Different types of Different types of Hair Weave Techniques – Find out how to Weave Human Hair

Have you ever ever wondered how your favorite celebrities are able to sport short hair someday and long, lustrous hair the very next day? Well, the secret is finally out. Hair weaving is the secret to getting beautifully long and visibly thicker hair in a particularly short span of time.

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Hair weaving refers back to the technique employed by top salons wherein artificial or human hair is woven into natural hair to make a person’s hair appear longer and thicker.

An individual can decide on the length, color and even texture of the human or artificial hair that’s to be woven into their natural hair. Today, people of all ages can go in for hair weaving to make their natural hair appear thicker and longer.

Sorts of Hair Weave Techniques

There are numerous hair weaving techniques to make natural hair appear thicker. Depending on their unique styling preferences, a person can choose from among different hair weaving techniques. A few of the popular hair weave techniques have been discussed in this text.

Fusion Hair Weave

One in all the preferred hair weaving techniques is fusion weave also called strand bonding technique. Hair strands that are fused to a person’s natural hair last longer than glue applied hair extensions. The hair is fused using the cold bonding or thermal bonding techniques. Fusion weaves in comparison with other types of hair weaves will be pretty expensive. However the upside of getting a fusion weave is that this hair weave will last for nearly three months with none problem. Unlike other hair weaves, fusion weaves also can give hair a more natural look.

Sew In Weaves

This kind of hair extension is finished in professional hair salons. In this hair weave technique, synthetic or natural human hair is woven into small tight braids of natural hair which lie flat against the scalp. Sew in weaves are definitely more natural looking than clip on hair or wigs. Normally, it takes a hair stylist anywhere between three to four hours to attach sew-in weave to a clients natural hair. Sew-in weaves are low maintenance hair weaves.

Drawstring Weaves

Most women opt for drawstring weaves, because it doesn’t put as much stress on their natural hair as some of the opposite hair weaves do. Unlike other popular hair weave techniques, drawstring weaves are not attached to natural hair using harmful adhesives. Since drawstring weaves will not be attached to natural hair using adhesives, these hair weaves may be removed very easily as and when an individual wishes to. Individuals who wish to tie their hair in high pony tails or buns can opt for drawstring weaves.

Glue in Weaves

Glued in weaves are extremely easy to apply. But these hair weaves also can damage natural hair if they don’t seem to be applied properly. If applied improperly glue in weaves can cause hair to break very easily. Glue in weaves are so easy to apply, that even amateurs can do them at home, without spending a bomb in some expensive salon. This hair weave adds extra bounce and volume to natural hair.

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Half Weaves

On this unique type of hair weave, combs are used to attach the weave to the natural hair. People who go for this hair weave can try out different hair styles.

Lace Front Weave

This particular hair weave technique is extremely popular among leading Hollywood celebrities. Even ordinary women who have excessive hair fall or women whose natural hair is damaged due to excessive usage of hair styling products can opt for lace front weave. Lace front weaves needs to be attached to natural hair properly as otherwise it may end up in further hair fall especially round the nape.

Custom Hair Weave

These hair weaves are created to suit individual client requirements. The custom hair weaving technique may be slightly dearer than other hair weaving methods.

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