how to make a french braid

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To stop To stop Knots In the Back Of Long Hair When Down

Long hair frequently develops knots throughout the course of the day. They can be formed by both dryness and friction against other materials, like clothing. The hair on the back of the top is susceptible to both causes, because it’s in most difficult area to look after and touch up. While you plan to wear your long how to make a french braid hair down, prepare it the proper way in the morning to maintain the knots away all day.

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Step 1
Shampoo the hair next to your scalp only. Shampoos can strip the hair of natural oils needed to maintain cuticles sealed and smooth. Focus on your scalp when cleansing with shampoo, and how to make a french braid the rest of your hair will probably be cleansed if you rinse it.

how to make a french braid

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