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Peruvian Human Virgin Hair Middle-Long BOBO Wigs With BangsThe AR15 grip is held on by one lonely screw. The house Pachmayr gunsmithing screwdriver set had a slotted insert that fit the screw perfectly. It was the work of a moment to unscrew the old grip, and ready the rifle for it is new handle. After all, that work of a moment was followed by several minutes looking for the SMALL SPRING that lives under the grip. Using the secret magic words (%$# @#%$# ^$@$%#*+^# (^$$@$@), the spring was recovered and installed under the new Hogue grip.

The hardest part of the whole five minute ordeal was getting the screw into the outlet of the new grip, because the screw hole lives at the bottom of a deep dark grip well hole. Carteach solved this by placing the screw and it’s lock washer on the screwdriver, and then lowering the grip over it Vertically. Once that was done, the rifle was finished seconds later.

How does the Hogue grip feel compared to the stock hard plastic? Like night and day, the difference is remarkable. The shooters grip is way firmer, more repeatable, and utterly un-shifting under recoil. Frankly, I wish all firearm modifications were this cheap, easy, and of such value. Hogue has been making grips for generations…

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