Find out how to Get rid of That Curl

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You’ve got you have purchased your first rug, one of the things that a couple of rug owners come across is that their rug may start to curl, either due to packaging or due to foot traffic. Although this can be a quite common occurrence, it’s nothing to get all worked up over. By trying a number of simple tricks, you stand a good chance of uncurling your rug and saving it for long run use in the method.

Let’s first talk about why rugs sometimes generally tend to curl up, especially across the edges. Latex is usually used to back the weaves of rugs, therefore, its memory-like element may keep your rug curled unless you reverse roll it. Additionally, latex will help maintain the integrity of the weave, even when it’s important to roll up the rug and store it away. That is all a case by case basis; for example, cotton and wool rugs are usually backed by canvas with latex underneath it, which signifies that it is not subject to a variety of memory curls than say jute or sisal rugs.

The first thing you should do when you get your rug is to take it out of its packaging and start reverse rolling it for about half its length. After you’ve got done that, go ahead and leave the rug in that position for about fifteen minutes and then unroll it. The rug should then be capable of lie flat on the floor at this point. As mentioned earlier, cotton and wool rugs that use latex underneath canvas backing isn’t usually subjected to memory curling. If however, it does have a stubborn curl, go ahead and roll the rug against the curl and it should flatten out quickly.

After you’ve got finished uncurling your rugs, you’re set to enjoy your area rug! Just remember that if the edges do start to curl a bit to go ahead and reverse roll the edges. This should fix the problem quickly and will not compromise the integrity of the weave, latex and rug itself.

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