Lauren Lovette Is Flying High, And She’s Not Afraid Of Falling

Middle-Long Wavy Human Hair Wigs 100 Unprocessed Brazilian Hair Wigs OnlineLovette acknowledges that not all her ballets will achieve success, just as not all her performances are flawless. One of many things she’s been practicing since her early teen years is “casting the line out, before you’re really ready to fish.And sometimes, it doesn’t work out. She told the class about how, once, she fell onstage while she was dancing the role of the Sugarplum Fairy within the company’s flagship production, “The Nutcracker.The Lincoln Center house was full; a dozen little girls in angel costumes were gathered around her, and she ate it, tearing a ligament. “But not less than I went for it,she says, as the scholars laugh on the image of their suddenly humanized heroine splatting onto the stage. As for choreographing, “I know I’ll fail at that too, if I keep going.

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