how to do a wig

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Straight Hair, Healthy Hair

You’ve seen the hair-do of your favourite movie star: smooth, long hair that is been styled to perfection flowing elegantly down her shoulders. You’ve asked yourself, “how ever did she get such a divine hairstyle ” So that you bury your nostril deep in those style magazines and click away furiously on the ‘web, trying to discover the key to her lengthy hair. And then you definitely hit it: the flat iron hair straightener.

Premium Body Wave Weaves 3Pcs/lot Best Bundles Of Human HairDesperate to attempt the hairstyle for how to do a wig yourself, you’ve bought your very own flat iron. You claw your method via the package, and have plugged within the iron with goals of elegantly smooth hair flowing down your shoulders… identical to her. You press the flat iron hair straightener’s hot plates in your hair, and voila!

Prompt fried hair noodles. It appears like hell, and it smells like hell too.
Before this happens to you, know this: healthy hair is one in all the most important components of beautifully straight hear. You have to take care of your hair even before you think of straightening it out.

This is the low-down to avoid getting fried hair and different related hair-straightening disasters:
Eat healthy – watch what you eat. That is the very first thing you can do to make your hair healthy enough to manage whereas styling it flat. Hair that is skinny and brittle will break below even the slightest stress, and can appear like a dying horse’s tail when it is unhealthy. You do not wish to showcase that kind of hair. Some meals that is good on your hair includes salmon, green leafy vegetables and beans, to name just a few.

Verify your hair-products – be certain that your creams, gels and sprays are all appropriate with the kind of hair you have. Skinny, dry and naturally limp hair has completely completely different styling needs than thick, moist and curly hair. Combine up their hair-care products, and you’re going to find yourself with some very embarrassing results.

Moisturize it – dried-out hair also has a better likelihood to get broken. Keep it moist with some useful depart-on conditioner after styling, and you are good to strut your stuff one the street without any worries of your falling off after ironing it.

Watch what you pull – keep away from putting pressure on your hair to keep away from breaking strands and making you look like a broom. That means avoid forcefully pulling whereas brushing, whereas ironing, or whereas drying with a towel.

Iron conservatively – once each different day is the max you’ll be able to iron your hair with a flat iron hair straightener, and take a look at not to make too many swipes with your iron over the identical spots. Excessive ironing will damage your hair, and may consequence within the beforehand talked about ‘immediate fried hair noodles.”

Get a top quality flat iron – for flat irons, you definitely don’t desire low cost. You need quality. One improper swipe of how to do a wig a flat iron will imply that you are going to end up going to must put on a hat till your hair grows back. Invest in quality flat irons: ones which have no less than ceramic plates and adjustable temperatures. Additionally, verify the model. Some models will die out quick and do a soiled job, whereas extra reliable and branded fashions, just like the Karmin G3 Salon Pro line, will get the job carried out and last for years on end.

And there you’ve it. From consuming the fitting food to choosing the proper flat iron hair straightener correctly, you will get that immaculately straight hairstyle without working the danger of damaging your precious hair. Wholesome, straight hair will likely be your crowning glory!

how to do a wig

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