long curled hair

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Methods to Blow Dry Hair For Volume With Velcro Rollers

Best Virgin Remy Deep Wave Indian Hair 3 Bundles Human Hair WeaveYou need to create voluminous, smooth curls; but don’t have the time to dry your hair and pull out the curling iron or hot rollers. Velcro rollers are a stress-free, simple option to create the wonderful volume you’re after, no matter your hair’s size or texture. Rolling your hair while damp lets you set the curls with the blow dryer, which can dramatically cut down on the time required to create date or long curled hair work-prepared hair each morning or night.

Step 1
Dry shampooed hair with a towel to take away any excess water earlier than brushing out any knots or kinks with a wide-toothed comb. In case your hair is messy, spray it with a light coating of detangler first.

Step 2
Divide your hair into 1-inch sections. Safe every section with a small plastic clip. If you’re making an attempt to attain larger, extra voluminous curls, consider dividing your hair into 1 ½ to 2-inch sections, as a substitute. Remember these require utilizing larger Velcro rollers, as well.

Step three
Grasp and elevate the first section straight above your head till your hair is taut. Cowl this first section with a gentle misting of volumizing hairspray. Hold the Velcro roller towards the tip of this first section and begin rigorously rolling it towards your scalp. Once the Velcro roller is touching your scalp, give it a remaining spin to ensure it stays put. If your hair begins to unravel, hold the Velcro roller in place with a bobby pin.

Step four
Repeat misting and rolling every section until you’re complete head is lined with the Velcro rollers. Once your hair is completely set, mist it with a remaining coating of volumizing product. Blow dry your hair on a medium to excessive setting for five to 10 minutes. In case your hair is coarse, lengthy or thick, it’d take longer to fully dry.

Step 5
Take away any bobby pins earlier than unrolling each curl in any order. Once each roller is eliminated, flip your head upside down and run your fingers fastidiously by means of the curls. Apply a final layer of volumzinig hairspray, being attentive to focus a few of the spray in your roots. Flip your head, shake your hair and walk out the door.

Hair detangler
Small plastic hair clips

Volumizing hairspray
Bobby pins

Use caution when eradicating the Velcro rollers out of your hair. Take your time and avoid twisting or pulling on the rollers, which could cause tangles or breakage.
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long curled hair

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