Finding Your Skin Undertone For Correct Color Cosmetic Purchases

Before selecting your color cosmetics, you first must identify your skin’s undertone. Is it warm, neutral, or cool? Selecting compatible makeup will allow the colors to look their best, with out a dulling effect that would distract from your inherent beauty. The next personal color analysis technique is recommended by a really fine cosmetic company:

Step 1: Discover your Skin Tone Category

Brazilian Natural Wave Weave Hair Unprocessed Brazilian Natural Wavy Human Hair Extensions 3 Pcs/pack– Gather a 3 sets of paint chip cards. The primary set will include bright yellow, bright orange, bright red, and dark red. It will also include muted light yellow, muted light orange, muted medium yellow-brown, and dark muted yellow-brown. The second set will include bright aqua, bright cobalt blue, bright royal blue, and navy blue. As well as, add muted, light bluish-pink, muted fuchsia, muted blue-violet, and bluish-purple.
– Remove your whole makeup.
– Pull your hair back out of the way in which, and if it has been colored, cover it with a gray or white cloth.
– Sit in front of a mirror with good natural lighting.
– Now spend some time holding the colored paint chip cards as much as your face. Determine if the primary or the second set is more pleasing with your natural coloring.

Step 2: Discover you Skin Tone Intensity

– Gather 4 paint chip cards equally spaced from very light tan to very dark brown. Holding each card near your face successively, decide whether your skin tone is light, medium, medium dark, or dark.

Step 3: Select a foundation that matches your complexion

– Having made the determination in regards to the warmth or coolness of your skin tone, along with an awareness as to how light or how dark your skin tone is, it’s time to go shopping for a matching foundation.
– Always choose a shade that blends in perfectly with your individual natural coloring.
– Choose a conceal or that matches the muse.
– Select color cosmetics reminiscent of blush, eye shadow and lipstick from within your skin tone category.

My Assessment of this method:

This personal color analysis method is simply too complex, time-consuming, inexact, subjective and inadequate. It fails to address the fact that almost all women fall somewhere between warm and cool categories. A neutral category should be included. A much simpler, and more accurate method for identifying one’s undertone and a predetermined set of matching color cosmetics could be to go to a retail outlet that displays their cosmetics by skin tone category. Use their transparent skin tone test card to quickly discover your skin tone and intensity, then purchase from the assortment readily available at the identical display. Alternately, you might prefer to test a small amount of makeup on your jaw or wrist for a perfect match.

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