exactly are Remy full lace wigs?

Full Lace Wigs With Neat Bangs Peruvian Human Virgin Hair

Remy wigs are made from cut, cuticle or virgin hair. Most significantly, they are made from 100% real human hair using just one person’s head. You can treat it just like your own natural hair, by brushing, straightening or parting it. It is going to react to weather conditions as well, similar to rain, causing it to curl up.

Another benefit of owning Remy full lace wigs is they last forever providing you’re taking proper care of them. The little extra they may cost as in comparison with fake or synthetic hair is definitely worth the investment for the long run. To help take appropriate care of your investment, it is best to use a cap to wear between your wig and your real hair. When not in use, it is best to store it on a stand to ensure it maintains its shape. You can shampoo and condition your Remy just as you would your natural hair. However, it’s best to make use of a wig shampoo and conditioner. Style it using products you’ll generally use on your own hair, equivalent to rollers, hair pins, spray, etc. to create different looks.

They do come in numerous forms akin to human hair lace, synthetic lace, traditional lace and of course Remy. Here is the difference between the traditional one and the Remy.

Commonly, traditional wigs are made with synthetic strands of hair which tend to look fake and unnatural in your head. People will probably realize you’re wearing a wig. Remy wigs are hand-made from real human hair, giving a more natural appearance and are very comfortable to wear. Remy full lace wigs can be found in many different colors so you possibly can choose the best color in keeping with your skin tone. Although synthetic wigs afford a collection of color as well, you are not in a position to re-style them. Not only are you able to style Remy however you choose, you’ll be able to color them as well. With Remy wigs you’re going to get endless designs, styles and colors.

How you can Eliminate A Turkey Neck Without Surgery

Peruvian Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Your neck is supported by muscles and, like another muscle in your body, they will weaken with age and lack of use. This implies the thin skin that lies over the top of the neck muscles isn’t adequately supported and is likely to sag, providing you with what is known as a turkey neck. As you age, your skin also loses elasticity, which is another common cause of loose skin on the neck. The good news is that regular exercises can subtly build the muscles in the neck and improve circulation to offer a firmer appearance.

Step 1
Strengthen your neck muscles. Lie on your back and raise your head and neck very slightly off the floor, says the Anti Aging Skin Care Guide website. Gently turn your head to the best then to the left then relax your head all the way down to the floor. Repeat this exercise as many times as you possibly can, but be sure you don’t jerk your neck at any point during this exercise–the movements ought to be small and controlled. You need to feel the muscles on the front and sides of your neck working, but stop immediately if you’re feeling any pain. By building your neck muscles, you will tighten the skin over the top of them and diminish the looks of folds and wrinkles.

Step 2
Stretch and tone your neck muscles. Position your hand across your collar bones at the bottom of your neck, palm facing down, says Carolyn’s Facial Fitness website. Apply gentle pressure along with your hand as you gently tilt your head back to stretch your neck. Don’t throw your head all the way in which back–you have to be looking at a degree on the ceiling that’s slightly in front of you, not directly above. Reach your bottom lip up towards the ceiling, and slightly over your top lip. Hold for a couple of seconds then return your lower lip to its normal position and repeat the movement 10 times. Try to not swallow while your lower lip is extended and swap hands in your collar bones halfway through your repetitions.

Step 3
Chew more often. Sit up straight and, with your lips closed, tilt your chin up towards the ceiling, says the Face Lift Advice website. Keeping your mouth shut, bring your teeth together and apart as for those who were slowly chewing a stick of gum. Should you place a hand lightly on your neck, you will feel the muscles working. Do 20 chews, making sure to maintain your lips together throughout the exercise.


Moisturize your face and neck to minimize wrinkles.

Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program, especially if it might affect your neck and spine.
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Can Exercise Tighten Sagging Neck Muscles and Skin? Can you Prevent Sagging Neck Skin or Wattle? Exercises to improve the Platysma Muscle Can you Do Neck Exercises to stop Wrinkles?
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Stunning Hairstyles Using Avanti Ultra Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 Inch)

Coming with 1″ inch width ceramic and tourmaline plates, The Avanti Ultra Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1″ inch), provides more flexibility for creating shiny curls, waves or straight hair style. Within the hairstyling process, its ceramic and tourmaline components distribute the heat evenly and produce great amounts of negative ions. These negative ions are responsible for a smoother straightening motion and for sealing within the natural oils and moisture from root to tip.

Hair 4 Bundles Three Tone Ombre Straight Human Virgin Hair Weaving

The ceramic plates also produce infrared heat that powerfully penetrates the hair to its very core without damaging it by locking in its natural moisture. You’ll observe that your hair comes out shiny and silky at every time with this flat iron. With its scratch resistant, extra-smooth heating plates, it prevents the snagging and pulling to hair while straightening. With this excellent styling tool, hair damage brought by flat irons previously is not an issue today.

The Avanti Ultra Ceramic Tourmaline device is all about easy and hassle-free styling. To get the correct quantity of heat for your type of hair, it has multiple heat settings which you could choose from. The 360 swivel cord gives you total freedom of mobility and offer convenience throughout every styling process. The ergonomically designed handle with textured surface helps you to hold the device firmly. The convenient design in handling also allows you total control over the styles that you just need to create. The device comes with one year limited warranty so you possibly can feel more secured about your purchase.

This product’s advanced features make it a safe styling tool. You can use it without the worries and hassles that you just normally get from ordinary devices. It is great in working chemically treated hair that uses conditioners and hair color. It’s safe to use even when you applied chemical treatments to your hair. If your hair is color treated, it protects and seals within the color of your hair.

A sensible Online Search Will Help You discover Beauty Bargains

Consider using a purple eye shadow, rather than black or brown. Black and brown could be boring. Purple can really make your eyes pop. Purple eyeshadow shouldn’t be as bold as you might think. From a distance, it’ll appear to be a black or a brown. Even so, it should give your eyes somewhat extra something.

Unprocessed Filipino Curly Human Hair Weave Bundles Best Culry Hair Products 3 Pcs/PackRemove the arch out of your eyebrows you probably have an issue with dark circles under your eyes. The arch in your eyebrows can create a circular look around your eyes. This will exaggerate any dark circles you might already have. To remedy this, just tweeze your eyebrows in order that they are straighter.

After waxing any a part of your skin, it is vital that you do not take a hot bath or shower right away. This could cause irritation because waxing leaves your pores wide open. Try waiting at the very least an hour before being exposed to any type of hot water at all.

Pat moisturizer into your skin instead of rubbing it. Most individuals rub their moisturizer into their skin. This will actually disperse the moisturizer to different parts of your skin or even remove most of it entirely. Try patting it over your skin instead. Your skin will absorb it more evenly.

Your skin is consistently changing from each day based upon your age, hormone levels, climate, and even our daily activities. As a result, it’s best to bear in mind that your skincare and wonder regimen must be flexible enough to change in order to adapt to the needs of your skin.

Use a gel or creme blush instead of powder. One of these blush gives your skin a glowing and healthy look. Gel and creme blushes are more transparent and blend more evenly than regular powder blush. It’s best to rub this blush in your cheeks and blend upwards for a flawless finish.

If in case you have overly round eyes, you may elongate them by adjusting your eyeliner application. The outer two-thirds of your lower and upper lash lines should be lined with a dark brown liner. The 2 lines should meet on the outer corner of each eye. Finally, apply two coats of mascara to your outer upper lashes.

If you want the added beauty of curled lashes, and do not wish to hassle with getting them to set, do that: before you utilize the curler, apply a thin coat of mascara to your lashes. Then while your lashes are still wet, use the curler. Doing this may let you curl your eyelashes faster and easier.

If you’re diligent in your daily hygiene routine by brushing your teeth and using mouthwash, yet you continue to have an issue with bad breath, you should remember to floss, as well. Flossing dislodges bacteria which might be between your teeth, which may very well be causing the odor problem. It is recommended you floss daily.

To offer your hair more volume, consider trying a new haircut with layers. Layers are one in every of the best ways to add volume to fine limp hair. Even should you like to wear your hair long, you may still have your stylist cut long layers into the highest for a significant volume boost.

To boost your hair’s shine if you wash it in the sink or shower, give it a final rinse under really cold water, if you possibly can stand it. The cold water helps to seal the hair’s cuticle, making your tresses look smoother, shinier, and fewer frizzy than rinsing with hot water.

In case you have skin that tends to get shiny, you can do one in all two things throughout the day. If you want to be fancy, you should buy a packet of face-blotting sheets. These smell wonderful and are impregnated with scented transparent powder. Or you possibly can take a sheet of normal toilet paper and press, not rub, on the oily areas.

Discovering your personal beauty and working upon it to make it more evident is indeed possible. The information above should have created a very good foundation for you to construct upon, so that you will discover and accentuate your personal beauty.

7 Awesome Social Media Tools For Inbound Marketing

Social media platforms is perhaps one obvious example of an inbound marketing platform, so consider some of the nice applications that you can use to boost social media campaign. Some marketing experts might give you the idea that articles, videos, and graphics are the only tools available to inbound marketing campaigns. These have their place, but there are dozens of other online products that may be leveraged to get more attention on your website and business. A few of these tools can assist you attract more attention, and others can simply prevent money and time.

Run a Giveaway with

Raffle Copter advertises itself because the world’s easiest strategy to run a giveaway. You may even test it out with a free account, though a paid account allows you so as to add your own branding and make the most of more features. Prizes may very well be your own products, or you’ll be able to work with sponsors. Good giveaways attract a whole lot of attention and promote social sharing.

Use to Run Your Social Media Campaigns

4Pcs/pack Virgin Indian Curly Weave Hair Bundles Deals Human Hair Natural Color

Hoot Suite delivers a collection of tools to manage your social media marketing. You may set it up to schedule your posts, tweets, and news stories. The system also provides analytics and tracks mentions of your brand name, so you can constantly measure the performance of each individual campaign. When you realize which campaigns are only, it needs to be easy to concentrate on those same types of efforts in the future.

Ramp up Twitter Engagement with Social Bro

Twitter only allows users to post short messages, but this social media platform packs an enormous punch. Today, it is used by news outlets, world leaders, popular entertainers, and millions of business people. On the surface, this platform often looks like probably the most difficult one to use and measure though. provides a collection of tools to measure twitter campaigns, engage the correct followers, attract a larger audience, and even keep track of competitors.

Find Out Who’s Talking About You with Mention

The parents at developed a more user friendly and feature-filled alternative to Google Alerts. Find out who’s mentioning you online in real-time, so you’re ready to reply immediately. The sophisticated platform monitors millions of sources in 42 languages, filters out “noise,” and means that you can work with your team.

Get Your Employees into the Act with Addvocate

If you’re employed with a reasonably large company, your whole employees probably have a combined total of more social connections than your company does. This system provides a browser plugin that your employees can install.

Your marketing department can suggest significant stories that they would like to ask other employees to share about your organization. Your employees can even recommend content to your marketing team, increasing the group mind and adding much more pairs of eye balls to your efforts.

Find Free Pictures with Compfight

The fitting pictures could make or break your news stories. Buying pictures for each story can get expensive, and swiping them is bad business. You’ll find free FLICKR photos with the proper creative commons license for commercial use in case you have a lot of time or this great application.

Track HashTags with TagBoard

Hastags have been on Twitter and other social platforms forever, and they’ve just made an appearance on Facebook. This tool monitors these two giant platforms, but additionally Google+, Instagram, and Vine for mentions of hashtags or keywords.

You should use this application to trace mentions of your personal brand or your competitor’s brands. In case you run a curated blog, this can also be a fast way to search out news and articles about your chosen topics. When you just want to remain engaged in certain topics, you can even reply to the social mentions from within the TagBoard application.

You may as well use this to trace conversations that is perhaps relevant to your online business. Do you sell insurance in a certain city? Find the correct public conversations with this system, so you’ll be able to enter the scene along with your friendly and helpful advice.

PostPlanner Helps You Schedule Your Next Inspiration

PostPlanner provides a social media news story scheduling tool. This is helpful, but could be present in other applications. The great thing about this tool is that it also helps you discover relevant content that’s trending in your particular niche. You may even use it so as to add Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and blogs which are targeted to these topics. Use the curated content to bulk up these new pages too.

Are You Using Social Media The Old-fashioned Way?

If you are still trying to manage your entire platforms, develop content, engage your audience, and attract new fans manually, you’re probably working too hard for slim results. Consider using social media applications to extend the effectiveness of your inbound marketing efforts.

Where To Get Them And What It’s good to Know

Affordable Brazilian Women's Human Hair Lace Wigs For Sale

Thanks for this post! I’ve been SCOURING (an understatement to say the least) for a human hair kinky textured pattern that I won’t should work much at blending my 4c texture with. I need to make a u-part wig out of it in order that i can get my monies worth and so it will lasts me. I also need to be able to simply put the wig on whenever i need a quick but flawless hairstyle.

I’ve known about heat free hair for a number of months now but I also wanted to try Halley’s curls “natural. After going through the process of elimination (and halley’s curls website disappearing off the face of the planet) I decided to suck it up and pay the 590something for the three bundles that I wanted. I settled on the forkurls line and figured i would just flat twist my leave out to blend with the pattern. Well … I made that call 2 weeks ago and have been stalking their site since. Just for the forkurls to be out of stock all the time! On ig they said it’s going to be restocked Friday (yesterday) but its still not in. I want to put in the hair before I am going to NY in two weeks so I just could not wait any longer for them to get it together. I did more research and located private hair stock and was very pleased at the selection they had. Also their prices are slightly lower than heat free hair. After hours of watching youtube reviews, I went ahead and purchased their “Super Fro” texture. I can not wait to see the way it seems! I spent way lower than I’d’ve spent with heat free hair while getting the identical lengths that I’d’ve ordered.

But I do wish that I saw your post so that I could’ve looked up these other companies! I would prefer to have tried the clip ins. I used to do clip in weaves when my hair was relaxed and that i loved the convenience and versatitly. I still may find yourself trying it.

Human Hair Extension Resources

Extensions are sourced from numerous international locations on the earth. By far the most well-liked styles are Indian (Remy becoming the ideal excellent), Chinese (or Asian), Russian, and Latin American. Latin and Indian hair are in superior demand mainly because they tend to be more structurally comparable to Caucasian hair than Chinese hair, and value lower than Russian hair. Chinese hair strands are pretty thick and want to get subjected to an acid wash to supply them thinner so that they give the impression of being way more like Caucasian hair. Sadly the cuticles get removed inside the course of action making it vulnerable to tangling.

4pcs/Lot Virgin Peruvian Deep Wave Hair Weft Human Hair ExtensionsIndian hair originates from the Hindu temples in India wherein females give their tresses to temples to show regard and gratitude to their deities. The temples in turn auction the donated ponytails to wholesalers to fund their charities.

The hair is woven into hair wefts, or marketed on as ponytails also known as “bulk hair” utilized for fusion bonding, Brazilian knots, braids and so on. The wholesalers, several of whom are hair extension producers promote it on to distributors and stores and it inevitably ends up in salons while in the West exactly where demand from customers for it best.

Latin extensions, primarily Brazilian and Peruvian hair have risen in prominence a short while ago and therefore are considered by some for being significantly better prime quality than Indian hair. Wefts, ponytails, and wigs now assert to become created of actual Brazilian hair plus the sheer volume of products could make a person speculate wherever lots of the hair originates from.

Brazilian girls love very long hair. Plenty of so that they invented their very own means of attaching extensions – the Brazilian knot. So who among them may be advertising their hair whenever they all want for an extended period hair? The solution I’m scared is no one. Brazil isn’t going to have a really completely ready supply of people desperate to donate their hair like India does. What is referred to as Brazilian hair is generally just hair from South The united states which includes Peru.

Despite the fact that Indian and Latin hair are both equally structurally much like Caucasian hair, Latin hair contains a heavier density than Indian hair. Because of the fact South People in america are so ethnically varied, several of the curl patterns have coarse textures enabling them to mix properly with ethnic hair.

Transitioning Hair From Chemicals To Natural

Transitioning chemically treated hair to natural is considered one of the most important epiphanies one could make on their journey to change. Not only are you in for a ravishing head of strands which are thicker, more radiant, and a wonderful crown reflecting God’s gift to you, but you are in for probably the most magnificent personal journey of your life. At the tip of this journey, you are left feeling more satisfied, at peace, healthy, beautiful, and affirmed. For me, making that ultimate decision and affirming ‘I am not going to place any more relaxers, curls or trend chemicals in my hair, anymore!’ ‘and meaning it’ unveiled love and respect for myself, my hair, my spirit, my crown, and my body that were immeasurable.

We contemplate and play with the concept in the mirror once we take our braids out. We admiringly watch natural sisters and brothers. We imagine what we would appear to be with natural hair, we may even buy a wig to help make the vision real. Once you finally move from ‘maybe I will’ to I absolutely will’, it’s most important to be prepared for what lies ahead in your journey.

1 month

Average hair growth ~ ½ inch
Common hair issues in black hair care ~ breakage, thinning, shedding, dryness, styling dilemmas, scalp issues, scalp yeast.

Avoid ~ negative attitudes and perceptions towards nappy, kinky, & natural; damaging ingredients like alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureath sulfate, beeswax, petroleum, mineral oil, castile soap; excessive heat, small tooth combs, sponge rollers, bonding glue, permanent hair color, too tight braids and weaves.

Do ~ trust a professional for a consultation and assessment, comb from ends to root, hot oil treatments every two weeks, trim every six weeks, brush the edges with a toothbrush and pomade, oil based products, 3 days every week moisturize and strengthen.

Styling options ~ make the massive chop, braids, full head hair weaves, pressing, Sister Locks, Extension locks, flat twist, cornrows with or without extension.

Recommendations ~ Protein and moisture treatments using ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, nettle, rosemary, lemongrass, shea butter, and aloe vera. Apply Lemongrass Pomade to your edges at night with a toothbrush, brush away from your face, tie down, remove scarf in the morning.

3 – 6 months

Average hair growth ~ 1 ½ – 3 inches
Common hair issues in black hair care ~ dryness, breakage, hair loss (of relaxed texture), styling issues.

Avoid ~ negative stereotypes and perceptions about nappy, kinky, natural, braids, short hair, good hair, bad hair, etc; The temptation to get a touch up; permanent hair color; small tooth combs; products with alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, beeswax, petroleum, mineral oil, castile, gels, bonding glue; tight weaves and braids, anyone who tries to steer you from going natural.

Do ~ strengthen and moisturize daily, hot oil treatments coupled with moisturizing conditioners every 2 weeks.

Styling options ~ ‘the big chop’ with an expert shape and tiny comb coils, braids, human hair extensions (textured and or full head sew ins), lacing, straw sets, rod sets, press or flat iron, Sister Locks, twist with extension, Lock Extensions, head wraps.

Recommendations ~ continue to deep condition, strengthen and moisturize. Apply Lemongrass Pomade to your edges at night with a toothbrush, brush away from your face, tie down, remove scarf in the morning.

9 months +

Average hair growth ~ 4 ½ inches +.

Common hair issues in black hair care ~ the temptation to get a relaxer, styling issues, dryness.

What to avoid ~ the temptation to get a relaxer, heavy or tight extensions, natural relaxers without professional consultation, products with alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, beeswax, SLS, castile, tight braids and weaves, perpetrating natural hair stylist.

Do ~ enjoy your emancipation! Go ahead do your thing! Experiment with styles and your entire options, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and strengthen daily; trim, braid or twist at night, sleep on satin pillowcase, comb and style with your fingers.

Styling options ~ full head hair color; full natural styling, locks, sister locks, afro puffs, twist, twist out, afros, kinky hair extension styles, textured weaves; head wraps.

7A Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave Hair 3 Bundles Human Hair Weave

We recommend getting the right products to help you achieve your hair goals deep conditioners, no synthetic ingredients, love and care. Apply Lemongrass Pomade to your edges at night with a toothbrush, brush away out of your face, tie down, remove scarf in the morning.

In your journey to creating the shift from chemically treated to no chemicals or straighteners, remember to stay in touch along with your gut feelings, do always what is in the most effective interest of your hair and also you, move forward with courage and quite a lot of love, expect your environment and people around you to change as well, lovingly accept yourself and alter. The more rapid the expansion, the better!

Some Advice On Tape Hair Extensions

Best Virgin Indian Remy Loose Wave Human Hair Bundles 4Pcs/pack

I’d like to supply my experience I’ve had in the past decade of wearing hair extensions. Briefly I’d never use any methods that may cause damage to the natural hair.

Many salons now only focus on two safe extensions products. Only using the highest quality 100% Human Western hair, the methods used are tape hair extensions which last 90 days before being applied to the hair again. The other is the clip in hair extensions which you can simply clip in and out.

The tape hair extensions can also be generally known as your skin weft hair pieces which is a safe method. Whilst wearing, they stay safe and discreet, looking like your own natural hair. They can often be utilized once more after 90 days if you work with the European human hair. For those who need a fast fix that’s not long lasting use curly hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions don’t ruin your hair.

Celebrities have a benefit of a short style one minute and long the subsequent. This is because of either applying strawberry blonde hair extensions which may be discreet and don’t cause any damage and hence they always look very natural.

Tape hair extensions are available in different methods that it may very well be very hard to decide on a way that’s right for you. The main problem is that the hair quality is of Remy class European and the technique won’t cause any harm to your personal natural hair.

I advise to research different places and visit them to see what you are pleased with. With a new look if it’s with clip in head of hair extensions you’re sure to feel fantastic. With all the new tape hair available it’s pre taped prepared to use in under one hour.

A couple of years ago the glue in the pre bonded method was the general market head, but with the surge of fantastic new application methods including the tape hair extensions. I actually believe these are the ideal solution. I highly suggest paying a bit more to avoid wasting over time. I’ll only wear individual European Remy wild hair which is dual drawn. I also suggest requesting a sample part. Many tape hair suppliers will offer you this freed from cost.

If you wish to feel like a brand new women, try your new look today or tomorrow. I hope I’ve distributed some insight in to the safest methods available in my own personal opinion.

Many salons offer this service now. With the clip in hair they offer an application and elegance service which is excellent if you will a marriage or other special event. Hair expo can be a very good place to go to get knowledge and further information of alternative ways of application and also of different quality.

Market Hair Extensions is your one-stop solution for tape hair extensions,curly hair extensions, strawberry blonde hair extensions. Visit us now and gather more information concerning the services we have to offer.

Sorts of Hair Extension Methods

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Hair extensions have become one in every of the most well-liked hair styling options on the earth.

On the surface, hair extensions options seem quite simple. Natural hair could be extended in length or extended in volume. Sometimes hair is extended in length and thickness at the identical time.

The two major components involved in hair extensions is:

1. Type of hair used to increase natural hair – 100% human hair, synthetic or mixed.
2. Method of extension – Permanent (reusable extensions for an extended time frame), Semi-permanent (constant wear for 1-3 months), Temporary (clip-ins or tape method).

Types of Hair

Whether human, synthetic or mixed hair is used, it can be utilized in permanent, semi-permanent or clip-in extension systems.

Human Hair – 100% human hair comes from a variety of countries although the majority of human hair comes from India. Hair may also originate from China, The Orient, South America and Russia.
Synthetic – Non human hair is used in both permanent. MicroPoint and ProHair are well-known for distributing synthetic hair products.
Mixed Blends – Some systems include a mix of 100% human hair and synthetic.

Method of Extension

1. Professional Application – Hair extensions (all varieties of hair) are applied by a hairdresser or licensed professional. Depending on the professional, hair could also be part of a branded Hair Extension System (Great Lengths, SoCap, etc.,) or the customers may provide the hair.

2. Do It Yourself known within the trade as DIY – Depending on the expertise of the person that wishes to follow a DIY process, all types of hair can be utilized in addition to all sorts of methods. Not everyone can successfully adapt a DIY hair extension system just as not everyone can create updos on their very own hair.

Attachment/Connection Procedures

When hair is attached it may be done some in a number of how which include, but are not limited to:

Pinch Braids

– Hand Tied Extensions
– Sewn-in Extensions\Fusion
– Hair Weaving

Fusion Methods

– Glue
– Silicon
– Keratin
– Other
– Microscopic Coupling Shells

Keratin Ball Fusion Methods

Keratin balls are placed in a heating pot. The keratin balls are heated up until they melt after which the add-on hair is dipped into the keratin. You attach the keratin dipped hair to the customer’s hair. Many hair extension experts believe that this method may be very damaging to make use of.

The reason? The melted keratin smears the remainder of the hair, even parts that do not need extensions applied. Also, the keratin connection from the add-on hair doesn’t last long. Some hair extension companies do offer and promote keratin ball attachment. This method does have challenges. Should you decide to have this method used, be very careful to investigate completely because it’s potentially very damaging to your existing hair.

Other forms of methods include:

Metal Rings

Brands Of Hair Extension Systems

New hair extension companies have continued to enter the crowded hair extension market. One of the oldest and most successful systems was initially provided by Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Great Lengths has continued to evolve their systems and now offer a couple of system.

Depending on the corporate and their system, which is sometimes patented, any hair extension professionals using the system are required to make use of specific hair provided by the corporate. Great Lengths does require training of any professionals certified of their system and the good Length experts must use Great Length hair in their extension operations.

It is impossible to know all the various brands of hair extension systems currently on the market. However, listed below are a few of the preferred and well known.

High End Extensions Systems

– Great Lengths
– HairLocs

Medium End

– SoCap
– Short2Long

Low End Systems

– Cinderalla
– Adorable

Detailed Explanations of each Type of System

In the professional world of hair extensions there are “systems” sold by companies that guarantee a consistent experience world wide. Companies that sell “systems” usually require that each one professionals utilizing their system must attend approved training and exclusively use their hair and attachment accessories.

Great Lengths

Standard Hot Fusion Hair Extensions
Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

For people with fine hair, over-processed hair, or hair breakage that limits their hairstyle choices. Hair extensions are a great way of making volume in just a few hours. Depth and/or color for an artistic expression Different colored extensions can be applied to styles to create depth and/or artistic expressions.

With Great Lengths revolutionary Patented system, glues and hot waxes are eliminated. Unlike other systems, Great Lengths might be cared for similar to your natural hair. Brush it, perm it, color it, and use your hairdryer, curling Iron and all other standard styling tools.

Recognized worldwide by beauty, industry professionals as the very best quality extension program available, Great Lengths technology has elevated Human hair enhancement services into the 21st century.

Great Lengths has been featured in many popular magazines including In Style, Marie Claire, Modern Salon, and Entertainment. They are also seen on many famous celebrities corresponding to Shakira, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, J-Lo, and Paris Hilton.

Great Lengths Certified Specialists are trained and coached in the sector of Hair Extensions. Application Process of Great Lengths is 100% human hair and comes pre-bonded with a polymer bond (not glue).

The bond is attached to your individual natural hair using a high frequency unit that’s heated to the identical temperature as a curling iron. Great Length strands are available standard thickness in addition to 8, 12, 18, & 24 inch lengths.

Where does the hair come from?

3pcs/pack Virgin Remy Body Wave Indian Hair Bundles With Lace ClosureHair comes from the temples in India. The local people give their hair to the temples as a gift to Gods. Great Lengths then purchases the hair in a ponytail form to guarantee that it’s root to tip. This ensures that the cuticle layers are all aligned in the same directions. It is then gently processed in the nice Lengths laboratories in Italy.

Why choose Indian hair?

The genetic origin and basic structure of Indian hair could be very much like European hair. It is of exceptional quality because Indian women rarely go to salons for chemical treatments of any kind.

What is the hair product of?

It is 100% human hair, remiss (root to tip), with no silicon on it, which signifies that the hair has no artificial shine and is tangle-free. The hair is gently processed and de-pigmented. The gentle processing of removing the hair color makes the hair more tolerable to added colors. New color molecules are then put back into the hair. The cuticle layers are still left intact, this ensures that the hair is less vulnerable to be dull. The hair will be permed and colored, and treated identical to your own hair.

How does the extension hair attach to the subject’s head?

The hair is pre-bonded with a patented protein polymer. The molecular structure of this bond is compatible to that of human hair, which allows an extremely resilient attachment. Great Lengths hair extension experts use a special machine that uses heat and a high frequency wave to interrupt down the bond, which makes it soft enough to pinch and roll before it re-hardens.

All bonds resemble a cylinder shape after being applied into your personal hair making them feel light, easy to wear and are virtually undetectable. How long will they last? Normal bonds last from 4 to 5 months. Fine and ultra fine bonds last from 1 to three months.

What colors are available with Great Lengths?

49 colors across the color spectrum, including 14 blonde shades.

What lengths are available?

The most well-liked lengths within the system are the 30, 40 and 50cm extensions. 60 and 70cm lengths are available by special order from Italy.

What textures of hair are available? Straight hair with a natural wave. Permed to a soft wave, suitable for people with natural wavy hair. Permed to a deep wave, also suitable for people with a deeper natural wavy hair.

What sizes of bonds can be found?

The bonds are available in two sizes, normal and fine. The bonds will also be customized into micro-bonds depending on a clients requirements.

What number of bonds are needed?

The amount of extensions added to your hair will rely upon the specified affect. Please seek advice from our price list

How long does the great Length Extension process take?

The applying takes from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the variety of extensions.

How do I treat hair extensions?

Great Lengths hair performs just like several hair by yourself head. This implies you could curl it with curling tongs, rollers, or a flat iron, whatever you desire.

When should the hair extensions be removed?

It’s endorsed that the extensions be removed every 3 to 5 months, depending on the bond sizes and a person’s natural hair loss process.

Do they damage the natural hair?

While other hair extension systems use techniques like welding, waxing, gluing or knotting, which strain and very often damage your hair to a high degree, Great Lengths system is based on a way more gentle principle which doesn’t damage your personal hair during application or removal.

What results could be achieved with extensions?


For individuals who need to instantly update their styles with long hair. Also for those people who find that there own hair is simply too fine or over-processed to be able to grow it to any longer lengths.


An awesome option for quickly adding volume, texture or depth.

Great Lengths Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion uses no heat. All hair is attached to your hair using an ultrasonic wave. This method works exceptional well with very fine or thin hair


The three different SoCap types are:

Original SoCap
Euro SoCap

The original SoCap company was owned by a family. At one point the original owners broke into three separate companies. Because the SoCap name had already achieved public awareness, the three owners agreed to maintain the name of the company SoCap but differentiate based on Original, Euro and SoCap USA.

All three SoCap systems basically work in a similar way.

The SoCap system is a hair extension line based on fusion as the strategy of application.

Hair is attached in bundles with Keratin tips and these tips are attached to your hair in the same fashion to that of Great Lengths.

The hair is of average quality but makes for a nice attachment for bold colors that assist you to showcase your free spirit. This system comes in many colors and textures. It’s priced more affordably than many other hair extension lines resulting from hair quality and the common duration the extension lasts.

If you’re a budget oriented individual, this method may be the one for you.

All three of the SoCap systems have slightly different bonding tips and hair quality. If you are unsure which SoCap is the perfect for you and your budget, find a hair extension expert that works in all the SoCap systems after which ask to see samples and finished images from all three. An excellent hair extension expert will enable you to decide which one of the many alternative extension types and styles would be best for you.

SoCap might be a superb medium priced option depending upon your hair type and budget.


HairLocs are a safe, re-usable, cold application, using no glue, keratin or heat. HairLocs is attached to the native hair using unique microscopic coupling shells. The HairLocs system is taken into account the safest extensions available on the market today for many types and textures of hair. It is equally safe for Caucasian and African-American Hair.

HairLocs will also be used for men or women with thinning hair problems so as to add fullness and length with minimal influence on the thinning pattern of the natural hair.

Because HairLocs is attached with coupling shells, the HairLocs hair might be easily maintained and re-used. Because it doesn’t use any glue, keratin or heat, HairLocs is least damaging to the natural hair. Many hair extension experts prefer HairLocs because of its easy maintenance.

The Hairlocs Hair Extension System starts with 100% human hair from Europe. With Hairlocs, there isn’t a tension, stretching, chemicals or heat used during the application or the take down process.

Hairlocs extensions are always applied behind the hairline and away from the natural partings. The unique coupling shells are color matched in order that they blend naturally with the natural hair and are virtually undetectable.

With Hairlocs, you may color, perm and elegance your hair like normal. Even use your favorite hot tools like flat irons and hot curlers. With regular maintenance, the life of your extensions is up to you. Most people can go as much as 2 or 3 months before resetting the extensions.

The process is totally secure, safe and painless. It’s the gentlest and safest hair extension system for many hair.

The hair is custom colored and cut to blend into your hair. This system can also create a highlighted effect for those who do not wish to make use of coloring of their hair.

Microscopic Coupling Shells

Silicone lined microrings, extenshells and proshells resembling to coupling shells used for the HairLocs system may even be used by DIYers. Silicone-Lined Microrings can be found for purchase for use with individually purchased hair.

Silicone Lined Microrings can be found in Large ( 4.5 MM Outside X, 3 MM Length) and Medium (3.5 MM Outside X 3 MM Length).

Silicone Lined Extenshells that are very close to Hairloc type shells have flared/flanged bell ends. They could or may not available with silicone lining and are in Medium 3MM x 6 MM Length

Proshells with a cushioned silicone lining are also available in Medium 3MM x 6 MM Length.

The shells are used with appropriated sized threaders.


The Short2Long Hair Extension System is a hair extension system in the non-keratin category. It’s a metal based system just like HairLocs in most ways, except instead of Copper which is used by HairLocs, Aluminum is used to attach the Hair with the Hair Extension.

With Short2Long, there isn’t a tension, stretching, chemicals or heat used during the application or the take down process. Short2Long together with Hairlocs are known because the safest extensions available today.

The extensions are always applied behind the hairline and away from the natural partings. The unique shells are color matched so they blend naturally along with your hair and are virtually undetectable!

With Short2Long you’ll be able to color, perm and magnificence your hair like normal. Even use your favorite hot tools like flat irons and hot curlers. With regular maintenance, the life of your extensions is as much as you. Most people can go up to 2 or 4 months before resetting the extensions.

The method is totally secure, safe and painless. It is considered one of the gentlest and safest hair extension system for African-American or Caucasian hair.

The hair is custom colored and cut to blend into your hair. This system can also create a highlighted effect for many who don’t wish to use coloring of their hair, and likewise may be used in men’s hair where it’s thinning, so as to add fullness and length, using microscopic coupling shells to attach the hair.

Malaysian Method

This method is basically a hair attachment method which utilizes metal links that are attached to your hair. Afterwards, hair is attached to your own hair in groups, creating a lovely, natural hair extension.

An advantage of this technique is cost and speed.

Ultra Strands

That is another technique that is keratin based that attaches to native hair using small groupings of strands.

This process could be very just like the great Lengths and SoCap systems. Ultra Strands are applied using Keratin bonds.

Locs, Shrinkies, Microlinks, Microillusions

These are all metal link based system. They are much like HairLocs and Short2Long but are considered to be less advantageous to be used by many professional hair extension experts.

Cinderalla Hair

This can be a pre-tipped hair extension system. The add-on hair is pre-tipped with keratin or silicon and is sold “raw”. It’s much like Lugo’s, Sensational and Adorable. These kinds of offerings usually are not necessarily related to a formal “system” akin to Great Lengths, SoCap or HairLocs.

Cinderella Hair has a wide-spread reputation for lower quality hair. Low quality hair does not last long. There are also many pre-tipped hair extensions with keratin or silicon in the marketplace, or which are sold raw, that others attempt to pass off as a technique that are not part of a method. Many should not the best of quality.

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers is a High End Hair Extension Technique, which uses very fine virgin, Remy cuticle hair, and is attached using a special metal link based system. This makes the hair re-usable.

Paris is not the type of girl who would sponsor a poor hair extension brand. The hair could be very top quality that uses a European Micro-Cylinder Technology. The hair is from Europe. These are the exact same type of hair extensions that Paris wears. She has been involved in the marketing and design of the product. Paris is a high end brand in herself, and this line is an extension of her image.

FLhair Xtensions

FLhair Xtensions is a really unique hair extension method. This system uses a unique loop and ring system, which basically allows you top push the extension hair through a disposable loop, and tighten using a small fastener. The result? A much tighter connection to the native hair. The addition and removal of hair is easy and quick.

As a result, a full head of hair can be extended quickly with this loop and ring system. It really works well as a fast hair extension system for people on the go.


Ultratress Hair Extension System is a seamless method. It comes as weft tape with a special high tech adhesive that attaches to your hair. The benefits of this it is simple to put in and lower in prices than many of your more traditional extension methods.

The extensions last for up to 8 weeks and might be applied within a half and hour. This compares to traditional methods that take several hours. It comes in a good number of colors.

Is available in either a one or a two piece package that can be utilized so as to add length and body. It may be applied high within the scalp to conceal certain damaged areas. You’ll be able to work out and do your whole normal activities with these extensions.


An integration system is a hair enhancement system that adds an amount of fullness, length and body to your existing hair. It is finished by adding a customized unit on top of the top. This unit is easy to wear, light in weight, securely attached to your hair, and would give a women with thinning hair that extra ten to twenty percent more density.

It works by attaching a unit to your head and then you definately pull your personal hair through the fine crafted web to blend in with the added hair for an even fuller hairstyle. An integration system is simple to put on, secure and versatile. They’re perfect with women that have an active lifestyle; they stay on thru the rigors of day to day activity. An integration system comes in different sizes, for various needs.

Invisible Strand

It is known as Invisible Strand. This process is a hair on hair, one after the other, hair extension technique. The extension last up to one year.

Using a special technique, this extension method takes days to apply for a full head of hair. This is offered upon request, but isn’t recommended for a full head. This method in often used at the side of other techniques, to fill in thinning areas, side areas, and frontal areas.

Invisible Hair

For clients on the lookout for a brand name hair replacement solution there is a system known because the Invisible Hair Brand. Invisible Hair is a trademarked hair replacement system that originated in California.

Invisible Hair offers many hair replacement brands for people with thinning hair, or individuals who suffer from medical hair loss or inherent hair loss.

Invisible Hair systems are utilized by celebrities and the very wealthy. A number of the highlights of this line are the next:

– Could be Worn Anywhere on the pinnacle

– Smooth to the Touch

– May be brushed in any direction

– Virtually Seamless

– Completely Undetectable

– Exact Replica of Growing Hair

– Hair is Re-usable

– Competitively Priced

– Sleep, Shower, Exercise, no Problem!

– Full Head of hair applied in less than 3 hours

– Hair Extension Specially Designed for Baby Fine and Fragile Hair

– Quality 100% Human Hair

– May be Colored and Permed

Simplicity Hair Extensions

Simplicity is a hair extension technique that could be very similar to that of Ultratress. Extensions are applied with a specialized liner tape that attaches to your natural hair. It attaches basically in a simple 3 step process.

These extensions are quick to apply, and might be done under an hour. It lasts 4-6 weeks and is affordable. This product is an addition to the product portfolio, as a consequence of cost. It is affordable and last for shorter periods. Ideal if you’d like nice hair extensions for a short period of time.

Microchet Hair Extensions

This is a system that is unique in the way in which it works. Most non glue/heat based systems use metal in the type of copper and aluminum to attach hair to the natural hair using cylinders as the go between.

Microchet uses hair that comes with its ends within the shape of hooks. These hooks are attached to you hair using a threading technique.

The advantage to the hooks is that hair feels light with no glues or metals. After two to three months the extension will become looser because your hair grows. The extension hair could be removed by simply cutting the thread. Usually about 40% of the Microchet hair will be reused after removing.

There’s a no heat or harsh chemicals involved in this method. There is no such thing as a pulling or stress to your personal hair. It is a gentle technique that is on the market today.

Hair comes in sizes as much as 22 inches, and the cuticles are aligned to prevent tangles. Microchet offers a Hollywood Top System.

Hollywood Top

For men and women who suffer from hair loss there is a system known as the Hollywood Top. It’s a feather-light system with a transparent base that matches like a second skin and allows the scalp to breathe. Hair appears to be growing right out of your scalp, even from inches away.

Weaving Extensions

Numerous hair weaving systems can be found.

The Interlocking Hair Weaving System

This is completed with none foundation whatsoever, which implies no braids, no poles, no cornrows tracks, no machines, no pre-tracking, no laser, and no bonding (glue).

Wrap Netweaving System.

This system compliments the Interlocking Hair Weaving system and is combined to offer a competitive weave available on the market.

Step one on this system is to interlock the hair. A conditioning scalp treatment is applied and is designed to prevents tresses from getting dry under the netting. The web is then stitched onto the Interlocking System. Then the weft-hair is sewed onto the netting.

The brand new weft-hair is cut and styled to blend with the natural hair. The goal is to offer a layered, feathered look, with absolutely no chops or visible lines. Partial weaves which give increased fullness and desired length can be found.

Standard hair weaving solutions basically attaches hair to a braid which is created using the natural hair as a base. The advantages of these techniques are cost and time required to apply. Works great for African American women.

Lace Front Systems With Hair Extensions

Custom and Hand Made Lace Front Units are a preferred option used together with hair extensions.

A lace front unit is commonly combined with hair extensions.

Each lace front wig unit is individually tailored to the individual’s head lines and shape. Used for the frontal a part of the head, many individuals then add hair extensions to the sides or back to finish a sexy look.

This technique is especially great for people who have hair damage from overused hair weaves, and people who suffer effects from medical hair loss.

The Lace Front Wig technique is used extensively by the stars but you would never realize it. Stars similar to Gwen Stephanie and Tyra Banks are known to make use of this procedure.

Many people use a partial lace front with one of many hair extension techniques for the back. This is a popular combination.

Custom Hair Extension Sequencing

A Custom Hair Sequence Process is one among the ultimate Hair Replacement and Hair Extension solutions available within the industry.

The method in short is much like a Hair Integration system that is custom made but this process blends the native hair with 100% Human Remi Hair.

The unit has specially placed holes that allow for the native hair to be mixed in with the fine hair unit. This enables hair to look natural and free flowing. Special micro-weave process is then used to hold the unit on special edges to secure the hair.

This process holds the hair better than any clips or locks that may be utilized in other systems. The advantage of doing it this manner is that the hair in the locking area does not get damaged.

Each unit is custom made. All pieces are made from exclusive hair sources in India and Europe that supply similar pieces to lots of the top stars in the film and music industry.

Depending on care, these pieces can last from 1 year with regular care. This process isn’t inexpensive, and is one of the more expensive processes that can be performed. Most custom work has a starting price within the $2,500 – $3,500 starting prices.


Over the past ten years I’ve received many questions from consumers fascinated about hair extension system. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a finite answer to the questions.

There are various opinions by both hair extension experts and hair extension consumers about which extension methods are least damaging to natural hair.

Many extension experts and wearers swear by the hand tied method, which is essentially the most expensive, but feels essentially the most natural and might last the longest. That is very true if the hand tied extension is retied frequently because the natural hair grows.

Hand tied extensions with 100% European human hair can feel essentially the most natural, look probably the most natural but be the very most expensive. This is the method that lots of the highest celebrities use but a head of hand tied, 100% human hair can cost as much as $20,000 or more.

Most will agree that hair extensions made with 100% human hair from Europe feels probably the most natural and looks the perfect. Any such hair also costs essentially the most.

The opposite methods equivalent to hot glue and locking systems that use tiny locks, are considered safe in your hair although not as safe because the hand tied method.

Bottom line, everything is dependent upon the standard of the hair used, the expertise of the hair extension expert that apply the extensions and what you are ultimately willing to spend.

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Curly Perms For African Americans, The Low Maintenance Wave Nouveau Perm

Indian Nail Tip Human Virgin Colored Hair Extensions Keratin Fusion Hair ExtensionsIn relation to low maintenance, the Wave Nouveau perm is making a come back as more women are choosing wash and wear hair that requires little or no maintenance.

We have come a good distance with curly perms for African-Americans. Just imagine yourself getting out of bed, getting ready for work, and all it’s important to do is spritz your hair with mist, work the moisturizing lotion through your hair, run your comb through your hair, you look fabulous and you’re ready to go! As a result of the numerous hats women need to wear these days as mother, mentor, and unfortunately even father to our children, nowadays women are searching for hair that appears great without the fuss. Low maintenance is the key. Let’s face it, with the added responsibilities we face as women, we just don’t have the time to spend long hours in salons or devote a big amount of time in front of the mirror fixing our hair.

With the Wave Nouveau dry curl system, maintenance is effortless. The hair looks great, and it is definitely a significant improvement from the days when everyone was wearing the greasy unattractive Jheri Curl. The Wave Nouveau is the first of its kind to take the “dry curl” to new heights. It looks more natural than other curl systems and appears more like our natural hair. Another major benefit is that it isn’t fake; it is not a weave, and most importantly, it is Your personal hair. If taken care of properly, your hair will thrive and grown to great lengths.

Hopefully you is not going to have trouble finding a beautician who still performs the Wave Nouveau. We’re seeing an upward trend of women going back to this dry curl system because it is so easy to take care of and maintain.

I have had a Wave Nouveau twice in my life. The primary time I had this perm, my hair grew down to my shoulders in a brief time frame, but once i became pregnant and my hormones were out of whack, my hair began to get thin and fall out, so I let it grow out and went back to the relaxer. After years of using the cruel chemicals found in relaxers, my hair began to point out severe signs of breakage, especially around my hairline, and I was losing hair at a faster rate with virtually no hair growth. For fear of becoming bald, I decided since I used to be done having children, to go back to the one thing I knew my hair would thrive on, and that’s the Wave Nouveau curly perm.

I grew my relaxer out for five-1/2 to 6 months, and then I had enough hair to start the Wave Nouveau again. I enjoyed many months of low maintenance hair care, but noticed my hair was not growing as fast as it did the last time. I had a new hairdresser who told me not to wash my hair often, and only to clean it every 2 to 2-1/2 weeks. I went along along with her instructions for a year and half, and i noticed my hair became stale, grimy, my scalp itched, and my hair didn’t appear to be growing at all, even after applying all of the precise products. After i asked her why I had to attend 2 weeks to wash my hair, she said if I washed it too often (once per week), the water would strip my hair of necessary moisture. It was then when i remembered the one thing that helped my hair to essentially grow with the Wave Nouveau was the truth that I had previously washed my hair every week (once a week) instead of the 2 to 2-1/2 weeks my beautician wanted me to do. I decided to take control of my hair, forget about her instructions, and went back to washing my hair on a weekly basis and my hair began to grow like crazy. Instead of the half-inch of hair we are accustomed to seeing normally, my new growth looked more like a full inch a month at touch-up time.

After i came in for my touch-up, my hairdresser immediately noticed a change in the length of my hair, and my hair looked healthy and strong. She began asking me what I was doing differently to my hair to cause such a change in hair growth abruptly. She thought I had been taking special hair vitamins. As I’ve said before, water is our friend, not our enemy. Just the very act alone of washing your hair stimulates the scalp increasing blood circulation to the scalp which makes conditions right for tremendous hair growth.

I exploit the Wave Nouveau product line each day. My daily regimen of products consists of the next: In the morning, before stepping into the shower, I spritz my hair with Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Mist , then I work the Wave Nouveau Daily Humectant Moisturizing Lotion through my hair, put on my shower cap, and as I’m taking my shower, I’m conditioning my hair and adding moisture to it while I shower. Always mist your hair with the mist first and then apply the lotion. (If you do not mist first, the lotion is not going to be soaked up the hair effectively). When i come out of the shower, I again repeat the process applying the identical products and go about my day. Before going to bed, I again apply the identical products one hour before going to bed so that my hair has an opportunity to dry. I place a satin piece of material on my pillow and sleep on that to prevent breakage of my hair. Whenever I wash my hair, I apply a generous amount of Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion to my hair because it is a heavier lotion capable of handle the dryness experienced just after washing. I may have to apply it at the least 2 to 3 more times that day to chop down on the frizz, and before you know it, my soft luxurious curls are back with none hint of frizz.

The day of curly perms for African-Americans is a sign of the long run as more women hunt down styles that require little attention. Article Tags: Curly Perms, Wave Nouveau, Hair Began, Hair Growth

Long Hair Trend

Layered Hairstyles

long layered locks for women Long layered haircut Long layered hairstyle with bangs Long layered blonde hairstyle Long curly hairstyle long and short hairstyle Long layered straight hairstyle long hairstyle

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3 Bundles Virgin Curly Peruvian Hair Weave Human Hair Bundle Deals

Labels: Layered Hairstyles, Layered Hairstyles For Women, Layered Hairstyles Haircuts, Medium Length Layered Hairstyles, Short Layered Hairstyles, Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles

Yes Virgin Peruvian Wavy Hair Wholesalers And Yes Virgin Peruvian Wavy Hair Traders

4pcs/pack Virgin Hair Unprocessed Natural Wave Human Hair ExtensionsThick Bootom Peruvian Human Hair Extensions Unprocessed 24 Inches Body Weave 1. Nice and Clean,Neat and Durable remy virgin human hair Weaving 2. Double weft Machine Made,tangle …

24 Inch Remy Virgin Peruvian Human Hair Extensions Weave 3.3oz – 3.5oz/pcs
Brand Name: Befa Hair Model Number: 7A – BW
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Delivery Time: 24 Hours For Stock Order,7-20 Days For OEM Order
Payment Terms: Paypal. Western union, Money gram.

Five Ways To use Coconut Oil In Hair Care

Fashion and Beauty»
Vegan Fashion »width:300px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6677196218650566″ data-ad-host=”pub-6958755572607374″> 1. Dandruff
Dandruff – the snow of the scalp. Unlike snow, dandruff doesn’t really look beautiful and you probably want to do away with it as soon as possible. Dandruff is born if you end up shedding dead skin cells out of your scalp. Shedding dead skin cells is perfectly normal nevertheless it becomes a problem when it’s excessive and this is what happens to people who are suffering from dandruff. So can coconut oil help you to get rid of dandruff? Yes, it may possibly!

Before going to shower, massage 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil onto your scalp. The keyword here is the scalp. So massage it onto your scalp and not into your hair.

Then leave it on for at least an hour.

After you may have waited the hour, go to the shower and shampoo it off. You might have to shampoo your hair twice when you’ve got used a number of coconut oil.

Do that treatment each day for five to 7 days before giving up. The dandruff should disappear within every week. If you find the dandruff creeping back, you must repeat the treatment.

2. Deep Conditioning
Coconut oil works as amazing deep conditioner for all kinds of hair. Coconut oil deep conditioning could make your hair shinier and stronger. Unlike other oils coconut oil is ready to penetrate the hair shaft, getting past the cuticle and so it is able to repair the hair from inside out.

Use more oil on those parts of your hair which can be damaged or dry (typically the ends of your hair). Additionally, you will need more oil in case your hair is long so don’t be afraid to use generous amount of oil.

After you’ve put the oil on, you’ll play the waiting game. You need to keep the oil on at the very least 20 minutes but if you possibly can manage you should aim to have it for an hour. When I use this, I’ve it on for an hour. That ways the coconut oil has really a chance to affect your hair.

If I actually need to pamper my hair, I put a shower cap on after I’ve put the coconut oil into my hair and sleep with it. After i get up and shower in the morning, my hair always feels amazing. This is especially good for those of you who have dry hair because the oil has the time to essentially nurture your hair. For those who do this, guantee that your shower cap is tight enough. Once the shower cap came off while I was sleeping and that i had to wash my bed sheets and pillow. I am sure that I don’t must tell you that I wasn’t happy.

When you have had the coconut oil in your hair for long enough time, it’s time to scrub it away. Because coconut oil is kind of heavy, you have got to make use of shampoo to do away with it. If you have used lots of oil, you might wish to shampoo your hair twice to get the entire oil out of your hair.

3. Hair Moisturizer/Detangler
You should use a really small amount of coconut oil as a moisturizer or detangler. After a shower add a bit of bit of coconut oil to the ends of your hair. This will moisturize your hair if it’s dry and it will help you to detangler your hair.

4. Controlling frizzy hair
If you have a naturally curly hair or a perm, you understand how difficult it can be to manage your hair. Curly hair is more vulnerable to dryness, frizz and damage than people who have straight hair. But coconut oil is here to rescue you! Coconut oil not only nurtures your hair but it surely may also lock in your hair’s natural moisture. This thing only makes coconut oil really beneficial to your hair.

Image courtesy of Marin / Hairstyling
Coconut oil is a superb help in hair styling. Whenever you do a hairdo, coconut oil may help to regulate the flyaways and keep the hair smooth and in place. And as an added bonus, it makes your hair smell nice too.

If you want to make a sleek ponytail, you just must take a tiny little bit of coconut oil into your palms and smooth your hair down together with your palms. I advise you to start with a tiny amount of oil because if you take an excessive amount of, it can make your hair oily and heavy. So start with little and add more if needed. Adding more oil will even make the look sleeker. After you’ve speared the coconut oil, do your ponytail.

It’s also possible to use coconut oil on braids and dreadlocks. Just add oil to your hair after you’ve done your hair and the flyaways won’t bother you.

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Henry Margu Wigs, Hair Pieces

Malaysian Human Virgin Hair  Wavy Wigs With Natural BangsThe belief the idea that being an industry leader means more than simply creating fashionable styles and colors, the design staff at Henry Margu focuses on crafting better wigs for consumers. From the creation of more manageable, natural-looking styles to improvements in lighter-weight, more comfortable wigs, our innovations in specialized techniques continue. Many of these developments haven’t only secured Henry Margu’s top position, but have also inspired others in modeling their creative styling concepts. Above all, our efforts reflect one common purpose the satisfaction of our customers! Trend-setting styles, cutting-edge coloration, incomparable quality and relentless dedication to our customers have enabled Henry Margu to continue to guide our industry. Henry Margu Wigs…The difference is gorgeous!