Hairstyles To Make You Beautiful

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The hairstyles for 2009 are looking increasingly natural. Why? Because they’re more natural. The natural look is the sexy look that many of us are striving for. The hairstyle right for you will compliment the shape of your face; the color of your hair will harmonize along with your skin tones. The result is a hairstyle that is simple and economical to keep up. Despite predictions to the contrary, the trend is to not shock with hair, but to accentuate natural beauty. Of course, a little bit of bright, temporary color and some stiff gel can create the outlandish look you want at times, but, except for party days, the look to work toward is a natural, not-too-scrutinized look that may lead the way to the real you.

Soft lines, soft color – these are the characteristics that bring out natural beauty. Drew Barrymore’s recent high, hair-wrapped pony-tail is a simple, yet beautiful accent to her whole look. The straightforward, straight, flared-end shoulder-length cut looks very good on Anne Hathaway. She will be able to change it by pulling it back from her face with a headband, parting it on the side and bringing bangs across her forehead, adding a braid for a fancy touch, or simply pulling it back in a pony-tail. The shorter hairstyles are easier to take care of. Try Paris Hilton’s choppy look that still softly frames her face. Curly hair is very cute short and lends itself well to the bed-head look that has been worn by Kym Johnson.

Long hair is innately natural-looking and sexy. All down, or partly up, finger curled or slightly poofed by moussing and an upside-down blow, you will have Marisa Miller hair in less than ten minutes. In case your hair is of course straight, a little application of the curling iron to the ends will add a 2009 look. Whether it is curly, an anti-frizz product is a must, but then you may just let those curls go like Jordin Sparks’. Somewhat complicated up-dos are being worn with braids, beads, and flowers, tastefully added to compliment hair, not overshadow it. The hairstyle may be very smooth as if just finished, or messy as if you happen to slept on it after having a pillow-fight the night before. A hair out of place will not be out of place this year.

The look you want is relaxed and genuine. Last year’s bed hair is modified by becoming actual bed hair. Or spend five minutes giving yourself a soft, natural look that can accomplish two goals directly: confidence in your looks, and extra time to spend on the important relationships in your life. If you don’t already sport a simple-care hairstyle, discover a stylist who will be able to advise you on probably the most beautiful, natural cut and color for you.

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