Find out how to Care For Keratin Protein Treated Hair

Hair treated with keratin protein, otherwise known as the “Brazilian blowout,” has exploded into popularity. Stylists claim that it can make frizzy, wavy and unmanageable hair smooth and shiny for up to a few months. But the treatment is just not without its pitfalls, and it requires care on your part to maintain hair looking smooth and straight.

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Step 1
Avoid getting your hair wet for 3 days after the treatment. This means no washing, swimming and sweating as well as staying out of the rain. Water and moisture can wash away some of the protein treatment, leaving marks within the hair, in response to Tracy Kollmer with Mt_fashion_style_personal_care,hair_care,text,adblock’); googleAds.addAdUnit( priority : 3, adUnitId : ‘GoogleAdsense300x250’, google_ad_channel : ‘t_fashion_style_personal_care,hair_care,text,adblock’, google_ad_client : ‘ca-livestrong_html’, google_page_url : ‘’, google_max_num_ads : ‘1’, google_ad_type: ‘text’, templates: text : ‘ \ Sponsored Links

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Step 3
Purchase a shampoo and conditioning set that’s sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate-free. Both types of SLS are powerful detergents that strip hair of its natural oils. When used with a keratin protein treatment, SLS shampoos can remove the protein and your treatment won’t last as long, notes Non-SLS shampoos may be found at health food and organic stores.

Step 4
Sleep on a silk pillow at night. Traditional cotton pillowcases can create friction in the hair, rendering your treatment frizzy and short-lived. Silk creates very little friction, which implies a longer-lasting keratin protein treatment.

Step 5
Blow-dry your hair after washing, but avoid using hair products after the initial shampoo. You do not need root-lifting sprays, mousse, hair spray or gels to style your hair after a keratin treatment. The burden of the protein will hold your hair in the fitting style without the necessity for products, and excessive use of products could make your hair look dull and dirty. Instead, blow-dry and run a flat iron over the hair to control your strands into the right style, and your keratin treatment will last longer.

Step 6
Ask for reapplication after three months when most keratin protein treatments wear off and your hair’s natural texture starts to reappear.

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