How to Remove Coconut Oil From Hair

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for dull, dry hair, but it may be difficult to get the right amount in your locks. Too little, and you won’t get the shine that you really want; a lot, and your hair could find yourself looking heavy and oily. If you’ve accidentally applied an excessive amount of coconut oil in your hair, there are steps you’ll be able to take to unravel the issue quickly.

Step 1
Sprinkle about a tbsp. of dry shampoo near the roots of your hair. Use a brush to drag the dry shampoo down toward the ends. The roots will likely be greasier than the ends, so the small amount that reaches the ends shall be sufficient to absorb excess oil. If you don’t have dry shampoo available, baby powder or cornstarch make for good substitutes when used in the same manner, based on ShampooCentral.

Step 2
Wash your hair with regular shampoo and water when you’ve gotten the time. While dry shampoos can absorb some of the excess oil, a clarifying shampoo is best to assist remove it out of your hair completely.

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Step 3
Leave the shampoo on your hair for at the very least five minutes, suggests MedlinePlus. It allows the detergents in the shampoo to effectively break down the excessive coconut oil in your hair so your hair is now not oily. It’s possible you’ll have to shampoo greater than once, depending on how much coconut oil you have used and how fine and thin your hair is. In case your hair looked excessively greasy, chances are you’ll need to repeat the washing process.

Step 4
Condition the ends of your hair only. After you remove the coconut oil from your hair, your roots do not have to be conditioned; the coconut oil has hydrated them enough. Apply a nickel-size amount of good-quality conditioner to the ends to compensate for the lack of moisture from the clarifying shampoo.

Dry shampoo, baby powder, or cornstarch

Clarifying shampoo


Apply coconut oil in your fingertips only the following time you employ it in your hair. This ensures that you don’t use a lot. Use your fingers to use it to the ends of your hair, and use any excess oil to pat down flyaways around your crown. Wash your hands to make sure that you do not oversaturate the hair follicle with a lot oil.
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