I was A Sweet Child Of The Fifties

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I was A Sweet Child of the Fifties
Updated on March 24, 2017 Kathi moreContact Author That’s me far left, brother Tim in back, brother Matt far right, sister Julie in front I came across this photo recently and it took me back to a different time and place. The photo was snapped throughout the 1950’s decade which most individuals associate with post war baby boomers and sprawling suburbs in America. But if I had to decide on one word to describe the 50’s, it would have to be “innocence”! For example, I didn’t have a top on on this photo because it was no big deal back then. It’s a perfect example of the innocence many of us grew up with! Parents protected their children from the truths related to the grown up world, anyway mine did, and I’ve lots of friends and associates who will tell you an identical.

After i first checked out this picture it gave me so much joy, after which I asked myself, who were these beautiful children? Who was I? Floods of memories came pouring in. Nostalgia also set in and it compelled me to look deeper back on the lighter side of the culture and activities that occupied our lives throughout the decade! I quickly discovered how easy that was. The internet has oodles of fifty’s information and private accounts from those who lived it! It helped me rediscover who we were then and how it led us to who we’re today! In case you grew up in the 50’s, I hope the list I compiled of games, TV shows, children’s books, fashion, styles and family culture of the time, reconnects you to the positive side of the era. In case you didn’t grow up back then, have a look anyway and open up your perspective. It was a cheerful time stuffed with hopefulness for the future. Benefit from the ride!

I have included some photos below to assist spark old memories and show the times. Most of them came from my husband’s photo album, Joseph Mirto, who grew up within the Detroit suburbs. Many of my family’s old photos were destroyed by water damage!

Acrobats (Cousin Karlene)Boyscouts (Husband Joe)Baseball (Husband Joe) A-Z List of 1950’s Culture

Airplane Kits

American Bandstand

Alfred Hitchcock

Avengers Comics

American Pie

Army Men Toys

Apple Butter


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sendingJill 24 months ago

Have been talking with friends…. Do you recall an out of doors toy called the Hump a Jump….. Kind of like a stand up teeter totter? I remember it from the mid to late 60’s into early 70’s

Hey Audrey, Oh sweetie, you are such a dear. I miss those days too! Thanks again for stopping by! Happy Mother’s Day, I hope it is and that you understand your son is taking care of you in heaven!

Hi Tim, Thanks for letting me find out about my little “boo-boo”! That slang probably came out of the fifties too, maybe, lol. Anyway, I like your additions, especially portable record player and the gum that came with baseball cards, forgot all about that and remember what a treat it always was. Glad you stopped by, Hugs, Kathi

timorous 4 years ago from Me to You

Heheh..I remember many of these (born in ’53). It was indeed a simpler time. Kids could just be kids, and we respected each other. Ok, we had the odd fight, but ‘bullying’ was no big deal. Neither were cuts and scrapes. We also made our own endless fun, without the necessity for any ‘gadgets’. Not that I am complaining. It is just that it takes away the youngsters ability (or need) to invent or pretend.

I could add a few things to your list:

Leaving your doors wide open and unlocked most of the time.

Marvel caps (gunpowder dots for your ‘toy’ gun)

Viewmaster 3D slide viewer

Elvis Presley

Portable record player

Those baseball cards came with a stick of stale gum within the package

P.S. A bit of error in your list. You meant to say ..coming in from playing when the streetlights came on.

Thanks. I enjoyed the article.

Audrey Hunt 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Kathi – Just had to come back and read this again. How I loved the 50’s. I miss the innocence of those times. I love your lists and got teary eyed with your photos. Voted up and sharing.

So true Barbara, well said! Thanks for the visit, Blessings, Kathi

Barbara Badder 4 years ago from USA

I used to be a child within the 50’s too. Life was far more innocent. Too bad our grandchildren must be so careful. Persons are the same. Life is just different.

I adore it when my 50’s friends comment on this “remember when” hub. I so agree with what you said about persons are still the same and about clutter and all! Thanks for the visit!

molometer 4 years ago

Loved this hub.

After i have a look at these pictures it seems like a foreign land, filled with interesting people.

So much has changed and yet scratch the surface and not much has changed at all really.

People are the same, they simply may have more ‘stuff’.

That’s what I remember. Less clutter and less ‘stuff’

All the votes for this excellent hub.

Thank you for stopping by xstatic, those of us who grew up then were given a special gift of innocence in many ways, indeed.

Jim Higgins 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

What a wonderful list and great photos too! This takes us all back. I turned 10 in 1950. so really grew up in that decade.

Thank you for the nice compliment Cam, I am glad you enjoyed my fifties recollection. It was a more innocent time for sure. I am going to have to check out your birthday hub, sounds like it would be interesting and something that I might enjoy. See you there, Kathi :O)

Chris Mills 4 years ago from Maple City, Michigan

Fossillady, Kathi, if I may, I actually enjoyed this hub. In January of this year, I wrote a hub about a few of the things that happened one the day and within the year I used to be born, January 12, 1957. I like your photos and how you used the alphabet. Delightful hub. Thanks.

Indeed the 50’s was like a forgotten time i feel sometimes.Thanks for commenting my friend and especially for sending angles my way! I like that and right back attcha! Kathi :O)

Patricia Scott 4 years ago from sunny Florida

thanks for allowing us to peek into your childhood. I grew up then too and it was so a time of innocence. We were so blessed to have lived then I think.

Your pictures are a fantastic record of that point.

Sending Angels to you today 🙂 ps

You’re so right about the 50’s being a more innocent time when people lived the American dream and values. Greed and technology has spoiled some of that, but then there are always negative things about any generation. Thanks so much for stopping by my friend…good to hear from you!

damian0000 4 years ago from Belfast

Fossillady…. what a beautiful child you were and what a fantastic montage of pictures you create here!

I am not sure what job you do but i think it is best to really have been a teacher, you always make the subjects you’re talking about so interesting and you spark peoples’ curiosity.

For sure the 50s seem like a much more innocent time… Great hub!

AuthorKathi 4 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

Sit up for visiting there when your finished. Me and the other hubbers had fun with this one! It’s always good to look back at times like you did with Fosta’s childhood! It can be so healing. Cheers, Kathi :O)

Barbara Radisavljevic 4 years ago from Templeton, CA

This brings back many memories for me, too, since I also grew up in the 1950’s. This so fits in with the new hub I started this morning I will have to link to it, because it proves my point.

kipronor 5 years ago from Nairobi

What more amazing than to be ables to appreciate the past as you look towards the longer term…Childhood is a sweet thing and you can never bring it back if you happen to cant look back and thank GOD. Great Hub

AuthorKathi 5 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

Oh Vicki, your response to my fifties article is near and dear to me! Thanks so very much for adding more nostalgic symbolism to our treasured era and your beautiful tribute to our parents before us! I have never been on hubpages lately as time hasn’t allowed and i miss it an incredible deal. Hopefully, I can return frequently some day soon! I am so glad I stopped by to check out your comment! Take care dear friend!

Vicki Dial 6 years ago

Really stirred up some memories, Kath……once I got rolling…..WOW!

Alka-seltzer(Grandmother’s), anklets, Aqua-net hairspray

A WA(lnut)33234.

Thanks, Kathi, for the chance to lose myself in quite possibly essentially the most idyllic times of my life and bask within the memories of days gone by, as was so often repeated by others: a time of truly simple and uncomplicated innocence.

The post-WWII years were definitely an era of renewal and prosperity for the country, as our grandparents’ generation possessed a genuine thankfulness to be leaving the ‘war to finish all wars’ behind them, and our parents’ generation, with the assurances and lessons of their forefathers as a foundation, looked forward to building a bright future, filled with optimism and hope for their very own children; their faith and confidence within the strength and security of our country evidenced in no small way, by the surge in population referred to as the ‘baby boomer’ generation. It was a glorious time to grow up; we owe our parents’ and our grandparents’ a debt that can never be repaid for such a gift.

Hi mckbird…Is not good for the soul to reminisce the nice memories infrequently? The 50’s was such a singular era! Thanks for stopping by my friend! Cheers

mckbirdbks 6 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Hello Fossillady. This is a great Hub. Brings me right back to my youth. I’ve been writing a series set in this place in our history. Thank you, this is a treasure.

Hi Neil, ha ha, very funny comment and you are so right in regards to the hippies too! Thank you a lot for stopping by

Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

Great Hub — as for the topless picture – you would do this in my back yard now 🙂

Simple world would be one without judgements. I’m for that.

the hippies were far more correct than people today may realize.

It’s always nice to return and visit what I consider the great old days even though on the time we didn’t understand it. Who knows, maybe the present decade will fit the bill sooner or later! I do like the simpler life and try to maintain it that way regardless that it is not always easy! Good to see you Amy

amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

I did not grow up in the fifties but I’m fascinated at how much the world has changed. I love the images. They make me wish we lived in a simpler world. Voted up. 🙂

Susan has always been a lovely lass, inside and outside. It’s a small world after all! 🙂

Hi K. Thanks on your great comment! I’m glad it brought back memories. I feel I must have watched every episode of Happy Days…lol, Take Care

Kristen Burns-Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California

As a toddler of parents married in the fifties, my family’s resident historian, and a baby who grew up watching “Happy Days” every tuesday night….I salute you! This is a good hub, filled with nostaliga, and much of 50’s pop culture information! Great job! I look forward to reading more hubs by you!

Hi James, good to see you, I totally agree about the 50’s being the peak decade of American Life! Hey, guess what…we’ve got a mutual friend, Susan Mattson. She is married to my brother Matt Zerbel! I happened to see your photo on her FB wall and asked her how she knew you. So you two went to school together. It is a small world indeed! I hope life is treating you well, take care, Kathi

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

I very much enjoyed this journey down memory lane with you. The family pictures are neat. I believe the Fifties were the peak of American life. No, not for everybody and it wasn’t perfect. But compared to all other decades, I believe it was the perfect. Thanks.

Isn’t it the truth Nell, looks as if another lifetime! I’d return in a brand new York minute! Take care, Kathi

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, Kathi this was fantastic! I wasn’t born until 59′ but there are such a lot of things that overlapped into the sixties, one potato two potato! I remember it well, and i loved the photos, those were the times!

Thanks kindly Mysterious One, I am so glad you enjoyed it!!!!!

MysteriousOne 6 years ago

Wow,that was an awesome walk down memory lane! What a lovely hub, filled with such wonderful memories.My first visit, but won’t be the last! Thanks a lot for that delightful write!Voted up and awesome!



Hi Erin, How’s considered one of my favorite hippy girlfriends lately? I’m glad this reminded you of your family in Baltimore and it’s cool how they tried to instill the values and customs from this sweet era! Take Care Sweetie

Erin LeFey 6 years ago from Maryland

What a beautiful hub! That would have been my family in Baltimore too I am sure! Thanks so much for sharing your loved ones photos and all of the wonderful words. I remember all those still getting used when I was growing up after all throughout the 70’s as a small child because our parents were trying to recreate for us their own experiences. Voted up and pressed all your buttons!!

Good to see you here Micky, I had a bike when I used to be a kid that had to be shared with my siblings. It was handed down from my aunt Kay. I named it “Babe”. You need to always name your bikes do not you think? lol

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Beautiful Fossillady! Thank you dear.

It certainly is fun Fay, I hadn’t done that in a long time! Such a very long time ago! Thanks for stopping by!

Fay Paxton 6 years ago

What a marvelous stroll down memory lane. I’m more familiar with the sixties, but most of this was still around. I tried this sort of reminiscing in a hub I called “Remember When”. It’s fun to look back.

voted up and awesome

Hey Ruby, Oh yeah, it was a good suggestion, alright! Another fun story from a dear hubfriend!

Thank you TK, my 60’s friend, I remember the 60’s greater than the 50’s. Had to dig deep for the childhood memories. It is a shame concerning the photos, my parents are especially sick about it. Luckily, I had confiscated a few things and that turned out to be a blessing. Take Care

toknowinfo 6 years ago

Thanks for an amazing hub. I grew up within the 60’s but you continue to brought me back. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Sorry yours got damaged by water. Too bad there was no internet back then to scan in the pictures. Wonderful hub and wonderful knowing you through hubpages. P.S. you were a very cute little girl.

Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

I feel it can be a good idea to visit my NEW hub Las Vegas, Hee


Hi Sweetest Pras, These are precious memories, I hope you have photos of your childhood! If you don’t, make up for it with photos of your individual children! They are treasures!

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

Thanks for share your childhood story. I really enjoy all the images above. Wow… you still keep the pictures as good memories. We had never forgotten those memories, right! Rated up up up. Have a nice weekend…

Love and peace,

My pleasure Del, it’s good for the soul to take a visit back in time infrequently, but to recollect the good stuff! Thanks for the nice comment!

Hi Katie, I am so glad I published this hub cause it has been fun for others to return along on the trip! Also, it has been therapeutic to recollect the better of those times…I’ve done enough analyzing the negative! Stay cool!

katiem2 6 years ago from I am outta here

What a phenomenal story and the photos are just amazing, brilliant and so well done, it seems photography is a time honored gift in your loved ones. This is so sweet, I am keen on the story of you as a child within the fifties, what a cool time. I loved the alphabet trivia, very neat! Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂 Katie 🙂

Del Banks 6 years ago from Southern Appalachians

Wow! That was a trip down memory lane! I grew up in the late fifties (1957), but I feel it was with the identical kids,cars and houses, only on the west coast :)! The alphabetizing was great. Thanks for flogging my memory like that!


AuthorKathi 6 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

Hi Nancy, Wow, good to listen to from you! You have given me some wonderful memories yourself, Lions -)

Debby Bruck 6 years ago

Hi Kathi ~ I voted up and said it was AWESOME. This memory hub really took me back, very much reminiscing of all of the items listed. But, even more, as you said in the hub, it feels like a unique planet, a special time zone, like I dropped into “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” of yester-year. The photos could have come from the family album of all those that lived in the course of the 50’s. The cowboy pictures, boy-scouts, neighborhood swings and playgrounds. Holiday line-ups of relations; and the edges on the black )

Robert Elias Ballard 6 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina

Fossilady, Thank you for this hub. It brings back so many memories and you guys look a lot just like the mill village brats of Tuxedo. What a fantastic time to grow up.

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