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For those of you that do not know, there are several, well, many, different types of eyelash extensions available available on the market. From plasticky DIY sets, to synthetic, mink fur & human hair lashes with variety of different lengths, curl shapes lace front wigs install & colours.

To keep things simple, we just use one type which is quick, easy, affordable and looks amazing.

Lace Front Full Lace Wigs Peruvian Curly Hair Wigs


Let me explain. Hot Stuff is the brand (our business), Knot-Free means there isn’t a ‘bump or knot’ at the top of the lashes where they’re adhered and held together, and Cluster means there is a gaggle of individual lashes per ‘strand’ which is applied to your personal lashes.

We prefer clusters because they’re QUICK (20-30 min per full set), EASY (There are 4 different lengths to select from and you may mix them and/or make them as thick or natural looking as you want) & LOOK AMAZING, they really do highlight your face incredibly, thus eliminating the necessity to wear as much makeup (especially mascara – bye bye panda eyes)!

Considered one of the primary differences between the cluster lashes and the individual or grafted lashes, is that they do not last as long, this is true… however, eyelashes grow surprisingly fast (who knew) and because the individual ones last up to 6 weeks or so, generally by this time they’ve grown out rather a lot and might begin to twist or bend and look funny, and should be removed professionally or wait until they grow out and fall off. Individuals generally cost anywhere from $80-$200 for a very good set, usually take over an hour to use, and refills could be anywhere from $50-$150 every month or so.

Clusters normally last between 2-4 weeks lace front wigs install (it varies per person) the glue they’re attached with is mostly not as strong, which is best to your natural lashes in the long term. The cluster lashes also look too much thicker than the individuals which implies there does not need to be as many applied to attain a full look, or many might be applied if the client wants a very full and ‘fake’ look. The clusters can also be removed at home by the client after some time when they’ve started to grow out, by soaking them with hot water and using makeup remover wipes or just like dissolve the glue and slide the lashes off gently, thus not causing any damage. A full set of clusters is anywhere from $35-$45, takes 20-30min to use and refills are anywhere from $10-$20.

So, that’s why we like clusters. And the fact that you simply needn’t wear mascara with them on, it’s great. I hate mascara.

Of-course it is all personal preference which method you prefer or recommend or use etc – as is everything in life. One method just isn’t better than another, they are just different.

lace front wigs install

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