Hair Weaves Vs. Hair Extensions

The two main ways for women so as to add length and texture to their hair are through hair weaves and hair extensions. Each style of extension has its advantages and limitations. Based on the woman’s hair texture and length, her stylist may recommend one method over another. Hair weaves are typically sewn or glued to a cornrow that runs around the side of the head. Extensions are fastened to strands of hair either with a clamp or an adhesive. Regardless of which kind of hair styling women choose to make use of, they’ll temporarily achieve a fuller, longer head of hair. When purchasing weaves and extensions, women must decide if they want human hair or synthetic hair as each type will style differently. Women can purchase weaves and hair extensions through their stylist, at many local and chain beauty supply stores, in addition to through online retailers. eBay will offer women a big number of weaves,, extensions,, and the necessary tools to use them. However, depending on the desired style of application, women may still want to have an expert stylist apply the weaves and extensions.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Both weaves and extensions can be found in synthetic and human hair varieties. Synthetic hair can’t be styled with heat and won’t look as natural against the rest of the hair. However, synthetic hair will hold braids better than human hair, and fewer upkeep shall be required. Synthetic hair weaves and extensions are generally more affordable than purchasing human hair. While dearer, human hair will look more natural when styled in with a woman’s real hair. It will also be styled with heat as if it were the woman’s own hair. By utilizing human hair that can be dyed to match a woman’s natural or desired hair color, she is ready to enjoy a more cohesive look that is sure to impress.

Kinds of Hair Weaves

To create a hair weave, the hair is sewn together with fine threads, either by hand or machine. These strips of hair are called a weft.. The wefts of hair are then sewn or glued with special hair-friendly adhesives on to braided cornrows. Women can choose to have a partial, full, or Malaysian/braidless weave. A weave typically lasts one to 3 months before it either must be touched up or taken out. It will depend on the chosen style and application method. Hair weaves work better for women who have coarser hair, because fine hair will quickly slip out of cornrows and never hold the weave tightly in place. Full weaves would require more hair wefts than partial or Malaysian weaves, because they’ll need more hair to complete the look.

Partial Weaves

Partials weaves work with the natural hair to create a fuller or longer look. By braiding sections of the pinnacle into cornrows and applying a weft of hair, women can easily create a fuller head of hair. However, when opting for a partial weave, a woman should ensure that the brand new hair is a close match in both texture and color to the rest of the hair. If using partial weaves to lengthen their hair, women should make certain to ensure the hair lengths blend together naturally so as not to look awkward.

Full Weaves

Women may go for a full weave. This look is created by cornrowing all of the natural hair tightly to the head after which applying wefts of hair to the cornrow. When choosing a full weave, women are no longer restricted in hair choices to ones that are much like their natural texture and color, and might instead choose to completely revamp the looks of their hair. A full weave will cause the scalp to become itchy more quickly than a partial or Malaysian weave. It is because it is tougher to clean the roots of the hair. Washing too frequently will even cause the cornrows to loosen, and this will shorten the life of the weave.

Malaysian or Braidless Weaves

Malaysian weaves are also known as braidless weaves. Rather than being sewn into a cornrow base, the wefts are sewn to microlinks which might be wrapped around the hair. Braidless weaving is a cross between a conventional weave and an extension. Like a weave, the hair comes grouped in wefts to attach to the microlinks. However, the tactic of application to the natural hair is more much like an extension than a weave. Because the natural hair just isn’t being braided under the weave, a Malaysian weave will lie closer to the scalp and not be as bulky. This style of weave can work well with many hair types, not just coarser styles, since there isn’t any braiding. Also, because the natural hair remains to be loose beneath the weave, it can add volume and permit for easier cleaning. Like a partial weave, it’s imperative that a Malaysian weave be similar in color and texture to the natural hair.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are attached to strands of hair either through small clamps corresponding to micro loops/microlinks or through use of an adhesive. Temporary clip-style extensions are another way to add in some volume, style, and length for a single night out. Hair extensions work on most styles of hair. These extensions should match the color and texture of the natural hair so as to blend smoothly. Another choice would be to use bright colors to create a singular style. Any variety of hair extensions may be easily added to a woman’s hair to create the specified look.

Type of Extension


Clip – In

Clip-in extensions are a wonderful way to add volume, a splash of color, or length for a night. Clip-in extensions can either be purchased pre-styled or if purchasing human hair extensions, can be styled along with normal hair. These extensions should be removed at the top of the night and before showering. After they should be cleaned, they can be washed separately and left to dry.


Stylists use special adhesives to attach small wefts or strands of hair to the woman’s natural hair. Hot fusion methods are more frequently used over cold fusion methods. There are solvents designed to be safely used with different adhesive application methods. Women should be sure they have access to the necessary solvents when choosing which adhesive method to make use of on their hair.

Microlinks / Micro Loops / Shrink Loops

This style of application uses small bands made from rubber or metal to clamp across the natural hair. Some stylists may apply an adhesive to the inside of the band to forestall slippage. The hair extension is attached to this band to permit it to hang loosely. Special tools could also be required to remove these bands. Women may need to have a stylist remove most of these bands.

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Unless using clip-ins, women should consider having the stylist apply and remove extensions. If extensions are improperly handled, they’ll easily damage the hair. Clip-in hair extensions are a simple way for women to add volume to their hair at home on their own without the worth of a stylist.

How to buy Hair Weaves and Hair Extensions

3pcs/pack Virgin Remy Body Wave Indian Hair Bundles With Lace ClosureHair weave and hair extensions may be purchased through stylists at salons on the time of application. The stylist will select the precise color and weight for the woman’s hair. However, purchasing hair from a stylist is probably going essentially the most expensive route. Weaves and extensions are also available for purchase locally through beauty supply stores and through the stores’ websites. Another choice women might wish to contemplate is purchasing their extensions and wefts through eBay . This fashion they’ll search for the best deals on the widest possible variety of hair.

How to purchase Hair Weaves and Extensions on eBay

When trying to find extensions and weaves on eBay, you possibly can either type your query directly into the search bar or go to the fashion portal . Hairpieces will be located through the accessories page of the women’s portal under Wigs, Extensions, and Supplies . The search might be further narrowed down by selecting “hair extensions .” If desired, you can sort by desired attachment style, color, type of hair, and many other options. The more selective you might be, the fewer results you’ll be given to sort through. In case you are purchasing adhesive or micro loop hair extensions, it’s possible you’ll want to also look into purchasing the adhesives, solvents, extra loops, and necessary tools along with the extensions. A few of these will likely be sold as kits..

Choosing a Seller

Pay attention to the placement the item is shipping from. Items shipping from farther away may take longer to arrive and that ought to be factored into your decision for which seller to choose. It is also important to check the vendor’s return policy in case the ordered hair doesn’t match your natural shade. After selecting a seller, you need to then check their Feedback score. Sellers that have a long history of positive transactions are known as top – rated sellers and have a gold medallion icon by their name.

Full and partial hair weaves work best for women with coarser hair, since the weave will likely be sewn right into a cornrow. Malaysian style weaves and hair extensions are alternatives for women with finer hair, though these styles work well for women with coarse hair as well. Unless using clip-in hair extensions, it is strongly recommended that women have someone with experience apply and take away the additional hair in order not to wreck the natural hair or scalp. This may either be the woman’s stylist or a friend who knows what they’re doing. Both weaves and extensions may be purchased with synthetic hair or natural human hair. Synthetic hair is usually cheaper than human hair and holds braided styles better than natural hair would. However, depending on the fibers used, it might not look natural and shouldn’t be styled with heat. Hair for weaves and extensions can be purchase at beauty supply stores and their websites, salons, and through eBay.

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