Easy Ways To Scrunch, Curl, And Wave Your Hair

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Scrunching, curling, and waving your hair are easy ways to mix up your style. There are many alternative ways to do this and create different looks. Depending on your hair type and the way much time you’ve, you’ll be able to choose the one that suits you best, or you are able to do a different one every single day. Whether you want waves or curls, there’s a solution to do it with your hair.

I’ll warn you though, thin hair is difficult to scrunch and make it look right. In order for you waves in your thin hair it would require more work. Some thin hair will not even curl with a curling iron. Scrunching alone may not work, you might have to do a little extra work to get the specified effect. Blow drying your hair straight, before curling could make it harder to get those waves or curls you so desperately crave. If this sounds like your hair, I suggest trying my first option.

If you’re in a time crunch in the morning I suggest starting your hairstyle the night before. For those who desire a more wavy hairstyle, apply product to wet hair, root to tips, (gel for thicker hair, mousse for thin hair) and french braid from the crown, down to your neck. Two french braids work best for bigger waves, the smaller your braids, the more wavy the result, for a looser and larger wave, try one straight down the middle. If your french braiding skills aren’t all that great, divide your hair into 4-6 sections and do one regular braid in each, keeping the braids as high on your head as possible.

For more of a curly look you can start the night before, begin with wet hair, and apply product evenly through-out hair, from roots to tips. Next you’ll divide your hair into four sections. One on each side of your head, ending just behind the ears, and in the back dividing into two equal sections, one on top of the opposite. Proceed to wrap each section right into a bun and fastening with a hair tie or bobby pins.

Experiment with different sorts of buns. Twisting your hair as you wrap it would create a special look than a “messy bun”. To create a messy bun, you work the same as you’d to place your hair in a pony tail, just don’t pull the hair all the way through as you wrap the hair tie around your hair. For a more wavy look, pull your hair all the way in which through a hair tie once, then beginning at the bottom of your pony tail, tightly loop the hair over your finger once, twist and pull the hair tie back over, and repeat until you get to the end of your hair.

You may as well use the diffuser attachment for your blow dryer. The diffuser is a round base that evenly distributes the air to a bigger section of the hair. Wet hair and apply the product which suits your hair type, from roots to tips, using a volumizer on the roots of your hair. It’s best not to comb your hair before scrunching, if you possibly can, comb your hair while conditioning in the shower and check out to maintain from tangling it while rinsing. Scrunch with a towel, by holding it on the ends of your hair and squeezing as you push the hair up towards your scalp. Use this method all over your head. From here you can either spray with hairspray and allow to air dry, or move on to the subsequent step.

After you’re done scrunching your hair with the towel, take hair in sections and pile into the diffuser, and dry on the low setting. The less you progress your dryer, the higher the result can be. Apply hair spray as you might be drying, and after to carry and finish your style. Use the cold shot in your dryer to set the style. It will add shine and help keep your style in place.

All these styling options will give your hair more volume, and that wavy, or curly look you want. The alternative ways you use to style your hair can offer you anything from that loose beach look, to the wavy funky look. To add a more polished look to your style, you’ll be able to take small sections when your hair has completely dried and add a few curls with a curling iron or skinny straightener.

Check out different styling options for various looks and find out what you want best for your hair. Mix it up and use the diffuser while your hair is up in a bun, or try braiding your hair after which wrapping that in a bun. The options are endless, keep trying other ways until you find what works best for your routine and hair type.

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