curl short hair overnight

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Being Natural Is just not Appropriate

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I used to be I was a bit girl my mother used to give me different hairstyles. I might always dread going into her curl short hair overnight room where I knew she’d be sitting in a chair with a comb, hair gel, barrettes, those despicable beads and other hair accessories that may compliment the braid job she was about to do on my tender head. But when i got older I stopped wearing those child like accessories and move towards hairstyles that fit my age. The flat iron and relaxer became my best friend, my crutch essentially. If I had neither I became very insecure and didn’t want to show my natural hair because I was embarrassed and thought that individuals would make fun of me. Sophomore year of high school I finally decided to go natural and take a look at protective hairstyles after my mom convinced me to stop putting chemicals in my hair.

curl short hair overnight

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