hairstyles for a thin face

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Brown, Black & Blonde Hair Extensions – Full Head Extensions

Full Head Hair Extensions – Classic Set are our hottest item. We were the first to create a real full head set of hair extensions which might be beautifully thick whilst still using real Blonde, Black or Brown remy human hair. Most of the rival brands contain less than 100 grams of hair, the complete range allows you to select from 150 – 220 grams. Made with 100% Remy Human Hair, hairstyles for a thin face all our full head sets of brown, blonde or black hair extensions include a Quad weft to provide additional natural thickness and volume. Why go together with a Quad Weft set To put it simply a quad weft gives you more hair to play with and elegance to your liking. hairstyles for a thin face The range of shades of available across our colour palette of brown, black and blonde mean you will discover the proper shade to match.

Remy Virgin Indian Body Wave Hair 4pcs/pack Human Extensions Natural ColorThe full Head Hair Extensions – Classic Set is made with the wefts of hair detailed below. We do not use a number of “1 clip wefts” as filler. Many companies fill the sets with 6 of the 1 clip wefts meaning you only get 4 adequate size wefts – we use more full size wefts and fewer “1 clip wefts” –

1.5″ x 2pc (1 clip)
4″ x 5pc (2 clips)

6″ x 2pc (3 clips)
8″ Quad weft (4 clips)

10 pieces (total)
All full head sets include a Quad Weft – that is constructed from 4 wefts sewn onto a flat mesh. This permits more hair with fewer clips, making it easier to get a natural result for your desired style.

Product Use
The total head hair extensions are the best choice for extending the length of your hair and are essential for achieving a natural looking result. They’re also perfect for adding gorgeous volume and thickness to your tresses.

Hair Extensions Application & Fitting Guide
The complete head hair extensions include 10 wefts/ strips of hair. Wefts 1-8 are labelled to help you follow the fitting guide correctly.

Starting with weft number one, open each hair extension clip by holding the clip at either end and pushing the middle until it clicks open.

Section your hair at the lower nape and insert the weft into position 1 as shown on the diagram. Click the clip closed and repeat for each weft.

Gently backcomb and hairspray the foundation of your individual hair section, where the clip will likely be placed. This is great for making a robust grip for the clips to grip onto and is especially helpful for very fine or super soft hair types.

To blend any disconnection between your shorter hair and the extensions, simply have hair wefts 5-10 layered/ feathered starting from the shortest points in your hair. We recommend that you simply don’t cut the extensions yourself unless you might be trained to take action. You may as well fit the front wefts in at an angle. This will create a more ‘feathered’ shape across the face.

hairstyles for a thin face

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