equal lace front wigs

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Easy methods to Weave Hair

Brazilian Short Wavy Wigs With Bangs Cute Wavy Human Hair WigsA kind of hair weave that will provide you with essentially the most options for styling and versatility is the full head weave. The great thing about full head weaves is that you are not damaging the hair by adding harsh chemicals or glues, but instead just equal lace front wigs cornrowing the hair and sewing tracks onto the cornrows.
Before starting your full head weave, the hair must be washed and dried thoroughly. Make sure that to moisturize the scalp as well, for the reason that hair can be in braids for an extended period of time.
Starting with the neck, begin to make your first part around the perimeter of the top, coming back to where you started on the neck. To ensure that equal lace front wigs your weave just isn’t noticeable, make your parts within the front and temple area as thin as possible. When you reach the neck, cornrow what you parted with synthetic hair to protect the client’s natural hair. Continue parting and cornrowing across the perimeter until you are almost at the top of the top.
The sort of cornrowing is named a ‘beehive’ pattern because the cornrows resemble a bee hive when completed. Keep cornrowing the hair until you may have a bit on the top that you simply cannot part as you have got been parting the rest of the hair. Take this piece and part it down the middle, then cornrow to the very end to complete your circle. This cornrow should extend out from the pinnacle.
Now that you’ve this small cornrow, you might want to tuck it between your existing cornrow to make sure it isn’t bulky. After you have your top positioned where you want it, go ahead and secure the highest by sewing the small braid to the larger cornrows on the top of the pinnacle. Now can be an excellent time to attach your closure piece if you’re using one, because you do not wish to have to worry about the size and placement after you have applied all of the tracks. To secure the closure piece, sew around the perimeter.
The primary track you’ll apply will probably be on the first cornrow you made at the nape of the neck. Measure the track from ear to ear and sew the track onto the cornrow. Cut any of the excess track which may be remaining. Your next part will be in a ‘U’-shaped pattern, from temple to temple. Short Wigs Peruvian Straight Human Virgin Hair Wigs Continue on this manner until you can’t apply the wefts in a ‘U’ shape anymore.
Reaching the highest will be scary, but if you take your time, your full head weave will prove great. When you can’t apply the tracks in a ‘U’ shape, apply them in an ‘L’ shape, alternating sides until you reach the closure piece. Try to get your tracks as close as possible to the closure piece on either side. You should still have a bit of piece within the back that hasn’t been covered by the tracks. If so, take this time to use one or two small tracks to cover this additional space.
When you’re finished, your full head weave may not appear like the desired result. Use some setting lotion or foam wrap and work through the hair to eliminate any pouf. Wrap with a barbering strip and dry the hair for quarter-hour, or until the hair becomes dry.
Brushing and styling may be necessary after the hair is dry. Also, you might want to chop the hair to remove any stray fly-aways. Once this is finished, you possibly can style as desired.
When your full head weave is complete, you’ll be able to care for it identical to your natural hair!

equal lace front wigs

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