Legal Ways To Earn a living Out of your Body

Sell your hair

Extensions, wigs and hair-pieces are increasingly popular and many are made out of real hair. European hair is especially wanted as it’s rarer in type than, for example, Asian hair. In case you have long flowing locks, and also you were going to get them cut anyway, why not generate income out of them?

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Your hair must be a minimum of 6 inches long for it to be of any use in making a wig. It should be clean and should have had no chemical treatments in any respect – no colouring, perming or tinting. Once it’s cut it must be put in a ponytail in order that it is obvious which is the top and which is the bottom.

The principle buyer (and therefore seller) of real hair for wigs, extensions and so forth are Banbury Postiche (also called Wigsuk). “People can send us their hair by post and if we would like it we’ll weigh it and send them a cheque back,” says sales director Nick Allen. “If it isn’t right we’ll just send it back to them”. Based on Banbury Postiche, the fees are around £3 per ounce if your hair is 6 – 12″ long and £5 per ounce whether it is more than 12″ long. You won’t get rich this fashion but when you’re planning a serious haircut you might as well get some pocket money for it!

Be a life model

If you are good at sitting still and you do not mind a bunch of strangers painting you, this is usually a relaxing way of constructing some cash. In London, life models make between £7-8 per hour clothed and £10-11 unclothed. There’s also a growing trend for hand and foot models if the thought of full body modelling leaves you cold. Outside London the pay is about 10% less.

Art colleges and adult education centres are always looking for life models. You may contact your local ones for an application form or information on how you can offer your services. You too can put ads up in local art schools or newsagents to offer your service. Once you work for a number of artists or art schools word should get about that you just are available for all times modelling which will bring in more work.

Life-modelling sessions usually last about 3 hours each, with breaks for rest. It could also be for a college or institute class, an art society group or privately for a professional artist or sculptor. Most artists will need a number of sessions to get the likeness they are after.

Work as an extra

Anyone could be an additional in films, ads or TV programmes. Film companies search for people of all ages, sizes, shapes and appears.

Extras agencies work like temping agencies, you can join as many as you like – take a look at website UKscreen for a comprehensive list. However, you must watch out with agencies as there are many charlatans in this sector. Check and double check the agency you decide to go together with, and the people you decide to construct a repertoire with. In the event that they ask you for money immediately, move quickly to the door and keep running. Clive Hurst’s webpage about dodgy agencies is worth checking out before signing up and, certainly, before handing any money over.

If you happen to get a very good agency, though, you’ll be able to earn a living easily. The basic day rate for extras on films is £79.59 per day plus travel money. For overtime (payable after nine hours) you possibly can expect £7.46 per half an hour. Rates are higher if you are asked to work on public holidays or at night. For TV you may expect £90 for a ten hour day if you are within the background of a commercial and £200 for a proper walk-on part. Depending on who you’re working for you might be capable to get extra allowances for wearing your own costume, and you’ll almost always get free meals on set.

Jasmine Birtles is the founding father of the money-making an

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