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Confessions Of A protracted Hair Addict

My sister Rachel and i are Obsessive about having long hair.
We haven’t always had long hair and that i haven’t always been able to maintain it long (sometimes hairstylists think you mean 8 inches if you say 2) or in Rachel’s case you break up along with your high school boyfriend and think which means you want a bob. At any rate we now have become masters on the art of growing it.

Malaysain High Quality Natural Wavy wigs Black Color Real Human Hair Wigs For Sale Thick EndsToday I want to share that art and let you know EVERY SINGLE trick I do know, so that is LONG but don’t get overwhelmed, just pick a number of of those that you just think will be just right for you and go from there!

Biotin & Fish Oil:
Long hair starts at the foundation.
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Tangle Teaser
I understand that this brush looks pretty weird, but it’s INCREDIBLE! The entire theory behind it is that it doesn’t rip and pull out your hair it softly “teases” the tangles out. I’ve a number of fine hair so it tangles up really easy…in fact my nick name growing up was snare hair. Which was rude…but…well deserved.
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The first time I saw these things was at my boyfriend’s house ( I dislike the word fiance, I feel like I am trying to sound fancy…or french when I use it). Anyway he told me it was a cleansing conditioner and the very first thing I though of was

So I didn’t think twice about it until I found myself glued in front of the Wen infomercial months later. Um, if Alyssa Milano says it’s magical than it should be.
It’s a sulfate free shampoo, meaning it doesn’t strip your hair and dry it out like regular shampoo. Which is great because you can have the better of both worlds. Clean and healthy hair. I ordered it and I have only been using it for a few weeks so I’m not sure how long it will likely be before I need to throw a sulfated shampoo in the combination but after this long my hair still feels clean and soft and so healthy. Oh yeah, and it’s pricey but since it basically replaced everything else I exploit (conditioner, deep conditioner & shampoo) it’s totally saving me money!
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Stimulate your Scalp.
It’s like a work out hair extension coupons in your scalp.
Massage it in the shower, don’t be shy. Get in there and loosen up your scalp.
100 strokes a night with the hair brush, focusing on the scalp not only feels lovely, it stimulates hair growth!

Never ask a Barber in the event you need a haircut.
Trimming isn’t always winning.
I grew up with the myth that trimming makes your hair grow faster. Your hair is dead so the concept that trimming it’s ends will inspire it’s roots to put the growing within the high gear is pretty silly. I believe the logic behind the thought is that if your hair is SO UNHEALTHY at the ends that it’s splitting and breaking off it won’t be getting longer.

The issue is your hair grows a few 1/2″ a month so in case you are getting a trim say ever 6 weeks you’re probably cutting off everything you just grew. So my thought is: wouldn’t or not it’s better to maintain your hair as healthy as possible and then skip the trim It might be excessive but I usually go 8 months between trims. Sometimes more. Usually more. This is probably the most useful and most controversial piece of hair growing advice I have for you.
The bottom line is the keeping-it-healthy part so listed here are some ways to do this:

Flat Iron Fanatics BEWARE!
Flat irons scare the begeeses outta me. It’s like a miniature torture chamber on your hair! You really should use these as little as possible. I do know for those of you with really curly/frizzy hair that is Lots to ask but look deep into your soul and ask yourself “do you want perfectly straight hair today or long healthy hair tomorrow ” This applies to curling irons as well. Less is more.
If and when you will need to use one listed below are a pair tips on maximizing the heat and minimizing the damage:

1. Use a heat protectant
2. Run a comb down right in front of the iron so the hair is all laying the same direction
3. Iron small enough pieces that you just only have to go over it ONCE.

Air Dry
If I wanted to invent a machine that’s purpose was to create split ends it will probably look a lot like a blow dryer. Lucky for us embracing your natural hair texture is pretty stylish right now. The important thing to a great air dry is this little formula I got from my lash girl (who can also be a fantastic hairstylist) Latisha:

1. Brush your hair before you hop in the shower and again once you have your conditioner in.
2. Lightly towel dry and apply some hair silker to you hair while very lightly running your fingers through it. (no more brushing once you are out of the shower)

3. Leave it the heck alone! Should you shower at night put a towel on your pillow and go to bed. If it’s in the course of the day (and this might take practice) Don’t TOUCH IT. That means: don’t scrunch it, twist it, twirl it, brush it, or fluff it. Hands free until it’s COMPLETELY dry. Then if you wish to throw just a few curls around your face go ahead. You can be amazed at what a difference it makes.

hair extension coupons

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