For this reason Men’s Toupees Are actually Cool Again

Can toupees ever really look good? For most of the last two decades toupees have been a trope in movies and TV and a punchline in lots of pop culture jokes. But as technology has advanced, so have toupees. So can toupees ever be acceptable-and even cool? They really can, due to a whole lot of advancements in the industry.

3 Bundles Malaysian Curly Weave Human Hair Weave Virgin Malaysian HairThink about all of the advancements which have been made in relation to female hairpieces. Women now regularly wear extensions and elaborate weaves that look so just like natural human hair they’re almost impossible to differentiate from the actual thing. The advancements which have revolutionized the hair industry and wigs for women are now revolutionizing the toupee industry for me.

For many years men haven’t had a number of choices in the case of fighting hair loss. They were limited to trying medication that would decelerate hair loss or trying painful and expensive hair replacement surgery or hair plugs. Toupees were of such laughable quality that no man wanted to wear one because wearing one was like screaming to everyone nearby that you just were losing your hair.

Taking medication to enhance the expansion of natural hair or stop hair loss has always been hit or miss. Many men spend a small fortune on this over the counter medication through the years but were still only in a position to slow down the process of losing their hair. So when the inevitable hair loss occurred that left men only with the option of surgery or trying to discover a toupee that didn’t look totally fake and unrealistic.

But modern toupees have borrowed ideas and materials from the female hair industry and adapted the products and methods that women have been using for years to create the most realistic looking toupees which have ever been created. These new toupees glue securely in place and are completely waterproof. Men can style them, dye them, shower and swim with them, and never run the danger of looking like they’re wearing an old style toupee.

Considering that millions of men are battling hair loss it’s about time that toupees got a modern update. And due to the materials which are used these realistic toupees cost loads lower than invasive surgery. By matching a man’s existing hair in both colour and texture it’s almost impossible to tell if a man is wearing one of these new toupee styles.

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