human hair vs remy hair

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The way to Spiral Wrap Hair With Rags

Creating spiral curls with rags gives you an alternative to heat styling. This old-school method works well if your hair doesn’t generally hold a wave, because rag curls typically maintain their bounce better than heat styled curls. However, there are drawbacks to using rags to curl your hair. Some people have trouble sleeping on rag curlers, and you probably have thick hair, it would take trial and remaining damp the next morning.

4pcs Virgin Jerry Curly Indian Hair Weaves With Closure Indian Hair ExtensionsStep 1
Gather rags manufactured from soft fabric. You need to use strips of old towels or T-shirts. Cut or rip every one so it is approximately 1 inch wide and 12 to 15 inches long. Use the materials that you have available; there is no reason to purchase special supplies. If in case you have thick or very long hair, you may want to choose T-shirt material; it is unlikely that towel fabric will allow your hair to completely dry by morning.

Step 2
Start with wet hair. The important thing to getting smooth, bouncy spiral curls is in the wrapping. Comb your hair so it’s smooth and tangle free. For hair that is very thick or long, blow-dry it lightly. Wet hair that dries wrapped in hair rags will hold curl much longer than hair that was partially dry when wrapped. Hair that is too wet will still be wet the subsequent morning when it’s unrolled, and these damp curls is not going to hold.

Step 3
Divide hair into sections. The smaller the section, the tighter he curl. For bouncy waves, divide hair into 4- to six-inch sections. For ringlets, 1-inch sections are ideal. Needless to say the larger the section, the longer it should take your hair to dry.

Step 4
Start at the front of your head to help prevent you from tangling the curled rags in with loose hair. Start at the top and work your way right down to your ears. Move back to the next sections, and begin at the top once again and work your way down. Working in this manner keeps the loose hair out of your way.

Step 5
Start rolling. Hold the section loosely in one hand and twist it several times. This creates the spiral curl. Place the rag at the ends of the hair and start rolling toward the scalp. Be certain the ends of the hair stay tucked under as you roll the hair up. Allowing the ends to stick up will lead to straight bits of hair that may stick out once you unwind your curls. When you reach your scalp, bring the ends of the rag to the highest and tie them in a knot. Now you’re ready to maneuver on to the subsequent section.

Step 6
Unwrap carefully the subsequent morning. Untie each rag, starting at the back and dealing within the reverse order of the best way you wrapped them. Keep your fingers out of the curls until you could have them all unrolled. After all the curls are unrolled, gently work your fingers down the hair from roots to ends.

Finger style your hair once it’s unrolled. The less you handle it, the higher it’s going to look. If your hair continues to be wet the next morning, dry it with a blow dryer while still rolled in rags.
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human hair vs remy hair

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