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International Oil Prices Have Limited Impact On China’s Cpi

Malaysian Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions Human Virgin Hair Straight Cheap Malaysian Tape In Hair Extensions 50gSharp rise in international oil prices exacerbated by global inflation expectations. As a large number of Chinese crude oil imports, inflationary pressures will increase with Accept the Securities Times reporter interviewed several experts said that from the long-term trend, international oil prices are inevitable, the impact on domestic inflation is positive, but due to transmission factors and China’s refined oil prices higher than the proportion of total CPI Small and other reasons, basically, have limited impact.
Shenzhen Comprehensive Development Research Institute of Macroeconomic Research of the Constitution, Liu, director of the view that international oil prices rise on domestic inflation is certainly there. From the long-term trend, the international oil price showed an upward trend certainly, and this remains crucial reason for the “China factor.” However, he also said that international oil prices, whether the factors that affected the domestic and eventually affect domestic inflation is determined by the sustainability of oil prices. Liu constitution to initial estimates, a brand new round of international oil price increases may have occurred restorative, “if the current international oil prices is barely a brief-term cyclical fluctuations of price, then will it impact on domestic inflation is also difficult to evaluate.”
In truth, except for international oil prices caused raw material prices, resulting within the pressure of imported inflation, the international oil prices on domestic inflation of more oil price increases through to performance. British Institute of Lida Xiao Tai Securities believes that the international oil price rises might be conducted by domestic oil price increase, resulting in additional cost factors reminiscent of domestic agricultural machinery, and transportation cost to the industry to upgrade, which is directly affected; In addition, coal , the value of steel and other raw materials may follow, “corresponding rise.” However, Li Daxiao also believes that international oil prices compared to domestic factors resembling pork, grain and other price increases greater impact on inflation. “International oil prices affect domestic inflation, but, overall, little effect.” Lida Xiao said.
So, if the recent domestic oil price increases, inflation expectations continue to increase on the value level in China may have what impact Insiders said that while the February CPI prices rose 2.7% year on year, very close to three% of the CPI annual control line, but even if oil prices rise, the direct impact on the CPI continues to be limited. And look on the trend from the late, in March the consumer price level will remain stable, after the Spring Festival reason is that although the domestic capital goods prices rise, but a limited impact on the downstream consumer prices. As well as, China’s refined oil prices accounted for the proportion of CPI was only 0.1%, if the oil price increases limited margin, then the worth adjustment had little impact on the CPI, will not push up the CPI index.
However, a number of the international oil industry expressed concern concerning the continued high fever. Some analysts say China’s rising demand for crude oil imports, oil prices will directly lead to higher costs of crude oil procurement, which is able to ultimately bear the domestic industry, thereby reducing industry profits and domestic investment, or re-trigger inflationary pressures. Rising oil prices make petroleum-related industries of energy or raw materials prices of products, prices factor federal express smartpost in the formation of the brand new. Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences report predicted also that the international crude oil prices will increase inflationary pressure in China. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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