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6 Halloween Costumes For Redheads

Peruvian Virgin Human Hair PU Straight Hair ExtensionsYou are the – you’re the rarest of all of them. Only two percent of the world has naturally red hair — how crazy is that ! We decided to pay tribute by DIY-ing six costumes inspired by our favourite redheads from cartoons, TV and music. Read below to see how you can master these Halloween looks for yourself.

Ms. Frizzle Costume
Hop on the Magic School Bus!

Our first redhead costume is dedicated to our favourite elementary school teacher — Ms. Frizzle! Whether she was taking her class up a nostril to take a look at the inner workings of the body or up into the sky to check out water systems during a hurricane, we were always wishing there was a seat on the bus for us.

The important thing piece to Ms. Frizzle’s quirky costume is to cover a dress in anything and everything referring to science! She has a dress for each scientific topic, so don’t feel limited to beakers, magnets and light bulbs. Print your favorite icons onto printer transfer paper and iron them onto a solid-colored dress.

Ms. Frizzle is a true lady, so that means she always has matching accessories — shoes and earrings! For this look we used sticky-backed craft foam to attach stars to red shoes and a pair of earrings.

To get this hair look, you need to back comb very thin sections of your hair from the roots to the ends. Then gently pull right into a messy high bun and bobby pin in place. Let a few strays come out to frame your face to sell the look!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Costume

“I am having candy for dinner.” – Kimmy Schmidt
Netflix is our hero for creating an amazing series that we will binge watch time and again. Watching Kimmy adjust to city living is one in every of our latest obsessions. We are so glad that you just emerged out of your bunker, Kimmy!

Kimmy’s look is all about color. We headed out to our local thrift store to purchase the pieces that we didn’t have in our closets. Pink pants, a patterned blouse and yellow cardigan are a must! Do not forget your backpack and bright kicks!

Super easy to rep this look! All that you must do is curl your hair with a medium barrel wand, making the curls go away out of your face. Smooth over with a brush once they cool and there you may have it!

Kimmy is a real original, and so is her yellow cardigan! Find your favorite patches and buttons to mimic Kimmy’s style.
Chuckie from Rugrats Costume

“Things never turn out like they do in the movies.” – Chuckie Finster
90″s (redhead) kids rejoice! Your favorite shy, always-nervous cartoon character is the right throwback costume for Halloween this year.

Chuckie’s outfit is DIYed out of basic thrift store finds – a blue T-shirt and green basketball shorts. Print out an iron-on decal of Chuckie’s signature Saturn and iron it onto the middle of your blue T-shirt. Finish off the shirt fringe with bangs with a red ribbon neckline and bands across the sleeves. For the basketball shorts, use a white paint pen to attract (what I call) little pieces of bacon all over the shorts.

Do not forget accessories! Use purple craft foam to create his signature purple square frames. Red shoes and yellow socks are a must. If you are not nervous about tripping and falling, go the additional mile and leave your shoelaces undone.

This is another major hair back-combing situation. If your hair is long, simply make sectioned ponytails around your head, leaving the ends out, and pin them in place so the ends stick up on top of your head. Then back comb the ends of your hair and provides a spritz of hairspray with some bobby-pin reinforcement.
April O’Neil Costume

The world’s most fearsome fighting team.
When reporting needed to be done, April was there. She looks fierce in her all-yellow jumpsuit.

Yellow, yellow and more yellow. We chose to dress our version of April in yellow jeans and a yellow zip-up jacket. For those who never see yourself wearing either of those pieces again, then you too can consider buying a yellow jumpsuit from Amazon to get April’s look.

April’s accessories are all white – white belt, boots and watch.
Our modern take on April videotaping breaking news. To get the hair, tease throughout to get mega body. If you don’t have bangs, then you may roll over the front of your hair and pin it in place to fake it. Section the remainder into three areas. Pin them into place (one on top and one on each side of your head) to create the silhouette.
Kim Possible Costume

Call me, beep me – if you’d like to succeed in me.
Kim Possible is just a normal highschool cheerleader who happens to fight villains in her spare time. Her style is simple to replicate using items you can actually re-use after Halloween.

We found all of the pieces (cargo pants, black crop top and black army boots) at a thrift store and spent about $15.

Kim’s accessories are her fighting gloves. Deck out the costume with a hip harness and a beeper to get the full Kim Possible vibe.

Simply comb your hair over into an especially exaggerated side part and use a hair wax to keep it in place.
Ginger Spice Costume

So tell me fringe with bangs what you want, what you actually, actually need.
Real talk — who didn’t need to be a member of the Spice Girls ! These girls brought a complete new meaning to girl power. Their music, videos, dolls, movies and candy wrappers were everything.

We purchased this English flag dress from Amazon. Feel free to turn on Pandora’s Spice Girl radio and take a stab at creating your individual flag dress using fabric paint and painter’s tape. Excuse us while we go sing ballads into our hairbrush.

Finding red, Spice Girl-worthy boots is pretty tough so we decided to DIY. Purchase some red fabric and hot glue or sew covers that can sit over your boot.

If you don’t have already got platinum highlights framing your face, grab a couple hair extension clip-ins and place them under the top couple inches of hair surrounding your face to maintain them from showing. Back comb the roots of your hair to keep the look voluminous like the OGs!

fringe with bangs

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