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Virgin Brazilian Straight Hair 3 Bundles Best Straight Hair WeaveIt has become apparent that women buy hair extensions to higher improve their physical appearance and have more options with reference to the hairstyles that they want. While most women are content with buying artificial hair extensions, some women would like to buy high quality extensions made from real hair. Remy Hair Extensions fit this category, being some of the expensive but aesthetically superior extensions an individual can purchase.
Its Production

The first source for producing Remy hair comes from actual human hair that is treated and obtained from Indian men and women. Unlike other synthetic hair extensions, the hair used to make Remy hair is carefully collected, with the collectors ensuring that the cuticles are still intact in order that the hair remains straight and are aligned in one direction. This process prevents tangling of strands and hair damage from collection. Unlike natural extensions like Brazilian hair, Remy extensions are treated to look more beautiful. The treatment process is very different, however, as the applying of hair treatment is done before the collecting process, while still on the donor’s head.

What Makes Remy Hair Different

Other than being aesthetically better than other hair extensions, Remy hair may be worn for a longer duration. The attachment process of Remy hair also ensures that the extension doesn’t easily come off and can look more natural with the shopper’s own hair. Also, as stated before, Remy hair has fewer probabilities of tangling as a result of cuticles being still intact and the hair aligned in a single direction.
Taking good care of Remy Hair

While Remy hair does not have clear disadvantages, maintaining the expensive extensions is quite difficult as well. The user of the extensions must rinse, moisturize, and comb them multiple times to keep up their smooth and healthy appearance.

Wearing Remy hair extensions is probably the greatest options for styling one’s own hair. The natural smoothness and shine of the product, in addition to its careful and precise production, makes it an expensive extension that many women want to amass.

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