Great Finishing On Parts With Walnut Shell Media

Deburring media are finishing media which can be used to deburr, that’s removing jagged pieces of extra metal from parts. The media are abrasive in nature and when put together with parts to be finished in finishing machines, the media rubs against the parts and produces a smoothing and polishing effect. There are natural and man made deburring media. Corn cob media and walnut shell media are the common natural media while plastic and ceramic media are the man made ones. Depending on the character of the parts being finished and the type of finishing required on them, the deburring media is chosen.

Corn cob media is made by powdering the woody and hard corn cob into grit. It is organic and environment friendly. It is used for cleaning by degreasing and de-scaling and likewise for deburring and polishing. It’s durable, reusable and value effective. It is obtainable from extra coarse to extra fine grit size. Plastic deburring media are manufactured from hard plastic and are light weight. They arrive in several shapes like cones, wedges, tristars and pyramids to suit various component builds. A cone for example works well with parts having holes. For parts having complex design, different shapes can be used together to realize a good deburring effect. Plastic deburring media work well on soft metals like brass. They’re very safe to be used with fragile components. Ceramic media can also be an effective deburring media; it’s heavier in comparison with plastic and is used to satisfy aggressive and fast deburring needs. They too come in numerous shapes, sizes and composition. They come in very small sizes and are ideal to make use of when small media is needed.

Walnut shell media is a natural finishing media. It’s used for cleaning and deburring. It’s made by grinding the fibrous and hard walnut shells to different grit sizes. The grit size is predicated on the character of parts being finished and the way heavy they’re. Walnut shell media polishes metals like brass and bronze to a pleasant finish. Crushed walnut shell media can add anti skid properties to paints and are utilized in abrasive paints around swimming pools and walkways. They find use in oil well drilling to keep the circulation going.

Walnut shell media has several advantages – the first one being that it’s organic and poses no threat to health or the environment. It’s reusable repeatedly and long lasting; it reduces finishing times and is found to be cost effective. It may be utilized in tumbling as well as vibrating finishing machines effectively. It has good absorbing properties and absorbs grime and grease; hence, it is an efficient cleaning media within the finishing process. It has a soft abrasive nature and may even aid in removing the highest paint layer of an element while leaving the primer coat intact. They help to preserve part surfaces when the finishing process is happening. This media will be had as a coarse grit or a fine grit depending on the finishing requirements.

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