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The primary advantage of human hair wigs over synthetic fiber wigs is you could actually style human hair wigs similar to well, human hair. You can curl it, straighten it, tie it up, mould it, coif it and brush and comb it similar to you’ll your own hair.

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The human hair wigs that are available in the mainstream market are made usually of Asian or Remy Hair. When used for lace wigs, as they usually are, the strands are knotted individually to the lace cap manually. The method may be done by a machine but handcrafting makes the wig look more natural.

As mentioned earlier, human hair wigs can be styled like real hair. Most women who buy human hair wigs buy ones which are versatile in style, preferable medium to long in length. This way, they’re easier to style and theres more to do with them. You need to use heat to curl or to iron the wig straight and use real hair products on it similar to you’d use them on your hair.

Human hair wigs may be identical to human hair, too, and they must be washed. They get clumpy and dull. You may brush it first with a wire brush to remove tangles. Then you possibly can soak the wig for five minutes in warm water mixed with wig shampoo (human shampoo also works). Gently squeeze out excess water, rinse in warm water and then put the wig on a wig stand and back on the sink.

When the wig is secured on the sink, put some shampoo in your hand and massage the wig like you’ll a client in a salon. When you are feeling that its clean, which shouldnt take some time, rinse the wig again with warm water. Keep in mind though that human hair wigs shouldnt be squeezed off water an excessive amount of when rinsing and drying. This damages its texture. Instead, blot the wig dry with a towel and blow dry.

To protect human hair wigs, they shouldnt be washed too frequently either, say only about after using 5 – 6 times. You also needs to be sure that your real hair is clean and never greasy everytime you wear the wig. The oil in your hair can transfer through the wig and can cause it to clump together and to gather more dirt than usual. Author Box Earl Flournoy has 1 articles online

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