Human Hair Extensions – Virgin Brazilian Human Hair Review

You’ve you’ve never used hair extensions before, deciding what hair to purchase can be overwhelming. There are such a lot of various kinds of synthetic and human hair, it’s hard to know the difference between them. Does Virgin Brazilian hair actually come from Brazil? And are any synthetic hair products as good as human hair extensions?

3pcs/pack Virgin Loose Wave Peruvian Hair Bundles Human Hair WeftDepending on what style you are going for, synthetic hair could also be the most effective hair for you. For example, those that wear braids may find that synthetic hair works best with their hair. Besides, human hair extensions can be so expensive.

But if you’re going for quality over cost, you are most certainly looking for human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are typically softer, shinier and longer lasting than synthetic hair because they’re made from actual human hair.

Most hair stylists will let you know that Virgin Brazilian hair is the perfect type of human hair extensions you should purchase. What makes the hair virgin is its treatment. Only hair that has not been processed, meaning permed or dyed, where the cuticle continues to be in tact is virgin hair.

Some unscrupulous hair sellers will attempt to pass off hair mixtures as virgin. You may usually tell by the texture and bundling if your extensions are virgin or not. But some mixes will be very convincing. A technique to test if a hair bundle is human or fake is to burn it. Human hair extensions will burn, synthetic hair will melt.

There are many various styles of hair from various regions that are labeled virgin Brazilian. Greater than the country of origin, the label Brazilian actually refers to the texture. Brazilian hair tends to be smooth and shiny and range in natural color from light brown to black. It will also be diverse in texture and grade. You will discover natural virgin Brazilian hair that is straight, curly and or wavy. Because of that versatility, most women of color prefer virgin Brazilian hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are sold in bundles, each weighing a few ounces. For a full hair extension installation, you have to about eight ounces of hair depending on the length of hair you buy which may range from twelve inches to sixteen. You possibly can find a bundles sale online offering a three bundle of human hair extensions for as little as $250.00.

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