How one can Wear A Wig If you have Long Hair

Unprocessed Human Cheap Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 BundlesWho’ve who have extremely short hair or are completely bald is not going to have quite a lot of problems putting on a wig. All they must do is apply the adhesive to the edge of the wig and affix it to where their natural hairline is. But what in case you have long hair that you wish to conceal under a wig? For obvious reasons, this can be a lot tougher.

One in every of the first concerns of long-haired women is that their head might look unnaturally large once they hide their long locks under the wig. But this would not need to be the case is they placed on the wig properly.

The very first thing that it’s a must to do is to brush your hair until it is as smooth and flat as it could possibly get. Then take a bit of elastic and tie your hair in a ponytail right at the nape. Flip the ponytail upwards, ensuring the elastic stays at the nape of your neck. Use a couple of bobby pins to secure the hair in place. In case your hair may be very long, the ends will likely be hanging down over your face at this point, which is where it is best to leave it for the moment.

Next, take the wig and stretch the cap over your head starting from the nape. As you stretch the cap, flatten your own hair further until the cap is completely over your head. If you are able to do this without using bobby pins, all the higher because the wig cap will be capable of lie more flatly against your head.

Now, for those with extra long hair, you will have to part the hanging strands into two. Take the left-hand portion and tuck it in under the wig cap on your right side. Do the identical with the remaining portion.

That’s all there’s to it. If you’ll be able to flatten your hair well, no one will suspect that you are hiding long tresses under your wig and your head will look no bigger than average either.

An extra trick that you should utilize is to buy a wig whose base is in basically the identical color as the hair. For example, blonde hair needs to be attached to a light-colored cap, while darker hair must be attached to a similarly dark base. This will reduce the chance that the bottom will stand out, making your head look bigger than it really is.

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