Curly Perms For African Americans, The Low Maintenance Wave Nouveau Perm

Indian Nail Tip Human Virgin Colored Hair Extensions Keratin Fusion Hair ExtensionsIn relation to low maintenance, the Wave Nouveau perm is making a come back as more women are choosing wash and wear hair that requires little or no maintenance.

We have come a good distance with curly perms for African-Americans. Just imagine yourself getting out of bed, getting ready for work, and all it’s important to do is spritz your hair with mist, work the moisturizing lotion through your hair, run your comb through your hair, you look fabulous and you’re ready to go! As a result of the numerous hats women need to wear these days as mother, mentor, and unfortunately even father to our children, nowadays women are searching for hair that appears great without the fuss. Low maintenance is the key. Let’s face it, with the added responsibilities we face as women, we just don’t have the time to spend long hours in salons or devote a big amount of time in front of the mirror fixing our hair.

With the Wave Nouveau dry curl system, maintenance is effortless. The hair looks great, and it is definitely a significant improvement from the days when everyone was wearing the greasy unattractive Jheri Curl. The Wave Nouveau is the first of its kind to take the “dry curl” to new heights. It looks more natural than other curl systems and appears more like our natural hair. Another major benefit is that it isn’t fake; it is not a weave, and most importantly, it is Your personal hair. If taken care of properly, your hair will thrive and grown to great lengths.

Hopefully you is not going to have trouble finding a beautician who still performs the Wave Nouveau. We’re seeing an upward trend of women going back to this dry curl system because it is so easy to take care of and maintain.

I have had a Wave Nouveau twice in my life. The primary time I had this perm, my hair grew down to my shoulders in a brief time frame, but once i became pregnant and my hormones were out of whack, my hair began to get thin and fall out, so I let it grow out and went back to the relaxer. After years of using the cruel chemicals found in relaxers, my hair began to point out severe signs of breakage, especially around my hairline, and I was losing hair at a faster rate with virtually no hair growth. For fear of becoming bald, I decided since I used to be done having children, to go back to the one thing I knew my hair would thrive on, and that’s the Wave Nouveau curly perm.

I grew my relaxer out for five-1/2 to 6 months, and then I had enough hair to start the Wave Nouveau again. I enjoyed many months of low maintenance hair care, but noticed my hair was not growing as fast as it did the last time. I had a new hairdresser who told me not to wash my hair often, and only to clean it every 2 to 2-1/2 weeks. I went along along with her instructions for a year and half, and i noticed my hair became stale, grimy, my scalp itched, and my hair didn’t appear to be growing at all, even after applying all of the precise products. After i asked her why I had to attend 2 weeks to wash my hair, she said if I washed it too often (once per week), the water would strip my hair of necessary moisture. It was then when i remembered the one thing that helped my hair to essentially grow with the Wave Nouveau was the truth that I had previously washed my hair every week (once a week) instead of the 2 to 2-1/2 weeks my beautician wanted me to do. I decided to take control of my hair, forget about her instructions, and went back to washing my hair on a weekly basis and my hair began to grow like crazy. Instead of the half-inch of hair we are accustomed to seeing normally, my new growth looked more like a full inch a month at touch-up time.

After i came in for my touch-up, my hairdresser immediately noticed a change in the length of my hair, and my hair looked healthy and strong. She began asking me what I was doing differently to my hair to cause such a change in hair growth abruptly. She thought I had been taking special hair vitamins. As I’ve said before, water is our friend, not our enemy. Just the very act alone of washing your hair stimulates the scalp increasing blood circulation to the scalp which makes conditions right for tremendous hair growth.

I exploit the Wave Nouveau product line each day. My daily regimen of products consists of the next: In the morning, before stepping into the shower, I spritz my hair with Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Mist , then I work the Wave Nouveau Daily Humectant Moisturizing Lotion through my hair, put on my shower cap, and as I’m taking my shower, I’m conditioning my hair and adding moisture to it while I shower. Always mist your hair with the mist first and then apply the lotion. (If you do not mist first, the lotion is not going to be soaked up the hair effectively). When i come out of the shower, I again repeat the process applying the identical products and go about my day. Before going to bed, I again apply the identical products one hour before going to bed so that my hair has an opportunity to dry. I place a satin piece of material on my pillow and sleep on that to prevent breakage of my hair. Whenever I wash my hair, I apply a generous amount of Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion to my hair because it is a heavier lotion capable of handle the dryness experienced just after washing. I may have to apply it at the least 2 to 3 more times that day to chop down on the frizz, and before you know it, my soft luxurious curls are back with none hint of frizz.

The day of curly perms for African-Americans is a sign of the long run as more women hunt down styles that require little attention. Article Tags: Curly Perms, Wave Nouveau, Hair Began, Hair Growth

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