Epila Laser Hair Removal System

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With summer on the best way, that is the time of year that individuals usually need to bring out that bathing suit. This is the right time to exhibit your silky-smooth, hairless skin. Traditional methods of hair removal, such as shaving, waxing, or using depilatory creams eat up hours and hours of our precious time per year. With a purpose to conserve time, a beautiful alternative to consumers has arrived in the form of an Epila laser hair remover. This system is a superb method to permanently remove unsightly hairs and get your body ready for the beach.

What’s Epila laser hair removal?

An Epila device is a small machine that looks almost exactly like a common electric razor or shaver. It really works using a high-powered laser light to get below your skin, causing your hair follicles to cease their function for as much as a year and sometimes more. That is happens when the pigments in your hair absorb the laser light and convert it into heat. The heat then deactivates the follicle.

It could appear more time consuming at first, but this system of home laser hair removal actually saves massive amounts of time in the long term. It generally takes about one hour to treat a single leg or other body area with the device, and you have to to do this once every two weeks for up to eight months. After the treatment is finished, however, you possibly can expect it to eliminate as much as 90% of your hair growth, and will stay in place for well over a year after the treatment is complete. You won’t need to shave or wax the target area for this time period, saving you hours of wasted time and tedium.

Is an Epila Laser Hair Removal System Always Appropriate?

There are only some circumstances when using the Epila for laser hair removal at home isn’t appropriate. You can use the Epila almost anywhere, including your neck, chest, legs, arms, bikini line, and abdomen. Due to the intense power of the laser, you can not use this system to remove hair anywhere near your eyes or face.

The Epila laser hair removal system is only on individuals who’ve light skin and dark hair. The laser is best absorbed by hair with dark pigments, so it does not work all that well on red, blonde, or light brown hair. People who have dark skin risk absorbing the laser with their skin and causing burns, so this is not recommended.

The benefits of an Epila:

Naturally, the largest benefits of this system are permanent hair removal from target areas. However, the Epila laser hair removal system has several key additional perks over using professional or outpatient treatments.
1. Use it right in your house – Using a home system is far more convenient and fewer stressful then needing to make a trip to a laser hair removal clinic.
2. Reasonable cost – The Epila system is dramatically cheaper than using the services of a professional. Simply treating one area of the body can cost well over three thousand dollars. The Epila costs $179, plus the price of the protective cream that must be applied every time the system is used.
3. Safe – This device has been tested and re-tested over the decades. It has been FDA certified for home use, and comes installed with many safety features that make it very difficult to inflict any lasting damage.
4. Painless – Although some people report swelling, itching, or redness, these unwanted effects always subdue within just a few days and do not indicate a more serious problem.

For more information, visit the Epila manufacturer website or call their information line. If you’re unsure that you simply qualify, consult your doctor. In case you are on the fence, keep in mind that you would be able to try the Epila laser hair remover risk-free for sixty days with a money-back guarantee if you’re anything less than satisfied.

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