Customs Of Teenagers In Spain

4pcs Virgin Jerry Curly Indian Hair Weaves With Closure Indian Hair ExtensionsSpanish culture is celebrated globally for its food, art and style. The Spanish people approach life as a celebration of community and family. Like their counterparts around the world, Spanish teens crave independence, fun and adventure. With school completed in the morning and early afternoon, siesta within the heat of the day and evenings and late nights left for leisure, the Spanish lifestyle is well-suited to the youthful hours teens keep in every country.

Going Downtown
City and village centers are gathering places for people in Spain, and teens aren’t any exception. Identical to adults, Spanish teenagers like to gather with their friends for food, drink and enjoyment in town. Restaurants and even bars for older teens — the legal age to drink alcohol is 18 years of age — are common meeting places. Teens in Spain enjoy dancing in clubs, and celebrating at many festivals and community celebrations throughout the year.

Spanish Outdoors
With mild weather and miles of coastline, Spanish teens enjoy water sports and access to the beach year-round. Mountains provide opportunities for summer and winter athletics from climbing and hiking to skiing and snowboarding. Sporting events and playing team sports akin to football are popular activities. Even many purely social events, comparable to spending time with friends and family, happen outdoors due to Spain’s temperate climate.

Culture and elegance
The Spanish lifestyle is relaxed and informal, but not casual with regards to style. Spanish teens, like adults, dress well to go out — boys and girls are conscious of style and quality design. Spanish parents are affectionate and tolerate with children and young adults, teaching them from a young age to understand, respect and celebrate food, wine, and music as part of daily family and community life.

Spanish teens, like their cohorts worldwide, socialize in groups, spending time doing the activities that interest them from sports and dancing to eating, drinking, and celebrating. And dating is a mix of the standard and the trendy. Spanish teens get to know one other within the more relaxed atmosphere of a bigger, friendly group, splitting off as a pair if a specific attraction develops. Boys or girls do the “asking out,” and a dinner date for a pair will often involve splitting the check.

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