Five Quick Tips For Caring On your Curly Weave

Weaves require some care and maintenance in an effort to get the very best longevity from them. Some women will not take the extra precautions into caring for their weaves akin to wrapping their hair at night and never washing and caring for them properly. Whenever you own a curly haired weave you could have even more care required for it.

Listed here are 5 quick tips that can assist you care in your curly weave.

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1.) Don’t brush or comb your curly weave when it’s dry. Many people don’t realize the damage this could do to curly hair. Curly hair is already more susceptible to breaking off and if you try to comb through the curls when its dry you’re just begging to break off some hair ends by tugging on knots and tangles. Only comb using a wide tooth comb when it is wet.

2.) Your weave needs deep conditioning. Conditioner should be used on your weave if its human hair so as to maintain the hair moisturized. Unlike your real hair, weaves and hair extensions are unable to lock in natural moisture and oils produced from the scalp. So in order to keep your weave its best, you should opt for a cold wash which uses cold water and only conditioner. No shampoo.

3.) Use a curl activator, curl cream or serum. These products are formulated especially for curly textures to assist smooth hair and leave gorgeous, silky locks.

4.) Don’t blow try your curly weave. Heat and air combined will cause the hair to frizz out. Instead; towel dry your hair and let the weave hair dry naturally.

5.) Once the hair is dry don’t be tempted to run your hands through the hair or handle it too much. Touching the hair often will remove the moisture from the hair and cause your hair to frizz out.

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