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What Does It Mean If you Lose More Hair Than Normal

I often get panicked emails from folks who have noticed, much to their dismay, that they’re losing or shedding more hairs than what is typical or normal for them. I get questions like: “should I worry or be concerned that I appear to be losing quite a lot of hair ;” or “what might be causing me to lose more hair than what is normal for me ” I will address these concerns in the following article as well as list some common causes of hair loss and shedding.

Virgin Peruvian Natural Wave Hair Weft 4pcs/pack Human Hair BundlesShedding Or Losing More Hair Than Normal Can be Nothing To worry About: In some cases, shedding may be chalked up to seasonal changes, new medications, or products that don’t agree with you. Perhaps you just tried a brand new hair dye and had a nasty reaction. Maybe you started a new medication or birth control pill and your body is adjusting to it. Maybe you just gave birth or had a sudden hormonal change. As long because the loss or shedding resolves itself relatively quickly, most often that is nothing to fret about and normal hair patterns and regrowth will resume without your needing to do anything about it.

What’s Normal Hair Loss Or Shed Anyway : Many people tell me that they know that they are losing more hair than what’s typical for them, but even so, they need to know what is considered “typical.” Well, that varies depending upon how thick or course your hair was to start with. People with very full heads of hair will typically lose a bit more than those with fine, thin hair. It’s really based on the proportion of strands in your head which might be in the resting phase. Still, most dermatologist give a variety of fifty – 100 hairs per day, depending on the seasons or the phases of your regrowth patterns. And most doctors will let you know international shipping delays that any changes that you notice mustn’t last for greater than a week or two, unless you can pinpoint some medical or other cause.

What Might be Causing You To Lose A lot Hair : If you continue to feel that you’ve got reason for concern, let’s look at some common causes. Overwhelmingly, AGA or androgenic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss. There’s a misconception that in order to have this condition, you will need to have a family member (most often thought to be in your mother’s side of the family) who is balding or thinning. This is not the case. You possibly can have genetic hair issues on either side of the family or no family history at all. There has been an enormous increase in folks with DHT or androgen driven loss with no family history whatsoever.

Chances are you’ll even have TE (telogen effluvium) or CTE (chronic telogen effluvium) which is more commonly often known as excess shedding. This is often attributable to stress on the body. Perhaps you’ve gotten new issues together with your hormones. Maybe your thyroid or adrenal functions have been compromised. Maybe you’ve recently had surgery or have been ill. Any of these items can cause loads of hairs to enter the resting phase (and eventually shed) at one time. Commonly, TE occurs around three months after the trigger. Most frequently, this process will only last for a couple of months. When it would not resolve itself or get any better, then it goes into the realm of CTE and it is a bit trickier.

You may also have scalp issues or inflammation. This includes bacterial or yeast infections, ringworm, or severe dandruff, eczema, and / or psoriasis. However, one of these loss is mostly generalized although yeast could cause more diffuse loss. There is often also discomfort and discoloration that goes hand in hand with scalp issues, although this is not always the case and is not set in stone.

international shipping delays

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