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Peruvian Clip In Human Hair Extensions

I, like most black women have passed the stage where I feel the need to get a perm. For one, I think I am allergic to perm and secondly, after perming for many years, I did not see the advantage of it. My hair would grow, then break, then break; only growing once i gave my hair a break from the perm itself. This was after also gluing in lots of extensions and also realizing that I was also allergic to the hair glue.
I firmly believe that our hair is our beauty and I really like all varieties of hair but since my hair couldn’t be all that I wanted it to be (curly, straight, kinky etc.), I began sewing in hair weave. I loved it but time is always of the essence and spending over four hours in a beauty salon is just not something I want to do every week. My solution to this was to wear wigs between wearing my natural hair and weaving.
Finding a wig at a great price, which looks natural, is harder than picking out good quality hair. For starters, bad hair looks good at first but a bad wig looks bad from the beginning, especially when the manufacturer’s idea of someone’s hairline leaves your wig looking like a helmet on your head. The subsequent thing you’ve to worry about is the quality of the hair. From experience, it doesn’t matter how much the wig costs, it is the standard that really matters. I’ve bought wigs, I mean human hair lace wigs that come with directions that say ‘Do not Brush’ Human hair, over $300.00 usd that cannot be brushed and gets tangled so bad that brushing is the only strategy to untangle it. After a while, the wig becomes thin because it’s shedding. I stopped wearing human hair and opted for good synthetic, then went back to human hair because the money added up to more than what I’d have spent on a human hair wig.
I still had hair problems, until I got this wig right here to review. Before I am going into the hair itself, I contacted London, wanting to purchase hair for weaving but was reluctant because I dreaded going to the salon but wanted to check out the hair you guys were being shown but really wanted to present the hair a try. London had offered the hair, even before the ad was placed but I danced around the idea because I used to be afraid of the hairline thingy lol because I never really wanted to do a weave. I told them that I really wanted a wig, but I didn’t think they would have the style I wanted. They asked me for a picture of the style and i showed them, I wanted the wig to be long and simple, nothing too over the top. The owner recommended the Malaysian, I like Malaysian hair myself so I used to be happy because it meant I did not should spend time curling and curling if I didn’t want to. I used to be still afraid that the style wouldn’t be exactly what I wanted. I was definitely wrong about that.
The hair looked natural had a natural shine I didn’t wait to put it on. I went out with my very conservative best friend that night who in fact knew it was a wig. She messaged me the following day with a picture and said how beautiful the wig was. Not only that, she now wants one. Honestly she has never worn a wig in her life lol. I took an image for you guys to see how it looks. I got the color I wanted, right amount of waves. The standard of the hair can be one of the best I’ve ever worn no lie. Thanks London Luxury and I’ll continue to update you about my new wig.

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