Learn how to Work With Influencers?

Influencers are everywhere. A lot so, they’re now a mainstream marketing avenue. When collaborating with influencers how you’re employed with them is as important as who you choose to work with.

I Tip Peruvian Straight Human Virgin HairInfluencers fall somewhere between celebrity and traditional media outlets. They navigate the challenges of monetizing on a channel where they’ve built up an authentic following. For longevity, smart influencers know they need to remain true to their audience and personal brand. There are not any advertising guidelines, no set rates and the working parameters vary from person to person. So when embarking on an influencer program (paid or not) it is necessary to contemplate how and where your brand will show up.

As a brand, a terrific solution to get the most out of working with influencers is by creating experiences for them. Influencers are always searching for opportunities to create content and share details of their day. Tarte Cosmetics takes influencers on trips to an exquisite, exotic location just a few times a year to align with a product launch (#trippinwithtarte). Other successful brands bring influencers on sourcing trips or behind-the-scenes tours of their head office or manufacturing, or they simply invite influencers on a non-public shop tour.

Personalization is key. Influencers like to share experiences which might be created specific to their personality. The Bite Lip Lab in New York and Toronto allows customers to create their own shade of lipstick color. Influencers have shared their experiences at the Lab widely on their social channels, really putting Bite’s name on the map. While not all brands can open a pop up shop, you can personalize elements of your brand when liaising with influencers. Unique send outs and events with custom gifts are only a few examples of this.

Trends are awesome. If your brand can jump on something that is trending and create a product or experience in line with that trend, you’re prone to see much more coverage. Unicorns are very trendy within the makeup world right now, while athleisure is something a whole lot of clothing brands have been capitalizing on for a while. As always, staying on top of trends and being reactive is key.

Challenges are fun. Launching a product or embarking on a campaign? Think about how you can have influencers add their voice through a challenge that is fun for them to do and draws attention to your brand. Challenges are fun, easy to follow and allow influencers to have interaction with one another. Successful challenges include: the bean boozled challenge that launched with Harry Potter’s flavoured jelly beans, ice bucket challenge that raised millions for ALS and the Disney challenge that pulls loads of attention to the brand.

Engage with them. Liking and commenting on Vancouver pr company posts is so important as a brand and helps keep the relationship intact. This helps to maintain your brand top-of-mind as working with Vancouver pr company can ebb and flow, so keeping that consistent touch point is key to ongoing success.

Overall, it’s important that you’re employed with influencers who’re keen about your brand, or not less than desperate to learn more. With any influencer, it is crucial to contemplate not only their followers but engagement and comments on the content they produce.

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