How Do I Stop Static In My Hair?

In the course of the cold, dry winter months, your hair may stand on end. Instead of just wearing a hat, learn to combat static hair in order that your locks look healthy and moisturized, not parched and messy. The best way that you just wash, style and care on your hair will help stop static, so long as you diligently follow the precise hair-care routine. With slightly extra moisture, your dry, static hair might be a thing of the past.

Step 1
Start your static-hair-care routine in the shower, suggests Use a moisturizing shampoo with vitamin E as one in every of the principle ingredients. Rinse it out, after which coat hair in a thick, moisturizing conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit on the hair for two minutes before rinsing out.

Step 2
Style your hair properly to avoid static cling. First, apply a styling mousse to the hair. Choose a mousse over a pomade, which can make your hair look too greasy, or a gel, which can actually dry your hair out and exacerbate the problem. Comb your hair before drying with a blow dryer. When blow drying, ensure to permit the hair to remain somewhat damp if possible. Overdrying your hair could make it more susceptible to static. Allowing your hair to air dry is the very best defense against static, says

Step 3
Fill a small spray bottle with warm water, and then pour in a tablespoon of hair conditioner. Shake to mix well, after which slip it into your handbag for quick fixes if you notice static. It can act as a weight in your hair. Just spritz a bit of on your hands and smooth through your hair.

Step 4
Carry a regular dryer fabric softener sheet with you. A dryer sheet coats clothes with a thin layer of fabric softener so they don’t seem to be static, and it will do the identical in your hair. Just separate your hair into 1-inch sections, fold the sheet over and clamp it onto the section, dragging the sheet down to the underside of the section for smoother, shinier hair.

Step 5
Switch from a nylon brush to a natural bristle brush, suggests Nylon bristle brushes can actually make static hair because it will possibly transfer even more static to your locks. A natural bristle brush is considered neutral and can assist you to restyle your hair without the risk of making it worse.


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Natural bristle brush
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