Hair’s The Deal With Weaving Hair

Malaysian Straight Skin PU Tape In Hair Extensions Black Pink Tape In Human Hair ExtensionsYou’re looking you’re looking to change your hairstyle, give your natural hair a break from perms and coloring, or if you are a weave diva and just want to try something new, hair’s the deal with weaving hair. Let’s take an up close and private look weaving hair so you may make a wise and informed decision along with your next purchase.

To depart Out or Not to leave Out

First it’s essential to decide in case you desire a full sew-in or if you happen to prefer leaving a few of your own hair out to blend with your weave. Tread lightly with this because here’s where certainly one of the biggest mistakes in the industry is commonly made. Hair that does not match in texture or color often leads to a hot mess, unless you want that look. After all you can perm and color your individual hair to match your weave, but do you actually want to undergo the hassle of doing all of that? Some don’t mind and that is okay. Make certain if you’re leaving some of your natural hair out that it blends well.

What Type of Hair/Style Would you like

This can be tricky, if you’re new to the weave game. Do you want to go shorter with 8, 10, or 12 inches, or would you prefer a dramatic change with a 20, 22, 24 inch? It’s all a matter of personal preference, but keep these three things in mind: 1) The longer the weave the more hair you will want. 2) Unsure in regards to the length, grab a ruler or tape measure and measure the length from the nape of your neck. After all, it can be cut, if desired. 3) Depending on your style, chances are you’ll need to just do as much if not more to keep up your look on a daily basis. In order for you a mode where you may stand up and go maybe choose something with some texture to it would work well.

A weave doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. All hairstyles require some type of maintenance, but if you are the type of doesn’t mind curling their hair every morning or setting rollers at night, a straight or loose curl would work well. When you prefer to rise up and go, perhaps something with a curl may be a better option.

What is Your Budget

Here is where some people fail miserably.99 for 20, 20 inches and also you lose your mind. It is the deal of the century and also you want in on it, right. But hold on for a second – is that this real hair or a “blend”? That’s right they’re now mixing human with synthetic hair and calling it a blend mix or Mastermix, so be careful when choosing your hair.

The extreme opposite are the hair bundles behind the counter. Oh these must be really special because they are keeping them safe, right. Well simply because the value tag says $$89.99, $129, or even $149.99 (yes, some hair does cost that much – and for one bundle), does not imply that you’re getting the very best bang to your buck.

Here are a few inquiries to ask or just do the research yourself. The Internet is a robust tool so make the most of it:

1) What’s the brand of hair?

2) How much hair comes in the package or bundle vs. how much will I need?

3) What are others saying about this type of hair?

4) How long will it last?

Remember, simply because it is on display behind the counter does not imply that it is the perfect deal. Remember beauty supply stores have an enormous markup, while online stores haven’t got as much overhead, so they can keep their prices lower. Check the prices, the quantity of hair, and even online reviews, after which compare a number of different brands before you make your decision.

You may be thinking what’s the large deal hair is hair. Well no. With the upper grade hair, cuticles are left intact, meaning the hair is aligned together and going in a single direction. This allows the hair to last longer and look more natural. As you might imagine hair where the cuticles are usually not aligned offers different lengths, sometimes different textures (if a couple of donor), and this all contributes to split ends, frizzing, and tangling.

Do your homework before buying and you won’t be disappointed.

How Long Will It Last

How long a weave will last depends on you and the kind of hair you purchase. If you are looking for a cute style for a special occasion or something to last a number of weeks, synthetic or blended hair won’t be a nasty idea. However, if you are searching for something long term to perhaps give your hair a break or you do not like changing styles often; human hair is the one way to go.

Now the question of how long will it last mainly is determined by how you care for your hair. Of course synthetic hair will not last as long as human hair, but if you don’t maintain human hair it will not last either, and it doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on it.

Typically, high quality weaving hair can last up to a year, allowing for multiple installs. Yes, you may have to wash it, condition it, and treat it like your personal, but for those who do, it would serve you well. If you don’t, well you know what happens, just look around the next time you’re out and about. There’s bound to be someone who has that, I just give up look.

Where to buy Hair

Having a weave installed is an investment. It isn’t cheap with full weaves costing anywhere from $60 on the very low side, up to $300, on the high side. After all it depends on your location and who is doing all your install, but for those who consider the price of the hair, the cost of the install and even the time getting it done – yes, that is an investment, so why not protect your investment by buying the right hair the first time. There is nothing worse than poor quality hair that just doesn’t hold up.

So here’s the reply to that dilemma, which I’m sure many of you might have experienced should you tried going with the $9.99 human hair. Mayvenn Hair, relies in Oakland, California so no long waits to your hair to arrive. They not only offer competitive pricing for their top of the road weaving hair and closures, but they are so sure you will love the products they provide a no risk free exchange. That is unheard of today, which is what makes this the place to purchase your hair from now on. You can install it, style it, and wear it and if you do not like it, they are going to exchange it free of charge.

Stop selling yourself short when it comes to creating your next hair purchase, and visit Mayvenn Hair today. considers this an “Exclusive” line of hair and you’ll, too. You will not be disappointed, and if you are you can even get your money back, so long as you return the product as it was shipped to you. It does not get any better than that!

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