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Peruvian Skin Weft Human Virgin Hair Extensions

Every woman has her own taste. Whether regarding clothes, accessories, or any other thing, every one has a particular preferred style. The same thing goes with their hair. Generally considered as every woman’s “crowning glory there are technically a number of ways in which women can get their locks stylized. Whether it’s a brand new cut, color, and even lengthening short locks, virtually endless possibilities are available.

Effective lengthening of short hair in short time spans has always been attributed to both synthetic and natural methods, the most notable of that are virgin hair extensions. These are characterized for his or her natural look, which doesn’t differ much from the user’s own hair by way of appearance. And they don’t only look exactly like the wearer’s real hair, but they can also be cared for and styled like the latter.

Styling Methods for Virgin Hair Extensions

Sewing in their virgin hair extensions is one method. This is completed by braiding the natural hair into cornrows, then sewing the extensions into the braids using special needles and thread. The needles used for this process will be curved or straight, depending on the situation. Curved needles are slightly preferred for safety reasons; this is to avoid pricking the scalp.

The extensions can also be attached with tiny links that either match the wearer’s hair color or are clear. One of those is the micro link, which is a light, transparent ring applied to the hair extensions, then clamped tightly for a firm hold. The rings are available a wide range of sizes: typically, the larger the ring, the stronger the link. But since bigger rings could also be more visible, they’re not usually recommended.

After attaching the extensions, it’s time to get personal. Based on preference, women can wear their hair down to better accentuate their facial features (cheek bones, eyes, face shape, etc.), or style them up so as to add a little bit of height. They also can sport quirky, funky looks, provided that the extensions they’re wearing are fit to their preferred style.

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